Game Option

  • Story Mode
  • Battle Mode

Character Roster

Playable Characters

  • White Bomber
  • Black Bomber
  • Blue Bomber
  • Gold Bomber
  • Indy Bomber
  • Max
  • Honey
  • Kotetsu
  • Pretty Bomber (Only Battle Mode)
  • Cutie Bomber (Only Battle Mode)
  • Golem Bomber (Only Battle Mode)
  • Muscle Bomber (Only Battle Mode)
  • Cat Bomber (Only Battle Mode)
  • Metal Bomber (Only Battle Mode)
  • Acrobat Aqua (Only Battle Mode)
  • Witch Bomber (Only Battle Mode)
  • Paladin Bomber (Only Battle Mode)
  • Archer Bomber (Only Battle Mode)
  • Bomber Uhoo (Only Battle Mode)
  • Bomber Chun (Only Battle Mode)

Story Mode Boss Characters

  • Professor Bagura (Non Playable Character & Story Mode Last Boss)
  • Atomic Bomber
  • Plasma Bomber
  • Chaos Bomber
  • Great Bomber
  • Hammer Bomber
  • Jet Bomber
  • Lady Bomber
  • Bazooka Bomber
  • Fire Bomber
  • Earth Bomber
  • Cyclone Bomber
  • Aqua Bomber
  • Mermaid Bomber
  • Thunder Bomber
  • Flame Bomber
  • Grand Bomber

Stage Arenas

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