Playable Characters

Joe (Digimon) Brock (Pokemon)

Mimi (Digimon) Misty (Pokemon)

Finn (Adventure Time) Afro (Afro Samurai)

Jake (Adventure Time) Felix the Cat (Felix the Cat)

Blossom (Powerpuff girls) Generator Rex (Generator Rex)

Speed Racer (Speed Racer) Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory)

Lucy (Charlie Brown) Angelica (All Grown Up Version)



  •  Square+Side Ikkakumon uses horn attack (Sides)
  • Square+Up Gomamon digivolves and causes a ray of light to fall
  • Square+Down Gomamon uses claw attack
  • Square Poyomon spits an acid bubble
  • Triple Jump He jumps off of Ikkakumon's back


  • Square+Side Palmon uses Poison Ivy and those hit are thrown
  • Triangle+Down Palmon uses needle spray and needles are thrown on the floor
  • Square+Up Palmon uses jabbing and punches rapidly into the air
  • Square Palmon uses bubble blow and acidic bubbles blow through the air
  • Triple Jump She floats with an umbrella


  • Square+Side He jabs his sword with a great charge
  • Square+Up He points his sword into the air
  • Circle+Down He shields himself with his sword
  • Square He slashes rapidly with his sword
  • Triple Jump He blows a 4 dimensional bubble around himself


  • Triangle+Up He jabs upward with a giant fist
  • Square+Side He Kicks with a giant foot
  • Circle+Down He turns flat and lays on the floor
  • Square He punches very far with his fist
  • Triple Jump He uses ninja skills to teleport higher


  • Circle+Side She uses eye lasers
  • Square+Up She uses ice breath above her
  • Triangle+Down She uses her hair bow as a bomb
  • Circle She breathes a small amount of fire
  • Triple Jump She temporarily flies

Speed Racer

  • Circle+Up He does a victory uppercut
  • Circle+Side He starts to drive the shooting star
  • Circle+Down He performs a burning punch
  • Triangle He honks his horn making a sound wave
  • Triple Jump A basic extra jump


  • Triangle+Up She flips a big coin
  • Square+Side She kicks a football
  • Square+Down She starts to yell, doing sound damage
  • Circle She does a powerful punch
  • Triple Jump She glides on a kite


  • Circle+Up Geodude uses rock slide
  • Circle+Side Graveler uses Rock Throw
  • Circle+Down Onyx uses earthquake
  • Circle Crobat uses air cutter
  • Triple Jump He does a basic jump


  • Triangle+Up Starmie uses swift straight into the air
  • Triangle+Side Staryu uses Hydro Pump
  • Triangle+Down Starmie uses Rapid Spin
  • Circle Misty starts to ride her bike
  • Triple jump Starmie uses Surf


  • Triangle+Up He lunges his sword up
  • Square+Side He slashes his sword repeatedly
  • Triangle+Down Afro Dodges arrows and they fall on both sides of him
  • Square Afro throws his sword
  • Triple Jump Afro does a backflip


  • Triangle+Up He throws an E Bomb
  • Triangle+Side He uses his tail as a suitcase and attacks
  • Square+Down He drops two E Bombs on each of his sides
  • Circle He starts to laugh and 'HA HA' s appear on the screen and do damage
  • Triple Jump Felix turns his tail into an umbrella




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