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Cameron the Cat is a video game series. The series was created by Ultima Games. The main character, Cameron the Cat, is the mascot of Ultima Games. There are 31 Cameron the Cat games and 7 expanson packs.


In October 2013, Ultima Games decided they needed a mascot. So Gavin Grotegut, the first CEO, created Cameron the Cat. On November 29, Cameron the Cat: The First Adventure came out. Soon people realised it would be a sieres.



Main Seires

  1. Cameron the Cat: The First Adventure
  2. Cameron the Cat 2
  3. Cameron the Cat 3: The Great Adventure
  4. Cameron the Cat 4
  5. Cameron the Cat Through Time
  6. Cameron the Cat 6
  7. Cameron the Cat 7: The Future
  8. Cameron the Cat 8
  9. Cameron N+



  1. Cameron Golf
  2. Cameron Tennis
  3. Cameron Sports
  4. Cameron Sports N+
  5. Cameron Sports 2

Cameron Kart

  1. Cameron Kart
  2. Cameron Kart 2
  3. Cameron Kart 3DS
  4. Cameron Kart U
  5. Cameron Kart N
  6. Cameron Kart N+

Cameron Party

  1. Cameron Party
  2. Cameron Party 2
  3. Cameron Party N
  4. Cameron Party N+

Cameron the Cat Brawl

  1. Cameron the Cat Brawl
  2. Cameron the Cat Brawl 2(similar to Skylanders)

Cameron Exheld

  1. Cameron Exheld
  2. Cameron Exheld 2: Murray's Revenge
  3. Cameron Exheld 3: Next Gen
  4. Cameron Exheld 4: Koby's Revenge

Paper Cameron

  1. Paper Cameron
  2. Paper Cameron 2: The Center of Life

Cameron Game Maker

  1. Cameron Game Maker
  2. Cameron Game Maker 2.0

Expansion Packs

  1. Cameron the Cat: Jetpack
  2. Cameron Kart: Super Speed
  3. Cameron the Cat Brawl: Extras
  4. Cameron the Cat 7: The Far Future
  5. Cameron Party: Extras
  6. Cameron the Cat Brawl: New Worlds
  7. Cameron Sports: Winter


Main Charactors

  1. Murray(the antagonist)
  2. Cameron the Cat(duh)
  3. Dr. Solister
  4. Meow Meow Roasted Marshmellow(commonly called Roasted Marshmellow or Roasty)
  5. Koby
  6. Rosania(Cameron's love interest)
  7. Chloe(Cameron's mother)

Currently, all main charactors are cats except for Dr. Solister.

Common Bosses

  1. Murray
  2. Koby
  3. M-BOT
  4. Skippy
  5. Dogon

More to be Announced

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