This is my first edit on GIW, so I'll introduce myself. I am BoneyBlood205, a wiki big time fan. So I'm going to start telling ideas, ya'll.

This game will be redesigned.

Character Roster

  • Freezing Icicle (Jack) Specializes in Ice attacks.
  • Burning Flame (Samuel) Specializes in Fire attacks.
  • Poisonus Snake (Viper) Specializes in Poison attacks.
  • Skull Basher (Joe) Specializes in using weapons.
  • Dino Claw (Cralo) Specializes in calling prehistoric creatures.
  • Vine (Angela) Specializes in Vine attacks.
  • Volt Thunder (Yosus) Specializes in lightning attacks.
  • Puncho (Tyua) Specializes in punching.
  • Soaring Eagle (Tasha) Specializes in sky diving attacks.
  • Dark Tiger (Griso) Specializes in various attacks.

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