Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XXL, is the third installment in the Punch Time Explosion series. Unlike XL this game not only features more characters but also a complete new story, stages and assist characters.


Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion is a mascot brawler fighting game bringing together several characters from the Cartoon Network Multiverse in one epic battle. Up to four players (human or CPU controlled) control a character and fight on a multi-tiered 2D stage. Players may use various items that appear randomly to get the fighting edge over their opponent. Additionally, the stage may use set elements in order to take out other players. For example, in the Dexter's Lab Stage players can pull 2 different levers, one setting off a conveyor belt, and the other firing a deadly laser.

When players strike one another, glowing cubes will fall out of them. If players collect enough of these cubes, they will fill up their special meter that, when full, unleashes a powerful "Punch Time Explosion" attack against their opponents. For example, Ben turns into one of his aliens and launches missiles all over the stage.

Certain assist characters and do Synergy attacks. For example, Madame Foster brings a plate of cookies to the arena, Chowder eats them, turning fat, and Madame Foster rolls him around the stage. Each character has their own special move set that uses different elements from their respective shows. Each has an up, down, and side attack. Most characters have a projectile attack.



In this mode you can select a character and fight against other players. You can play with or against your friends up to four players. You can set the gameplay to a time limit, stock lives or how many kills you make. Items, Assists, Supers and Hazards can all be adjusted before a match.


In Survival Mode you can pick one character and you have to battle every character till the end. You have a certain amount of lives and damage you received after a battle will stay. Between levels you can pick up some health though. You fight every character in groups, each in a group from their own show, except for the four characters who are alone in representing their franchise (unlocked when all characters are unlocked).


You can play online against people all over the world. It works the same as in Versus Mode. You can play quick matches online, a tournament or a competition (in which you fight people and see who won at the end of the month).


In this mode you can practice and train the moves of the characters you have.


In Event Mode you play several little missions. In some missions you can choose who you are and in other missions you have to play as a certain character.


In Arcade Mode you select a character and fight your way up to defeat HIM. It tells a little story which isn't connected to the FusionFall story mode. You fight several matches and encounter your rival, everyone has their own rival and reason to fight with them. When having beaten your rival you have to fight a Speed Demon form of HIM and claim victory (unlocked when all characters are unlocked).


The story mode is loosely based of the online game FusionFall. The whole world is in danger and the heroes have to save the world from destruction. The character team up and experience adventures in the world to eventually beat Lord Fuse. However there is someone even greater behind all this. The story is larger explained later on the article.


There is a total of 50 characters, 57 if you count the duo characters. Of the 50 playable characters there are 25 who you must unlock in the Story Mode.

Starter Characters

Image Name Show Rival
Agent six Agent Six Generator Rex Gumball & Darwin
Ben Ben Tennyson Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Bubbles
Billy mandy Billy & Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Mac & Bloo
Blossom Blossom The Powerpuff Girls Ice King
Bubbles Bubbles The Powerpuff Girls Ben Tennyson
Buttercup Buttercup The Powerpuff Girls Young Ben Tennyson
Captain knuckles Captain K'nuckles The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Numbuh 1
Chowder kimchi Chowder & Kimchi Chowder Flapjack
Demongo Demongo Samurai Jack Nergal Junior
Dexter Dexter Dexter's Laboratory Skips
Father Father Codename: Kids Next Door Otto Osworth
Finn and jake Finn & Jake Adventure Time Vilgax
Flapjack Flapjack The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Chowder & Kimchi
Grim Grim Reaper The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Marceline Abadeer
Gumball&darwin Gumball & Darwin The Amazing World of Gumball Agent Six
Gwen Gwen Tennyson Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Mandark
Ice king Ice King Adventure Time Blossom
Mac & bloo Mac & Bloo Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Billy & Mandy
Mandark Mandark Dexter's Laboratory Gwen Tennyson
Mojo jojo Mojo Jojo The Powerpuff Girls Monkey
Mordegai&rigby Mordegai & Rigby Regular Show Princess Morbucks
Numbuh 1 Numbuh 1 Codename: Kids Next Door Captain K'nuckles
Otto osworth Otto Osworth Time Squad Father
Rex Rex Salazar Generator Rex Hoss Delgado
Samurai jack Samurai Jack Samurai Jack Toiletnator

|- |150px |Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Show Rival
Aku Aku Samurai Jack Courage
Courage Courage Courage the Cowardly Dog Aku
Edds Ed, Edd & Eddy Ed, Edd 'n Eddy Johnny Test
Flame princess Flame Princess Adventure Time Johnny Bravo
HIM HIM The Powerpuff Girls Supercow
Hoss delgado Hoss Delgado The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Rex Salazar
Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo Flame Princess
Johnny Test Johnny Test Johnny Test Ed, Edd & Eddy
Katz Katz Courage the Cowardly Dog Kevin E. Levin
Kevin Kevin E. Levin Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Katz
Marceline Marceline Abadeer Adventure Time Grim Reaper
Monkey Monkey Dexter's Laboratory Mojo Jojo
Nergal jr Nergal Junior The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Demongo
Numbuh 86 Numbuh 86 Codename: Kids Next Door Red Guy
Princess Princess Morbucks The Powerpuff Girls Mordegai & Rigby
Redguy Red Guy Cow & Chicken Numbuh 86
Robotboy Robotboy Robotboy Van Kleiss
Scotsman Scotsman Samurai Jack Techmo
Skips Skips Regular Show Dexter
Supercow Supercow Cow & Chicken HIM
Techmo Techmo Regular Show Scotsman
Toiletnator Toiletnator Codename: Kids Next Door Samurai Jack
Van kleiss Van Kleiss Generator Rex Robotboy
Vilgax Vilgax Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Finn & Jake
Young ben Young Ben Tennyson Ben 10 Buttercup

Assist Characters

Dexter's Laboratory

  • Dee Dee
  • Major Glory
  • Valhallen
  • The Infraggable Krunk

Johnny Bravo

  • Little Suzy
  • Bunny Bravo

The Powerpuff Girls

  • Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Sedusa
  • Professor Utonium

Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • Shirley
  • Le Quack
  • Ma Bagge
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
  • The Queen of the Black Puddle
  • King Ramses

Time Squad

  • Buck Tuddrussel
  • Larry 3000

Samurai Jack

  • X9

Codename: Kids Next Door

  • Numbuh 2
  • Numbuh 3
  • Numbuh 4
  • Numbuh 5
  • Stickybeard

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

  • Dracula
  • Fred Fredburger
  • Lord Pain
  • Nergal
  • Jeff the Spider
  • Eris
  • General Skarr

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

  • Cheese
  • Coco
  • Eduardo
  • Wilt
  • Madame Foster

Ben 10

  • Charmcaster
  • Veedle Bros.
  • Hex
  • Rook Blanko
  • Julie and Ship


  • Mung Daal
  • Panini
  • Gazpacho
  • Shnitzel

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

  • Peppermint Larry & Candy Wife
  • The Inventor

Adventure Time

  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Hunson Abadeer
  • Tree Trunks
  • Earl of Lemongrab

Generator Rex

  • Bobo Haha
  • White Knight
  • Biowulf

Regular Show

  • Muscle Man & Hi Five Ghost
  • Pops
  • Thomas
  • Destroyer of Worlds

The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Anais Watterson
  • Tina Rex
  • Carrie
  • Bobert

Johnny Test

  • Bling-Bling Boy
  • Dark Vegan
  • Mr. Mittens
  • Zizrar
  • Brain Freezer