Command & Conquer Generals: Generations is a PC Real-Time Strategy game, available on both Windows and Mac. The game is diffrent than it's Command & Conuqer:Generals 2 counterpart, as it keeps the same atmosphere and graphic style(although improved) of Command and Conquer: Generals. It introduces a few new game modes, as well as more factions. Specific Generals are planned to be added later as free downloadable content. It is planned to be released in 2014.

Game Modes

Skirmish - Customized battles against the CPU. A returning feature from Zero Hour.

Campaign - Play the new in-depth story from the point of view of any faction.

General's Challenge - Defeat Generals one by one while playing as one of your choice. A returning feature from Zero Hour, to be added soon as an add-on.

"Black Sheep" - A minigame where as much civillians must be killed before time is up.

Ultimate Army - Based slightly on EA Sport's Ultimate Team modes in naming, but much like RA3's Commander's Challenge Mode. Each victory will unlock another unit to be used for each faction. Each faction can be chosen to play as for each mission, although they all start with basic units.

Assassination - Set up in a menu like Skirmish, the goal of Assassination is not to destroy the enemy's base, but to destroy it's special VIP unit. Each faction has a different VIP unit that will benefit their team in some way, but must be protected at all costs.

(Game Modes up to Suggestions)


The factions from Zero Hour are confirmed to make a return.

  • United States of America
  • Global Liberation Army
  • China
  • Russian Federation
  • European Union
  • Japan
  • United Nations

(Up to suggestions as well.)

General's Challenge

Assassination Mode VIP Targets

Ultimate Army

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