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Call of the Wild is a fun family game by Nintendo and Chunsoft.
Call of the Wild......

Call of the Wild... a page I'm going to make.

Play as a wild animal and hunt your prey and defend your territories. In Multiplayer mode, the people you're multi playing with will become your pack so you can hunt in packs! Each time you play through an area or level, the area becomes your territory and you can unlock a new animal. There are also fun minigames like Fox Tetris and Mountain Climber.

Wild Animals

Fox- The fox is an animal with high level hunting skills. Its main prey are small rodents.

Coyote - The coyote is a default animal that you can automatically play as from the start. Its hunting skills are low. Its main prey is small rodents and birds.

Mama Coyote
Bobcat- A bobcat is another default animal. Its hunting skills are medium and its main prey is rodents.

Wolf - Wolves are vicious creatures you unlock after you beat the 3rd level. Their hunting skills are medium high. Their main prey is rodents, snakes, birds, and sometimes even coyote pups.

Cheetah - A cheetah is a smart choice because it runs fast. Its hunting skills is high. It is unlocked after the 4th level. Its main prey snakes, jaguar pups, tiger pups, and small zebras.

Out for a walk in the Sunshine....
Tiger - The striped tigers hunting skills are very high. It is unlocked after the 6th level. Its main prey is small lions, rodents, snakes, small mammals.

Lions - The most powerful of them all. The king of the jungle. Its hunting skills are extremely high. It is unlocked when you beat the 8th level. Its main prey is zebra, small mammals, baby elephants, baby tigers, wolves, birds, snakes, and lizards.


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