Oh boy. This is a millennium in the making.

Cogs of War, much like L.O.W. or Notorious, is a game that began it's life with a very similar name and concept as another, but then was dramatically changed to become an individual. The original looks are generally retained for the boxart and logo. In this case, it replaces the Gears logo's skull within a gear with a Bowser symbol inside a cog.

CoW (wow, terrible acronym) is a third/1st person shooter inspired by Gears of War, but adjusted to have a similar feel to Super Mario Sunshine. Starting with the 3rd person shooting in Gears, pressing a button to go into 1st person viewing, and being able to shoot in either view was translated into the similar controls for Super Mario Sunshine to create a 3d platform shooter. Where games like Halo allow jumping, platforming, running into powerups, and other things, the two shooter games were combined into this unusual Mario shooter.


Oh how i sorta wish I had one. Ideas are welcome.

The beginning replays part of the ending of Super Paper Mario. Blumiere and Timpani are off together on a hill. However, a shadowy figure appears near the edge of the screen, and the two newly-weds rush off screen. The screen fades confusedly, and the two appear as Count Bleck and Countess Tippi bringing lightning across the screen. The world map is covered in storms. Lightning creates black heart-shaped portals, and bring dangers across the world to the Mushroom Kingdom. Many of the obscure enemies poured into the Kingdom to bring terror to the residents.


The game has more emphasis on platforming than either Halo or Gears has. Rather than being confined to being able to barely jump over obstacles, or cursed to barely miss every jump attempted, this game uses the awesome platforming movement abilities to grab on to ledges, to jump high over obstacles, to run, triple jump, and crush enemies is a distinct Mario spin on games given to this one. However, running and gunning was only briefly experienced in Sunshine and now reused for this game. The camera is controlled manually like many shooter games, and (thankfully) not left to the typical 3d Mario platforming camera.

As the weapons are based off of power-ups, they do not need to be reloaded. However, they do have a limited; this time based off of use. Picking up weapons is automatic, types of weapons with differing ranges resemble available weapons from Halo. Melee is traditional to Mario games (weaponless), and controls are intuitive once again. Power-ups can be acquired similar to regular Mario games, or Halo games. An inventory for power-ups and weapons are available, but there is no customizable badges in this game.

Being injured is mix between Gears and Sunshine, with a small bit of Halo. Mainly, enemies will hurt the player's character in increments, like Sunshine. However, fire, poison, and other attacks will slowly increase damage taken, showing the Cog's logo. Rather than a vague health meter like Gears's, the hp is measured with cog in the logo segmented 8 times. When this runs out, it can mean instant death, or, in multiplayer, downing. In this game, the character is shrunk; with increased speed and jumping but no use of weapons.


For the moment, this game is only available for the VT Volcano. Half because I don't know what system Nintendo would publish it on, partially because it may not work for a Nintendo only game. Family friendly nonsense.

Controls for the Diamond controller

swipe i to iW/iW - Change weapon
swipe i to iX/iX - Jump/Accept/Talk
swipe i to iY/iY - Use Power-up
swipe i to iZ/iZ - Run/Cancel
i - interact (based on prompt)/accept
swipe/press above xR left/right - Map
swipe/press above xL left/right - N/a
sA - N/a
sB - N/a
sC - Zoom in
sD - Zoom out
s - Center view behind character
mPad - Move
m - N/a
lPad - Change camera angle
l - Scope zoom/cancel
Swipe toward player beside xR/xR - Fire Weapon
xL - Aim
Slide on oR/oR - instant turn right
Slide on oL/oL - instant turn left
Aimer - Point to select on menus


There are many similarity to this title and Notorious, so enemy overlaps are common.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy


  • Yoshi
  • Pianta


  • Shadow Mario
  • Lantern Ghost
  • Gooper Blooper
  • Sir Grodus
  • Lt. Monty Sapper
  • Birdo
  • Bouldergeist


Enemies are divided into groups: X-Nauts, Shy Guys, Shroobs, and assorted. Each being mainly infantry, cavalry, artillery and support respectively.

Group Enemy type/specialty
  • X-Naut
Shy Guy
  • Shy Guy
  • Gunner Guy
  • Jetpack Guy
  • Snufit
  • Spy Guys
  • Shyster
  • Rocket Guys
  • Major Guy
  • Infantry
  • Artillery
  • Cavalry
  • Artillery
  • Support
  • Cavalry
  • Cavalry
  • Cavalry
  • Shroobs
Koopa Troop
  • Monty Moles
  • Albatoss
  • Sniper Bill
  • Hammer Bros.
  • Fire Bros.
  • Ice Bros.
  • Boomerang Bro.
  • Blooper
  • Mr. I
  • Chomp riders
  • Sammer Guy
  • Bomb boo
  • Koopatroll
  • Dry bones
  • Chargin' Chuck
  • Piranha plant
  • Lakitu
  • Magikoopas
  • Infantry
  • Support Artillery
  • Support Artillery
  • Artillery
  • Infantry
  • Infantry
  • Artillery
  • Infantry
  • Artillery
  • Cavalry
  • Infantry
  • Artillery
  • Infantry
  • Infantry
  • Infantry
  • Artillery
  • Artillery
  • Support


I would love help from anyone with some background in Mario games



  • Flower Flamer
  • Spiny Sniper
  • Ultra hammer
  • Item Box
  • Super Ball
  • Ptooie shooter



  • Bob-omb
  • Item Box



  • Ice Flower
  • Item Box


  • Propeller Suit
  • Tanooki Suit
  • Metal Cap
  • Item Box


  • 1-up Mushroom
  • Life Shroom
  • Banana (Banana peels in a shooter? Awww, yeah!)
  • Item Box


Heavily influenced by Notorious. While Notorious had a layout which shows everything in relation to each other, Cog's map is different to reflect the storyline. In that, the map resembles the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Campaign world layout.

  • Mushroom Kingdom
    • Isle Delfino
  • Sarasaland
  • Beanbean Kingdom
    • Joke's End
    • Woohoo Hooniversity
    • Chucklehuck Woods