Capcom X Namco (abbreviated CxN) is a fighting game where Capcom and Namco do battle for their own universes. This game features an all star cast of characters. It is for PC, Playstation Vita, PS3, and X-Box 360.


It is a non canon game when it comes to the Capcom's VS series, but it still has a reason why the universes cross over. The Devil Gene and Satsui no Hado were equally powerful forces of nature, they plagued their universe's heroes. Then one day, after they were thought to be defeated and permanantly surpressed they conflated their universes and took control of their avatars as the chaos ensued, it soon attracted the equally evil energies of the Soul Edge, and now the universes will be changed forever.


The gameplay is similar to that of Capcom's fighting games and the Marvel vs Capcom games. There is a bar at the bottom corner of each character's side. This is a super arts bar and is used to store energy for super arts moves and EX versions of super moves. The maximum level that this can be filled up to is five. Unlike Tekken Tag Tournament or Street Fighter X Tekken all of the fighters on a team have to be defeated for an entire team to be defeated. These fighters are 3-D but have 2-D movements like in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Capcom Roster

Name Series

Street Fighter

Ken Masters Street Fighter

Evil Ryu**

Street Fighter

Akuma Street Fighter
Chun Li Street Fighter
Cammy White Street Fighter
C. Viper Street Fighter
M. Bison Street Fighter
Blanka Street Fighter
Rufus Street Fighter
Dhalsim Street Fighter
E. Honda Street Fighter
Seth Street Fighter
Twelve Street Fighter
Gill** Street Fighter
Yun Street Fighter
Juri Street Fighter
Sagat Street Fighter
Vega Street Fighter
Oro Street Fighter
Dudley Street Fighter
Arthur Ghosts 'n' Goblins
Firebrand Ghosts 'n' Goblins
Astaroth Ghosts 'n' Goblins
Neberoth* Ghosts 'n' Goblins
Dante Devil May Cry
Trish Devil May Cry
Vergil** Devil May Cry
Mundus* Devil May Cry
Arkham Devil May Cry
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Mega Man Mega Man
Roll Mega Man
Zero Mega Man
Tron Bonne Mega Man
Mega Man X

Mega Man

Bass Mega Man
Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe
Morrigan Darkstalkers
Felicia Darkstalkers
Anakaris Darkstalkers
B.B. Hood Darkstalkers
Hsien-Ko Darkstalkers
Demitri Maximoff Darkstalkers
Guy Final Fight/Street Fighter
Cody Final Fight/Street Fighter
Mike Hagger Final Fight/Street Fighter
Hugo Final Fight/Street Fighter
Rolento Final Fight/Street Fighter
Sodom Final Fight/Street Fighter
Poison Final Fight/Street Fighter
Jill Valentine Resident Evil
Chris Redfield Resident Evil
Nemesis T-Type Resident Evil
Albert Wesker Resident Evil
T-002 Tyrant Resident Evil
Billy Bob Gun.Smoke
Nathan Spencer Bionic Commando
Super Joe Bionic Commando
Captain Commando Captain Commando
Mack the Knife Captain Commando
Ginzu the Ninja Captain Commando
Baby Head Captain Commando
Hydron Red Earth
Hauzer Red Earth
Leo Red Earth
Kenji Red Earth
Batsu Ichimonji Rival Schools
Asura Asura's Wrath

Asura's Wrath

Namco Roster

Name Series

Jin Kazama


Devil Jin Tekken
Kazuya Mishima Tekken
Devil Kazuya** Tekken
Heihachi Mishima Tekken
Nina Williams Tekken
Steve Fox Tekken
Paul Phoenix Tekken
Tetsujin Tekken
Yoshimitsu Tekken
Marshall Law Tekken
Hwoarang Tekken
Eddie Gordo Tekken
Roger Jr. Tekken
Combot Tekken
Jinpachi Mishima** Tekken
Mokujin Tekken
Bryan Fury Tekken
Unknown** Tekken
Azazel* Tekken
Ling Xiaoyu Tekken
Kuma Tekken
King Tekken
Julia Chang Tekken
Lei Wulong Tekken
Lee Cholan Tekken
Jack-CxN Tekken
Lili Tekken
Lars Alexanderson Tekken
Panda Tekken
Raven Tekken
Ganryu Tekken
Alisa Bosconovitch Tekken
Bob Tekken
Armor King Tekken
Baek Do San Tekken
Wang Jinrei Tekken
Asuka Kazama Tekken
NANCY-MI847J* Tekken
Nghtmare Soul Calibur
Night Terror Soul Calibur
Siegfried Schtauffen Soul Calibur
Ivy Soul Calibur
Astaroth Soul Calibur
Mitsurugi Soul Calibur
Raphael Soul Calibur
Abyss** Soul Calibur
Richard Miller Time Crisis
Cervantes Soul Calibur
Sophita Soul Calibur
Charade Soul Calibur
Ezio Auditore da Firenze Assassin'S Creed/Soul Calibur
Yoda Soul Calibur/Star Wars
Darth Vader Soul Calibur/Star Wars
The Apprentice Soul Calibur/Star Wars
Zasalamel Soul Calibur
Inferno** Soul Calibur
Seong Mi-Na Soul Calibur
Genesis Soul Calibur vs Tekken
Gilgamesh The Tower of Druaga
Druaga** The Tower of Druaga
Pac-Man Pac-Man
Spooky Pac-Man
S.E.M.O.***** Capcom X Namco
Francine Cain**** Capcom X Namco
Shadow**** Capcom X Namco
Hugo Lester**** Capcom X Namco
It**** Capcom X Namco

Final Boss

Devil Night Terror***

New Characters

S.E.M.O.: S.E.M.O. is an acronym for Specially engineered Messiah Organism. S.E.M.O. is a fighter developed by the Illuminati for the purpose of taking advantage of the chaos and enforcing the will of the new leader Kazuya Mishima.

Francine Cain: Francine Cain is the daughter of the famous Jackson Cain, former multi-millionaire. When he lost his money, he commited suicide and his pregnant wife went to live in the streets of Metro City. Francine Cain grew up poor and attends free martial arts lessons from an empathetic black belt teacher who also provides her and her elderly mother with food. She participates in the chaos with hopes of gaining donations from the Illuminati if she gets to meet the leader. She also wants to fight with her long time hero, Ryu.

Shadow: Shadow used to be a demon greatly worshipped by evil and corrupt men. They were slaughtered soon by villagers and he was left abandoned. His avatar journeyed to his temple and was soon consumed by Shadow's evil spirit, he now fights on in the image of a former boy and is drawn by the evil energy of the Devil Gene and Satsui no Hado.

Hugo Lester: Failed vigilante Hugo Lester held himself at high esteem as the mighty Stealth Man. He was then beat up and left for dead by a group of thugs he had confronted a while ago. He dons his costume once more and wishes to prove himself by fighting some of another universe's greatest heroes as the mighty Stealth Man.

It: It was the predecessor to S.E.M.O., when the Illuminati made the mistake of giving him humanistic emotions he escaped because of the things he was told he would do, unfortunately he was never finished and now roams the tall grass fields he calls home as a hunchback scourge covered by a long torn blanket he found, forever cursed. He finds out about the merging of Capcom and Namco's universes and sets off, looking to stop his creators from further disgracing themselves.


One Asterisk = Non-Playable Sub-boss

Two Asterisks = Playable Sub-boss

Three Asterisks = Non Playable Boss

Four Asterisks = New to CxN

Five Asterisks = Playable Sub-boss and new to CxN

Chracters with Special Attire

Jin: Tekken 4 player 2 costume

Yoshimitsu: Tekken 4 player 1 costume

Kazuya: Tekken 5 player 2 costume

Heihachi: Bandaged Tekken 4 costume

Armor King: Shirtless Tekken Tag Tournament costume


Mishima Zaibatsu Facility

Abandoned Japanese Temple


Jin's Throne Room/Gargoyle's Perch

Azazel's Temple

Demon Village

Inferno's Stage

Metro City

Manji Temple

Umbrella Corp Labratory

Death Star


Ends of the Universe


Main Trailer: This is the main trailer advertising Capcom X Namco, it is also the opening movie of Capcom X Namco. The events are shown in the following paragraph.

The trailer starts with Jin and Ryu fighting on top of the Michima Zaibatsu Facility. Ryu uppercuts Jin after being knocked down and then the scene changes. Raven and Yoshimitsu jump out of a plane onto the ground ready to fight Ginzu and Kenji. The scene changes after they jump at each other to Ganryu and E. Honda's fight. The next scene shows King get floored by Cody in a wrestling ring, he then tags in Marduk and Cody tags in Guy and they launch at each other. Nightmare breaks his way out of the side of a volcano and looks out at the scenery and then his Soul Edge opens its eye. The last scene continues from Jin and Ryu's fight where Jin falls onto the floor from the Shoryuken and they continue their battle until each fighter punches and catches the other's fist and does another punch triggering an explosion followed by the CxN logo.

San Diego Comic Con/E3 Trailer: The trailer begins with Jin and Ryu's final punch in the main trailer and shows gameplay. It then shows Nightmare holding Devil Jin and Evil Ryu's unconscious bodies while streams of purple energy go inside of him. He then sprouts wings and thus ends the teaser trailer.

Secondary Trailer: This trailer concentrates more on the battle between Jin and Ryu. The music in the backround is the same as that of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion's opening theme. The events are described below.

Jin is ordering a command to the commander of his armies until they are interrupted by an alarm set off by a frantic soldier before he is killed by Ryu. Ryu enters the room soon after by elevator. He punches the door off of the elevator and then Jin ushers his commander away. Ryu smiles at Jin and then punches him in the face, and Jin then trips backward. Jin smiles deviously and then sprouts wings, ripping the back from his Tekken 6 player 2 outfit. Devil horns grow out of his head and tatoos form across his body and Ryu's eyes glow red and his gi turns black. The trailer then flashes to the CxN logo


  • This game features the unique system where the sub boss that you face before Devil Night Terror depends on the character you chose. So if you choose Jin, Devil Kazuya would most likely be your sub-boss.
  • Bill Bob's entrance shows him ride the surface of a plane from 1942 and then jump from it onto the ground.
  • If Billy Bob faces Morrigan he will say, "Ooh, you're pretty. How much is your wanted poster?"
  • Billy Bob is clearly Capcom's comic relief character because of the many references he makes to other games from Capcom.
  • The obvious outcome to Jin and Ryu's fight was that they both transformed and were interrupted by Nightmare. He quickly defeated them and absorbed their energy and the Satsui no Hado and Devil Gene coursed through his veins as well as the Soul Edge. He became a monster that had unparalled strength and power; Devil Night Terror.
  • Namco created a few new characters to match Capcom's roster.
  • Since there is a new Jack for every Tekken game, there is a new model called Jack-CxN.
  • Yoshimitsu appears in his Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection attire.
  • The collaboration of the Devil Gene and Satsui no Hado has drawn many demonic powers to the crossover of Namco and Capcom, so it is possible that Devil Night Terror is powered by other evils.
  • While CxN has no relation to any of the previous Capcom Vs games it references the deaths of the Soul Calibur versions of Heihachi and Yoshimitsu so it does have some canonical value.
  • Heihachi overthrows Kazuya for control over the G-Corporation while Jin still rules over the Mishima Zaibatsu, Kazuya later gains control over the Illuminati, taking advantage of the merging of universes.
  • Due to Kazuya's devil gene being domesticated, Jin's could be the only one responsible for the collaboration due to its chaotic nature.
  • While Tekken characters don't have different 2 player costumes (instead just having a different coloured version of their player 1 costume) some of them do have an unlockable special costume.

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