First Battle Like Of Tatanga (Super Mario Pearls Of Wisdom)

DEstroying Mecha-Bowser Jr.

Grand Star

Mario must get to the boss battle area and to defeat Bowser Jr. in his new massive Mecha-Bowser Jr.

Mecha Bowser Jr.'s Speed Run

Speedy Comet (Red)

Mario must get through the toy reactor and defeat Mecha Bowser Jr. in under 4 minutes.

Mecha Bowser Jr.'s Daredevil Run

Daredevil Comet (White)

Mario must defeat Mecha Bowser Jr. with 1 point of health.

Shadow Mario Race Of Bowser Jr.'s Toy Reactor

Shadow Comet (Blue)

Mario must get the power star before Shadow Mario.

Fast-Foe of Mecha Bowser Jr.

Fast-Foe Comet (Yellow)

Mario must defeat Mecha Bowser Jr. who is working even more fast.

Purple Coins On Bowser Jr.'s Toy Reactor

Purple Comet (Purple)

Mario must collect 100 purple coins in under 3 minutes.

Combo On Bowser Jr.'s Toy Reactor

Combo Comet (Pink)

Mario must defeat 50 Mecha Koopas in under 3 minutes.

Flash In Bowser Jr.'s Toy Reactor

Flash Comet (Orange)

Mario must get the power star in the toy reactor in the dark wait for the flash.

Green Star

  • Green Star 1
  • Green Star 2
  • Green Star 3
  • Green Star 4
  • Green Star 5
  • Green Star 6
  • Green Star 7
  • Green Star 8

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