This game is about a boy who starts to have nightmares,then suddenly he wakes up and discovers he is in the nightmare.A mysterious face appears,and 9 dragons too.They attack the boy,but is rescued by a bearded man.The man said his name is Graesdor. Graesdor tells the boy that there in aworld filled with demons and monsters.The faces name is Fertiiu.Fertiiu decided he was going to take over the human universe,then destroy it.Graesdor said the only way to get rid of Fertiiu was using his emerald.Grasdor does not know how to use the emerald,so the boy tries to figure it out.Half way through the game,the boy figures it out.He chases after Fertiiu to stop him,but he already fled to the other world with his army.The army goes to war with humans,but the boy tries to stop him


The Boy



General Grasseui




Graesdors Mansion


Dark River

Dimensional Portal

Washington DC

Fertiiu Lair

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