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Main Characters

Franklin - Franklin is the new main character. He is the guardian of Linus. A great earthquake appears and Monsters are startled and swarm the Town. It is up to Franklin to be Linus' Guard. He focuses in magical mending.

Linus - Franklin is Linus' guard. Linus feels awfully a lot like a hero and tries to save the town. he focuses on magical might.

Tera - Tera is Linus' old teacher. She was actually aware of the attack and the eathquake going to happen. She the guardian of the town and had Franklin and Linus help her save it. She focuses in Stat Changing.

Laura - Laura is a weapons vendor. She decided to help Tera save the town. She focuses on Stregnth.


VripeY - A poisonous snake the size of a building.

Aragon - A Mechanical Monster

Streak - An Electric Giant

Fyggon - A tree made of Gold

Bansa - A giant ape

O'Slaught - A Reaper like creature

Redit - A Big Wolf with a bloodlust

VripeX - A Poisonous Viper 2x the size of VripeY and the murderer of Laura

Witch - The one who causes the earthquake and the monsters to attack.


CH1.Tutorial (Linus fighting a tree)

CH.2 The Earthquake

CH.3 Swarm

CH.4 Race to the Earth

CH.5 Saving the School

CH.6 Pushing the Enemy Back

CH.7 Race to the Castle

CH.8 Protecting the King

CH.9 O'Sluaght

CH.10 Turning the Tables

CH.11 Death of Laura

CH.12 Final Boss

CH.13 Epilouge

New Things


Wht Magic


Blk Magic


Time Magic




Stat Magic

Buff - Shrink

Rage - Calm

Energy - Quite

Wisdom - Hyper

Thoughtless - Craze

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