DC vs. SNK is a fighting game, developed and published by SNK, that puts DC characters against SNK characters.

Please contribute (and comment).


The crime lord of Metropolis, Lex Luthor, teams up with the crime lord of Southtown, Geese Howard, to sponsor a fighting tournament in hopes of taking over the world.



Superman Kyo Kusanagi
Batman Terry Bogard
Wonder Woman Leona Heidern
Green Lantern Ryo Sakazaki
The Flash K'
Grifter Marco Rossi
Green Arrow Mina Majikina
Shazam Kaede
Katana Kaori Sanada
Batwoman Fio Germi
Nightwing Andy Bogard
Starfire Mai Shiranui
Supergirl Elisabeth Blanctorche
Deathstroke Hanzo Hattori
Black Canary Blue Mary
Black Lightning Johnny Hart
Dr. Fate Elta
Lobo Iori Yagami
Etrigan Setsuna
Cyborg Maxima
Star Saphire Love Heart
Stargirl Yuri Sakazaki
Zatanna Sprites
Blue Beetle Yuki
Aquaman Captain Kidd
Tempest Mezu
Vixen Nakoruru
Azrael Red Goblin
Solomon Grundy Youkai Kusaregedo
Hawkman Haohmaru
Ice Kula
Omen Athena Asamiya
Plastic Man Roddy
Tigress Yoshino
The Joker Ryuji Yamazaki
Catwoman Angel
Harley Quinn Iroha
Martian Manhunter Atomic Guy
Ares King Leo
Amazo Neo Geegus
Lex Luthor Geese Howard
Darkseid Orochi

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