Playable Characters

Erik - Erik is who you will play as. Erik is his default name, but you can rename him in the beggining. He starts of as a middle schooler. He sends a note to a classmate and thats when you choose his name. The school bell rings for recces and you and your friend sneak out rulers. you play sword fight and this is the tutorial. After the tutorial, it skips forward to you as an Mid Age Ice Ball Player.

Kent - Kent is Erik's best friend. He is also the tutorial teacher for the battle system. when he attends one of Erik's games, he is kidnapped by the first boss.

Shadow - Shadow is the mystery man in the game. he introduces Erik to the different weapons and thats when you get to choose their classes. He tells Erik that the creature that kidnapped the people has been appearing every where except slightly different. He is the one who starts Eriks adventure.

Laura - Laura is a Princess. she ran from the castle in terror as the same boss kidnapped morre people from the kingdom. She met Erik and Shadow on the outskirts of the town. Just as the boss was leaving. she decides to join the team to save the kingdom and the citizens.

Choosable Classes

Erik: Warrior, Knight, Thief

Kent: Knight, Mage, Archer

Shadow: Knight, Priest, Thief

Laura: Priest, Mage, Archer

Class Details

Warrior: Use swords and lances and are faster.

Knight: Use Lances and have higher defence.

Thief: Use knives and swords and can dodge easier.

Mage: Use rods and have higher magical attack.

Archer: Use bows and arrows and knives and can get their turn faster.

Priest:  Use rods and knives and have higher magical mending.


Antidote - Cures Poison

Halo - Allows a dead character's ghost to fight

Echo Berry - Cures Paralyzis

Holy Fruit - Cures KO

Tang Berry - adds 50 hp

Tang juice - adds 100 hp

Tang vial - adds 150 hp

Spicey Vial - makes your turn come around faster

Boots - cure shakes

Aloe Plant - Cures burn

Heat Plant - cures frozen status

Gear - cures drown


Catcha'un - Catcha'un  is a creature based off Yama Uba. It captures people and puts them in a cage, for the next day, then she will eat them. Catcha'un has miniature cages attatched to its fingers to trap individuals.

Rokun - Catcha'un's big brother. He has electric cages in his sack to knock people out so they dont try to escape. he can cause electricity to flow from his body into another being.

Sol'zar - Sol'zar is a ghost. he possesses things often and causes mischeavous deeds. when you fight him, he splits into three and posseses the kings top guards.

Solar - Solar is the flame element. He sets fires to cities and travels to the next. He can transform into shapes. His fist form is weak to ice, his human form is weak to water and his flame form is used for healing and is weak to physical attacks.

Moler - Moler destroys crops and farms. He is only weak to ice.


Black Magic

Fire Figra

Ice Icera

Water Watga

Thunder Thandar

Earth   Quake

Poison   Spike

White Magic

Heal Healra Respawn

Smite HeavenlyStrength

Poicent - cures poison

Defrost - cures freezing

Aloe - cures burn

Miracle - cures paralyzis

Bubble - cures drown

Stable - cures shakes

Ice Ball

Soccor on Skates

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