Chronicle studios is a studio, made in 2015 that mostly makes rpg games, action games, and adventure games.


This studio has two different art styles, depending on if your playing the handheld or the system.

This is an example of what handheld games would look like:

This is a picture of Lyn from Fire Emblem. You can barely tell that this is pixelated.

This is the console art:

This is a picture of Vivi from Final Fantasy IX on the PS 1.


This is a list of the systems that chronicle studios has made.

CS1 - the original system. stands for chroncle system. 2015

CS2 - the second system. 2016

CS3 - the third system that comes with a headset. 2017

Super CS - The fourth system that plays CS 2 & CS3 games. 2020

CS4 - The fifth system that comes with a motion sensor. 2021

CS 2000 - The final system for a very long time, AKA the 6th system. Comes with a motion sensor remote (like the wii-mote) 2022.

CS 9000 - The 7th system. Has amazing 3D effects. 2032

CS Infinite - The last system/ The 8th. Has amazing effects, animation, and plays CS 1, 2, 3, and 4 games. 2034


This is a list of handhelds that Chronicle Studios has made.

CSH - The 1st one. Has outstanding art. Late 2015.

HCS - stands for Holgraphic Chronicle System. Uses vocaloid tech to give holographic effects. 2017.

HCS 2 - The 2nd HCS. has a built in microphone and camera.


Red Tales series

Blue Saga series

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