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Nonsensical nonsense has been keeping me from writing this groundbreaking game idea. I'm thinking of a dramatic change to the you navigate the site, giving it a different feel, one where you feel that the site is itself a game. But enough of this bunny trail. On to Caramel!

Caramel is an amazing 3d platformer where you are a man or women made of candy running through a dessert related world using your super awesome Mr. Fantastic stretchiness for the xbox Kinect, wii, and PS Move. Now you're thinking with sugar! Not quite VALVe portal material, eh? Ah, well.


no idea. could use some help.



walk/run/jump- as controlled by player
stretch to grab ledge- punch the air aimed at ledge


move/run- control stick/(c) or [L1]/
left arm- [Z] or [L2]/ right arm- [B] or [R2]

Good Characters

Let's Your character is malleable when you start a new file (to a point). Most of the body can be stretched or shifted to make it suit you (again, to a point).


Evil Characters

Let me speak a little of Caramel as a food. Heat melts caramel, cold hardens it. It flows slowly and can stretch nicely. Look up pictures if you still need ideas.


Level Bosses


Optional bosses


  • Chocolate syrup
  • Hardening syrup
  • Ice cream?


You can have your character touch pieces of caramel and add it to their body. This is very important, as you can change how much mass your character has to navigate tricky puzzles. You can touch seas of caramel or molasses and have your reach extend temporarily or permanently based on what you think is necessary for the puzzle.




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