The year is 2052.

Long has the world since seen the dreaded culmination of evil and vice, the feared abode of Castlevania.

Once ruled by the Dark Lord Dracula, the Belmonts have finally vanquished his foul fiendish presence, and to Soma Cruz, forever breaking the cycle of Dark Lords, through piercing through the heart of Chaos, decades ago.

But to say evil does not exist anymore?

Such fallacy.

As long as there is people, there will always be strife, discord, conflict, pride, greed, selfishness, egotism, hatred, apathy, ignorance, and vice.

Because of the story's plot elements, the creator of the work feels he cannot establish its themes yet, as they are rather touchy and very questionable; for this, we will fast forward to the main conflict. We are sorry for any convenience. Thank you for your consideration.

Because of this, Castlevania, the dreaded construct born of darkness, rises once more.

However, ascending to the sky, it remains still, at such an altitude.

Bursting into a bright explosion, Castlevania would be presumed destroyed.

But such wishes do not manifest.

Its wreckage strewn about the planet, to different nations throughout the world, each of its construct plunges into the earth itself, like the seeds of a vile weed.

And like that, its chaos works its magic.

All about the world, Castlevania, having stored its wickedness, unleashes it throughout the globe, and truly plunges all into true despair. Beings and fiends of most wretched detestment, native in their realms, held in captivity, now make their way to man and the world for themselves to play and feast upon.

What is the cause of this? Who could have been behind such a grave and diabolical scheme?

Or is this merely the working of man's own doing?

Into the heart of darkness, as the world sings in suffering and agony in one.

The Opera of Madness has only begun.




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