• Name: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Platform: Super NES
  • Release: July 1, 1992
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Players: 1-2
  • ESRB: Possibly T


Where to begin? I start off with this question merely because, obviouisly, what is there to be said about this masterpiece that hasn't been already said?

Maybe 'masterpiece' isn't the right word... yet. If all of you want to play this while enjoying, thou shalt have to read this here review and wait for the approval of yours truly.

Starting off, when you start the game, a memorable cutscene is yours for the viewing. After watching and pressing start, you are greeted with eight different fighters (12 if you've played SF 2: Championship/Turbo).All of these fighters are especially memorable in their own way, and each has their own unique style of play.

The special moves that each character performs aren't that complicated, but I will say this: if all you do in fighting games is willingly mash attack buttons, you'll most likely lose to a highly advanced player.

The graphics were awesome in 1991-92 (and they're still awsome today). Animations are fluid, backgrounds are lively, and the scenery is drop dead gorgeous.

Along with awesome characters and graphics are insanely catchy music tracks. These tracks are guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days (possibly months) after playing this game. Also there were no annoying sounds like in other games, which makes SF 2 special.

This game was so successful that many updates were created year after year (my personal favorite: Super Street Fighter II). These updated versions gave players plenty of reasons to come back to their local arcade and blow their quarters. These versions seemed monotonous to ordinary people, but hardcore SF fans couldn't care less.

This game also included character specific endings to each character upon defeating the final boss (M. Bison, who happens to be one of my favorite fighting game characters ever). These endings are very memorable and help flesh out the characters of SF 2, one of the most popular fighting games of all time.

Key components

  • Graphics- 10.0
  • Gameplay- 10.0
  • Controls- 10.0
  • Sound- 10.0
  • Entertainment- 10.0
  • Replay Value- 9.9

Final Score and Final words

And the results are........

10.0 (Flawless Victory)

What was it that I said at the start of this review? Oh, yeah! What else is there to be said about this game that hasn't already benn said? It defined a genre, greenlit a beloved franchise, and made Capcom the reigning giant it is today.

                     -Joshua Garriga (a.k.a ComicReadingGamer)

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