CyberConnect2 All-Star(サイバーコネクトツーオールスターSaibākonekutotsūōrusutā) is an Cross-over fighting game Developed & Published by CyberConnect2. The Game contains Characters included in 6 Games that have all been made over the years.


The Gameplay uses the same engine as In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm does. Instead of Ultimate Jutsu it includes an Rage Mode where the player will beat an ultimate abilities. The game also contains a Transformation Mode where the player will transform their forms. Example, Red Savarin from Solatorobo would activate Hybrid Form and Kite would activate Invisible Form. Some can choose an Help Mode, where the player will need a helping hand to fight. The Character roster contains 18 characters & 8 Help Mode characters.


Original Character

Alex Phoenix (アレックス·フェニックスArekkusu Fenikkusu) is the Main Character(s) from the Game. He's 20-year-old boy who lives in Brooklyn, New York. His Abilities are to Kick and Spin, and to Dash. He is voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama

Alexis (アレクシスArekushisu) is the other Main Character(s) from the Game. She's a 17-year-old girl who also lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Aaron Howard (アーロン·ハワードĀron· hawādo) is the Boss Character from the Game and The Main Villain(s) from the Game. He lives in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom and is the known host of the game. He is Voiced by William Cooley.


Playable Characters






Help Mode Characters



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