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Dark Legends
Developer(s) Ultima Games
Publisher(s) Ultima Games
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, PS Vita
Release date 2013
Genre Fighting
Rating(s) T

Dark Legends is a 3-D fighting game published and developed by newly formed game studio Ultima. It is slated for release on PlayStation 4and PS Vita.


Drawing of the game's cover


A new fighting tournament created by an unknown entity has been announced, and some of the world's best fighters are competing. The prize will be $100,000 to the grand prize winner. Among these contestants is Jay, a teenager who is known for fighting rough, known for having a foot fetish, and known for having a short temper. His goal is to win the money, consume the benifactor's power, and take over the world, no matter what the cost.


Gameplay is similar to some of the most well-known 3-D fighters (i.e. Tekken, Virtua Fighter), but features some of its own mechanics. One of which is a super jump, which allows players to hold down the crouch button for a few seconds then jumping up in the air to catch an airborne opponent of guard with a perfectly timed air combo. Height of the jump is determined by weight of the character.

Another mechanic is a custom combo creator, allowing players to create their own set of button combonations to add to a character's arsenal. (Note: only one system can hold the owner's custom combos)


  • Jay (a short-tempered foot fetishist; contemplates world domination when his anger is at a high point)
  • Melissa (a shy yet stunning figure skater; she is Jay's best friend and aids him in his quest for redemption)
  • Mac (a professional kickboxer)
  • Candace (a 19-year-old English girl who fights for fun)
  • Kobayashi (a blind samurai)
  • Icey (a freestyle rapper known from the slums)
  • Marko (a cyclist on steroids)
  • Sweet Tooth (a psycopathic clown; guest character from Twisted Metal)
  • Dellswick (a brutal professional wrestler)
  • Chroma (a cyborg ninja)
  • Charlie (a chimpanzee capable of karate; unlockable character)
  • Emily (a female spy; unlockable character)
  • Mr. Grimm (a former stuntman turned criminal; guest character from Twisted Metal; unlockable character)
  • Kurt (a riot control officer; unlockable character)
  • Johnathan (Jay's overprotective father; unlockable character)
  • Dollface (a woman who wants to be the world's most famous supermodel; guest character from Twisted Metal; unlockable character)
  • Neptune (an Olympic swimmer; unlockable character)
  • Ultimai (said to be the son of the devil; final boss to all except Jay and Johnathan; unlockable character)
  • Marcel (a wooden tarining dummy; unlockable character; Trivia: Marcel is one of those little dolls you pose to draw your own anime characters, if you know what I mean.)


  • Tournament Arerna
  • Caged Tournament Arena
  • Mall
  • Bowling Alley
  • Hawaii
  • Swamplands
  • Black Rock Stadium (from Twisted Metal)
  • Airport Runway
  • Tennis Courts
  • Top Secret Lab
  • Dark Cave
  • Rose Gardens
  • Hellish Temple

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