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Music for Super Smash Brothers: Clash


  • NSMBW-Beach
  • MG2-Yoshi Star (Remixed)
  • SMS-Shadow Mario's Theme
  • SMB2-Level 1
  • MSM-Mario Statium (remixed)
  • MSM-Bower Jr. Blv.
  • Power Tennis-Planet Cup Finals (remixed)
  • MSS-Daisy Cruiser (Remixed)
  • MGTT-Blooper Bay (Remixed)
  • MP8-Koopa Tycoon Town (Remixed)
  • MP8-Goomba Booty Boardwalk (Remixed)
  • MSS-Character Select

Mario Kart

  • Double Dash-Peach Beach
  • Super Circuit-Cheese Land (Remixed)
  • MK64-Snow Theme
  • MKDS-Figure-8 Circircuit (Remixed)
  • Double Dash-Waluigi Statium (Remixed)
  • MKW-Coconut Mall
  • MKW-Daisy Circuit (remixed)
  • MK7-Daisy Hills
  • MK7-Neo Bowser City (remixed)

Donkey Kong

  • DKCR-Main Theme
  • DKCR-Mole Train (Remixed)
  • DKC2-Kaptain K. Rool's Theme (remixed)
  • Diddy Kong Racing-Darkmoon Caberns (Remixed)


  • Four Swords-File Select/Fountain



  • Yoshi's Story-Snow Theme
  • YIDS-Pirate theme level
  • YI-Jungle Theme (Remixed)


  • K64-Boss Theme
  • Air Ride-Top Ride: Grass (Remixed)
  • Air Ride-Top Ride: Light (Remixed)
  • KDL3-Boss Theme (Remixed)
  • KMA-Kirby's Quest Theme (Remixed)
  • KRTDL-Castle Stage
  • KRTDL-Frosty Area (Remixed)
  • KSS/KSSU/KRTDL-Gourmet Race Opening Secen/Super Star Ultra Bloopers/Chef Kawasaki (remixed)
  • KRTDL-Super Copy Ability
  • KEY-Christmas Tree
  • KSS-The Arena (in battle music)

Star Fox


  • Gonna Catch em All (Movie: mew vs mewtwo)
  • Vs Raichu



Fire Emblum

Game and Watch

  • Octopus


  • WLSI-Creep Blue Sea
  • WLSI-GlitterTown (remixed)



Other Nintendo Titles

Metal Gear


  • SH-Seaside Hill
  • Rush Adventure-Jet Ski Theme
  • Chaotrix-Just Another Day (remixed)
  • STF-Frozen Icecaps


  • 8-Bit is Enough-Gel-Arshi's Theme
  • Dangerques 3-Theme of Dangerques
  • 8-Bit is Enough-Skinoman's Theme
  • Battle of The Bands-Kick the Chort
  • Battle of The Bands-Limozeen is (not Very) Nice
  • 8-Bit is Enough-Trongdor Dungon

Crash Bandicoot

  • CTR-Roo's Tubes
  • WOC-Knighty Knight
  • CB-Ripper Roo's Theme (remixed)
  • Twinsanity-N. Sanity Island
  • CB2-Hang 8
  • CB2-Bear it
  • CNK-Deep Sea Driving
  • CBW-Dingodile Theme
  • CTR-Cortex Castle
  • Twinsanity-N. Gin Theme
  • Twinsanity-The Evil Twins
  • CBW-Death Route/Skull Route (remixed)
  • MOM-Cortex Boss Battle
  • Titans-A New Hop


  • BMDS-Area 1
  • Jetters-End Credits
  • Hero-Radical (Remixed)
  • BM64-Blue Resort
  • Generations-Boss Battle (Remixed)
  • BMDS-Bonus Round
  • Land-Laser Ball

Phantom Brave

Mr. Drller

  • GO-->
  • MDG-Susume Driller
  • Drill Land-Opening Cutsecen
  • Drill Spirits-Menu Theme
  • MDA-Puffy Dress Anna


  • Origins-Land a Chef
  • Rayman-Moskito's Theme
  • Rayman-Moskito's Theme (Version 2)
  • Origins-Moskito in Sea of Serendipity
  • R3HH-Count Razoffs Mantion
  • R3HH-Funky Board
  • The Great Escape-Mini Game
  • M/Rush/Arena-Globox's Theme
  • Rayman-Space Momma's Theme
  • R3HH-Hoodmonger


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