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  • Megaforce75

    Legends of The Sky

    April 23, 2016 by Megaforce75

    In the mystic land of Animaria lived animals protecting the valley until an evil witch causes problems making their land fall from the sky. Now it is up to a lion name Akivo to save his home.

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  • Wazzupguys

    Game Port Ideas Wiki

    April 21, 2016 by Wazzupguys

    Have you seen the Game Port Ideas Wiki?

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  • Megaforce75


    April 10, 2016 by Megaforce75

    A half monkey half cat who resides in the jungle must stop a snake king and his henchmen from taking over his home.

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  • Megaforce75

    Holy Grail

    April 4, 2016 by Megaforce75

    At Angel Station a group of Saints must stop the Occult from destroying their world.

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  • Megaforce75

    Silver the Hedgehog

    April 3, 2016 by Megaforce75

    Silver must help the Seven Dwarves from an evil wizard who claims he can help Silver regain his lost world.

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  • Megaforce75


    April 3, 2016 by Megaforce75

    A group of crystal warriors must venture from Crystal Palace to defeat an evil wizard.

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  • Megaforce75

    North Star

    April 3, 2016 by Megaforce75

    A skater from the planet Xera must save his parents from a belligerent general before the farm planet is no more.

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  • Megaforce75

    Two worlds collide when a dark force intervenes in the Valley of Peace and New York. The Turtles are now in the world where the Furious Five resides and they must team up to find and defeat what's causing their worlds into fear.

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  • Megaforce75

    An Egyptian god by the name of Anubis seeks a worthy challenge against Sonic the Hedgehog.

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  • SArchangel

    Game Idea - Soulbound

    February 28, 2016 by SArchangel

    Soulbound is an upcoming fantasy-themed war strategy video game with third-person action role-playing elements under development by User:SArchangel as of February 28, 2016. Soulbound is inspired by the Total War game series. 

    Soulbound is set in the fictional high-fantasy world of Placia, dominated by a great diversity of odd fantasy and magic folk. Diversity aside, all such folk are defined by the immaterial, individual soul.

    Long ago in the peaceful times, the Dark Lord Crag dwelled deep down in the depths of the Placian Underworld, where he used dark magic to craft a powerful object made of cursed gems: the Soul Crown. The Soul Crown had the ability to allow its wearer to control the souls of any being who was willing to offer its own soul to…

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  • Clint242

    Happy Valentines

    February 16, 2016 by Clint242

    Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

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  • SecondOpinion

    Hi, it's me, SecondOpinion.

    As you may notice, my activity in this wiki as a bit...umm...decreasing. It's not because i'm disappointed with things here lately (I swear, AStranger195 is doing one hell of a job as the admin of Game Ideas Wiki). rather, it's because i'm working on a Crisis Moon novel!.

    A Crisis Moon novel, you say?.

    Yup, indeed I am working on a Crisis Moon novel!. on Wattpad, that is. This novel is basically an amalgamation of all three Crisis Moon games, with quite a few tweaks here and there to fit the timing of the story.

    As of this blog post's writing (Feb. 5, 2016) i'm currently on Chapter 6.i gotta warn you, though. Crisis Moon has a rocky update schedule, so be prepared for long waiting

    You can see the novel here. Till nex…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Like in 2011, I decided to take a break, and five years after? It is happening to me the same, lack of new ideas and over-saturation of the older franchises made me a little blank, so no new sequels or new ideas for this year, only those who I am making progress currently. Thanks everyone for the support in these years.

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  • Megaforce75


    January 17, 2016 by Megaforce75

    In the 2075 on the planet Zolara a militia has protected their planet from monsters for decades. The monsters known as the Raszir invade a military outpost and wage over for their energy source. Now it's up to the soldiers to defend their planet once again before Zolara falls.

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  • Megaforce75

    Star Knight Warriors

    January 17, 2016 by Megaforce75

    A sci-fi/fantasy adventure of six teenage girls called upon by a space general who tells them to defend the galaxy from evil invaders.

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  • Megaforce75

    New WWE Video Game

    January 8, 2016 by Megaforce75

    There should be a new WWE video game this time with an eight-man Money in The Bank/Tag-Team match. Also a Fatal Four Way Tag-Team match as well.

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Happy New Year 2k16.

    December 31, 2015 by SonikkuAensland

    Enjoy the new year with prosperity and hope you have a great start!

    This is short but why not? Stay Fresh.

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  • ClarentBloodArthur


    December 31, 2015 by ClarentBloodArthur

    Well, after 10 days of people putting their vote in. It is time to announce the winners of this year's Game Idea Wiki Awards!!!!!!

    For those who put their vote in, I thank you for using a little bit of your time to comment your selections in, I appreciate it wholeheartedly. So, now to reveal the winners of each category of GIWA 2015, so heeeeeere we gooooooooooo~!!!!!

    THE GIWA 2015 WINNERS!!!!

    Writer of the Year: Tied (ClarentBloodArthur and SonikkuAensland)

    Breakout Writer of the Year: KManX89

    Game Idea of the Year: Cross Code: Project Ultimate Versus Battle

    Action/Adventure/Platform Game Idea of the Year: Monster Space 

    Fighting Game Idea of the Year: The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! -2nd Sign- 

    RPG Game Idea of the Year: Tied (Fate/Extra: Master E…

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  • DanChan123

    |publisher= |distributor= |director= User:DanChan123 |designer= User:DanChan123 |series= Assassin’s Creed |engine= AnvilNext |platforms= <b/> <b/> |released= |genre= Action-adventure, combat, stealth |modes= |ratings= }} Assassin’s Creed: Blood Lotus is a historical, action-adventure open-world, combat and stealth video game developed by for Microsoft Windows Personal Computers as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Blood Lotus is both a sequel and spin-off of the annual Assassin’s Creed videogame franchise. Set primarily in China during the 1860s amidst the height of the age of Western imperialism in the Far East, the game follows three assassin’s from different worlds as they lay the foundations of one of the most influenti…

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Well ladies and gentlemen, this is it.

    Its time to finally vote each nomination for each chosen category for GIWA 2015!

    Yes, voting time for GIWA 2015 officially begins now and you have exactly 10 DAYS (30/12/15) to vote for each category before the winners of GIWA 2015 are announced on New Year's Eve. But before you suddenly even begin voting, there is one thing in mind that I would like to ask all of you: Please take a look at each nominations in the chosen category before you make you're decision on which to vote what interests you the most. Many of these game ideas done have had a lot time put to them to look really good by the ones who made them, so it would be waste to not look at them and just simply vote. As the host, that is all I ask.

    So fo…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Name: Alto (Real name) Polaris Raiden (Nickname)

    Birthday: December 23 (Capricorn)

    Age: Unknown, but looks like 25-30 years old or even less.

    Gender: Male

    Height: 162cm (5' 3,7")

    Weight: 53kg (117lbs)

    Blood Type: Unknown

    F. Voice Actors: David Vincent (EN), Koichi Tochika (JP)

    Alto is a new character, appearing in The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! -2nd Sign- as the 1st DLC character.

    Personality: Alto is a trickster gentleman, he's a very fun loving man, callous, ambitious but carefree, especially with everyone who "hires" him. He has a very Strange code of honor, killing the supposed "innocent" people and just defeat the strong, but apparently he's a well known liar, aside of bounty hunting, many of his other personalities are just unknown.

    His combat st…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Real Name: Leon Mercury (Stage Name) / Girl's name: Rain.

    Birthday: August 17 (Leo) [Leon] / September 30 (Libra) [Rain]

    Age: 25 years old [Leon] / 18 years old [Rain]

    Gender: Male [Leon] / Female [Rain]

    Height: 175cm (5' 9") [Leon] / 167cm (5' 5,7") [Rain]

    Weight: 65kg (143lbs) [Leon] / 53kg (117lbs) [Rain]

    Blood Type: A [Leon] / O+ [Rain]

    F. Voice Actors: Kaiji Tang (EN), Ryotaro Okiayu (JP) / Michelle Ruff (EN), Mariko Kouda (JP)

    Leon Mercury (real name unknown) is a new character is appearing in The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! -2nd Sign- as the 2nd DLC character after Alto. He's joined by a young woman under the name of Rain as NPC.

    Personality: The mysterious rocker is a very serious and stoic guy who mastered playing the guitar, singing, dancin…

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ This is the one and only ClarentBloodArthur (^w^)

    It is finally time to decide the nominations for the 2015 GIWA AWAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRDS!!!!!!!!!!! (Whoop! Whoop!)

    Now, for the twenty days, I would like some people here to help me out with who the nominations will be until 20th December which is when the voting for the best nomination for each category of this year will commence. Again, let me stress out that I would be grateful and appreciative if some of you guys volunteered to help out with this year's GIWA, because at times I will be too busy to focus on this due to university work. If you want to see the rules and the award categories, click here to view them. Of course let me point out that the deadline for the qu…

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  • AStranger195
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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ This is the one and only ClarentBloodArthur (^w^)

    Just to give you all a quick update regarding GIWA 2015, I've decided that instead of 20th November, I've decided to move the deadline to the 30th November instead. So if there is a game idea you are still working on and want it to be evaluated among the other game idea nominations, you now have plenty of time. So yeah, November 30th is the deadline for that, any game ideas made or finished after that will not be able to qualify but will do so in next year's GIWA.

    Speaking of game idea nominations, in the beginning of December (and as I have stated in my previous blog post) I would be truly grateful if 2 or 3 other wiki users would help me out in deciding in finding …

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Name of Character

    Color #10
    Sienna Travers Neko (K Project)
    Blake Snider Maiko Shimazaki (Illusory Revelations FE)
    Eliza Sampson Ai Enma (Hell Girl)
    Jonathan Travers Genos (One-Punch Man)
    Gavin Albain Dimentio (Super Paper Mario)
    Zelda Grayson Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter)
    Rose Belladonna Yamato Ishida (Digimon Adventure)
    Mildred Albain Heart Aino (Arcana Heart)
    Shawn Grayson Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue)
    Roger Masters Shin (Fist of the North Star)
    Ameth Sig (Puyo Puyo)
    Jazz Milford Yoh Asakura (Shaman King)
    Reed Dunban (Xenoblade Chronicles)
    Melody Meroko Yui (Full Moon O Sagashite)
    Lucas White Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa)
    Wilhelm Krone Alexander Volg Zangief (Fighting Spirit)
    Tristan "Hiro" Cruz Shinjiro Aragaki (Persona 3)
    Orion Wolverine
    Cadenza Tsukuyomi (Under …

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  • SonikkuAensland

    In a mysterious laboratory in another planet resembling earth, a platinum haired man with purple eyes and glasses is thinking about something.

    ???: Hmm... A way to defeat the Warriors of Chaos, those bastards who want to destroy more worlds than many. -Sees his computer until he finds something-

    ???: Interesting... What kind of world this is called, computer? -The man asks his PC what is called the newfound planet-

    PC: It is named the In-Verse Doctor Kusanagi.

    Kusanagi: Thanks PC, now, its time to found the inhabitants to recruit to defeat these guys... -Gives a smile to the Screen- Well, I will continue with my Time Machine. -Walks back to his workshop-

    PC: Time to arrive to the Planet, three days to six at maximum. -The screen focuses in the …

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  • NermalTheBunny

    Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you have fun trick-or-treating. But tonight, I made and have produced and new Halloween-themed video game called Mostly Ghostly on Video Game Fanon Wiki. And by tomorrow, this game will appear in this wiki.

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  • BlueSaga


    October 4, 2015 by BlueSaga

    I think I might be returning to the Game Ideas Wiki! Honestly, I haven't been on a Wikia in forever, unless it was to find out something about a Final Fantasy class or character. The Game Ideas Wiki got taken over by Social Media and... other stuff? Mostly social media... 

    So, Element Knight, I think I might be ACTUALLY ready to work on that collab. 

    Whoever adopted my page; I'm fine with it. o.O

    In conclusion, I RETURRRRRNNNNNNN!!!!

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  • DanChan123

    War On Earth is a real-time tactical war MMO videogame created by DanChan123 and published by DanChan123 for Microsoft Windows personal computers and Apple Mac OS computers. War On Earth features real-time tactical gameplay where the player takes god-omniscient command over his or her own WWII-era-style military force to engage other the forces of other players or bots. The game is mostly free-to-play but virtual earning bonuses and access to certain events/features requires a paid account upgrade. The rather slow progress rate and period for non-paid accounts provides an incentive for common players to purchase the account upgrade. 

    All player progress is greatly dependent on earned virtual currencies, Credits and Experience; each type of c…

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  • AStranger195

    Are you not in the top 20 of the Leaderboard? Well, here are some tips to get you number one in no time!

    Note: some achievement names were changed by the Game Ideas Wiki used-to-be-active admin Geniusguy445. Default names outside the GIW may vary.

    Note: By following the tips below, you agree that I am not responsible if you violate your wikia's rules.

    , with a focus on the number six spot]]

    "Number six?!", I said to myself. Remember when Clarent messaged Gavin that he became the number one and when Waybig [ made a blog post comment about the leaderboard]? Oh, and also when I messaged Clarent to stop cheating just to get higher on the leaderboard, when OniKisaki said that my bot account reached the top 20, and when my bot account reached the numb…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    The arguably great month for my games "releases", here ya go!

    • Cross Code-X2: Project Unlimited Versus Battle - Crossover, Global

    • Re: Vengeance - Mark of the Bloody Soul - North America

    • VSRFX3 - Allen's Revenge - North America
    • In-Verse: Battle X Battle - North America

    • In-Verse: Battle X Battle - Europe

    • In-Verse: Battle X Battle - Australia
    • In-Verse All-Stars Legends - Global Release all but Wii and 3DS.

    • Arcana Warriors - Japan

    • Re: Vengeance - Mark of the Bloody Soul - Europe

    • Black Strings Carnival: Last Song - Europe
    • The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! - North America
    • In-Verse Heroes: Superman Legend - Western Release

    • Dream Revolution Final: New Game ENCORE +  - North America

    • Dream Revolution Final: New Game ENCORE + - Europe
    • Beyond the Fate - North America

    • Re: Vengea…

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  • SecondOpinion

    Today i unveil the winner of the Crisis Moon III EVOLVE character poll. His name is Ringo Narumi.

    Real Name: Ringo Narumi

    Birthday: August 25 (Virgo)

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: O

    Voice Actors: Ryo Hirohashi (JP), Cindy Robinson (EN)

    Previously an important NPC Ringo will be making his playable debut as one of the new characters introduced in the console version of Crisis Moon III EVOLVE. He is a young, feminine-looking boy whose parents were killed by vampires. Thus he, along with his sempai Motoko, joins the Hunters in order to kill the vampires.

    He fights using a naginata and fights alongside his pet ferret Yuki-chan. His playstyle revolves around both long-range attacls with his naginata and attacks by Yuki-chan.

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  • Waybig101

    Mario Power Ups

    September 23, 2015 by Waybig101
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  • Waybig101

    Luigi or Mario

    September 23, 2015 by Waybig101

    Who is better

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  • Waybig101


    September 23, 2015 by Waybig101
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  • Waybig101

    Thank You

    September 19, 2015 by Waybig101

    Thank You for letting me join the wikia. I have come very far.

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ This is the one and only ClarentBloodArthur (^w^)

    As I have announced a month ago, I will reveal many things that will happen for this year's GIWA 2015 coming in December. This will include the rules of the competition and some of the categories confirmed for this year's awards, if you feel that there is something that needs to be included in this year's GIWA, do not hesitate to comment down your suggestions below, for all opinions are welcome (unless they are rude and unbecoming). Also, in late November, I would be very grateful if two or three volunteers can help out in making decisions in adding nominations and so for GIWA 2015.

    Now, just so you all know, let me reveal to you about some of the rules:

    • All game idea n…

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  • AStranger195

    What skin do you use?

    September 12, 2015 by AStranger195

    Vote here!

    What do you use?

    1. Chick - Monobook but more lightweight and its sidebar is on the right, access its Wikia version [|useskin=chick}} by adding ?useskin=chick at the end of the URL].
    2. Cologne Blue - a very popular MediaWiki skin before Monobook was developed, access its Wikia version [|useskin=cologneblue}} by adding ?useskin=cologneblue at the end of the URL].
    3. Mercury - a.k.a. Wikia Mobile, it's Wikia's mobile skin, access it via [|useskin=wikiamobile}} by adding ?useskin=wikiamobile at the end of the URL].
    4. Modern - a failed attempt at modernizing Monobook, access its Wikia version [|useskin=modern}} by adding ?useskin=modern at the end of the URL].
    5. Monobook/MonoBook - Vector's predecessor
    6. Oasis - the default skin you're probably using
    7. Ve…

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  • SonikkuAensland
    • Spirit Marriage/Reunion: Is a ritual that involves a living Arcana and a dead one (Arcanas can be killed but the soul is reincarnated if is strong enough.), united by fate forever (either in love or as a great bond of friendship).
    • Cyberian Form: Introduced in Fight it Out! Final Edition. These are the human sized mech forms of the Arcana Warriors, their voice changes and they become 10 times stronger, they can maintain the forms during a unmeasurable period of time if they don't abuse their power.
    • Doll Soldiers: The new mooks of the game, they take forms of many menacing creatures and monsters, they have "no soul". They also appear in 2nd Sign.
    • The Howling Soul: The titular "artifact" of the game, Harbinger's soul is contained under a particu…
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  • SonikkuAensland
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  • SonikkuAensland

    Real Name: Rhyme

    Birthday: "Hasn't completely developed yet"/June 18 (Gemini) [Shares Birthday with Sienna]

    Age: Unknown, but has a mindset of a young girl and a older woman.

    Gender: Undisclosed.

    Height: 187cm (6' 1,7")

    Weight: 67kg (148lbs)

    Blood Type: AB (Shares Blood Type with Sienna)

    Relatives: Sienna Travers (Alternate Spiritual Counterpart), Eliza Sampson (Non-blooded Relative), Jonathan Travers (Relative), Cadenza (Spiritual Relative), Brutus (Has its memories), Francine Travers (Relative), Ron Sampson (Non-blooded Relative), Keito (Messenger)

    F. Voice Actors: Pauly-kun (EN), Mutsumi Tamura (JP)

    Rhyme is a mysterious character first appearing in The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! -Second Sign- as the secret final boss and DLC character.


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  • SonikkuAensland

    Guys, is your choice to select the final boss of the not so eagerly awaited Dream Revolution: Last Fire, the final entry of the series. I'll have a series of mini ideas in the following:

    Lasts Until September 7, 2015!

    Ignis turns into a giant man in a red and black armor, has a longsword and a burned face. His personality is monstruous, power hungry, and is brainwashed. He "lied" to Alexa and the team all the time since his visit, in-game he'll try to convince that the battle is meaningless.

    Fictitious VA idea: Patrick Seitz/Tomokazu Sugita

    Orpheus turns into a giant monstruous crystal corpse form, he can unleash dark beam based attacks from his mouth and hands. His personality is just mad driven and laments that the heroes ruined his plans, in-…

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Greetings all users of the wiki, this is ClarentBloodArthur (^^)/

    I just thought I'd make an announcement that the idea of holding the GIWA 2015 at the end of this year is NOT DEAD and will happen at the time of December. Some point next month I will be announcing some of the rules of GIWA and the award categories that will be in this year's GIWA, I will also like some feedback and suggestions too. Plus, I would be grateful if two volunteers would help me out with this when we begin setting it all up in late November.

    Until then, make some of the most creative game ideas you can possibly get out your mind and who knows; not only would your game idea have the chance to be nominated for an award, but also win one. 

    Auf Wiedersehen~

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  • SonikkuAensland

    ESRB: This game is anticipated to be Rated Mature/PEGI 16 (Provisional), CERO: Pending, and many others.

    -A Black fire appears in the white screen burning the In-Verse logo, later brakes a cup with a red liquid saying later "The Judgment Day", then a lightning breaks the small piece of earth. then some words are tell by a woman: "The Howling Soul."-

    ???: Hmmph. I didn't come here to do childish things. I came here continuing my mission to help myself. However, by the arrival of another being announced by who I faced such a long, long time... Who is really Harbinger and why he would say that it is connected to one of us?

    ???: I won't lose my time with that thing, ten years have passed, and still no answers about Void's origins. This story is d…

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  • SecondOpinion

    This time around, i'm gonna let you, yes, YOU, decide on who will be the fourth character for Crisis Moon III EVOLVE!.

    • Ringo Narumi

    Voiced by: Ayumu Murase (JP), Cindy Robinson (EN)

    A young, feminine-looking young boy who assists his best friend Motoko in slaying vampires. Fights with a naginata.

    • Drake Rowley

    Voiced by: Daisuke Ono (JP), Liam O'Brien (EN)

    Thea's police partner who is pursuing Jeremy Knives for his own personal reasons. Fights with his revolver gauntlets.

    • Ryunosuke Sakaki

    Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (JP) Steve Staley (EN)

    A young genius inventor and creator of the HADES series who seeks to test out his new inventions on the vampires just for fun. Fights with his gadgets.

    If you're interested on voting, just post a comment on this blog pos…

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  • Jorgebunny.zare

    [[1]]reversed time (Question do you suggest EGGMAN be in Time Revered part. Or Story part here you cut out these parts.

    Do you want cha cha to be in the reversed part you can decide sonic team /SEGA Team.

    you can even cut them out and put them with the story.

    When Sonic Greed has Diffused. They cleaned out blood spill. Of Zare Slime Greed the Hedgehog used time

    control little did he know it cost him to turm back into a baby again. Including his Friend Gaius The Hedgehog.

    Greed The Hedgehog had no choice because the planet was on the seas of blowing up by the power of Zare.

    This is what happened in past 1 Now. That Sonic The hedgehog. And Greed The Hedgehog.  Greed

    diffused and use the time crystal. Turn back Time and the crystal has turn him back…

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  • Kittykat151

    kitty suggestions

    August 13, 2015 by Kittykat151

    help suggest kitties for AdventureCats! my list of current kitties will be on my profile. make sure to include a drawing with the name, attack (only one), description, and ability.

    how to suggest: add your suggestion to your profile. then, link your profile in the comments. easy!

    suggest your kitty and i will add them to my list. suggestions are endless!

    thanks for reading.

    spread the word to all of the wiki

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  • AStranger195

    Good news, Russians! Game Ideas Wiki will be available in your native language! Here w:c:ru.gameideas

    Maelstro0210 and NermalTheBunny will be sysops, 'cuz I ain't no Russian!

    Stay awesome, Wikians!
    AStranger195 () (guestbook)

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  • SecondOpinion

    Crisis Moon III uses a five-button system consisting of four attack buttons and a guard button.


    L=Light Attack

    M=Middle Attack

    H=Heavy Attack



    Attack Name Command Notes
    Throw L+M

    Reverse Throw ←+L+M

    Forward Flash Step ↓↘+G

    Backward Flash Step ↓↙+G

    Fatal Shatter M+H Consumes 25% Luna
    Vita Break L+M+H+G Consumes the entire Vita meter
    Blood Break L/M/H+G (depens on the strenght of attack) Consumes 10% from the Blood Sphere

    Kiyo's style can be described as a shotoclone rushdown style, with his reliance on attacks such as projectiles, upppercuts and other attacks. His Burst Ability is "Death Sentence", a move where he stabs the opponet whilst his Eyes of Future Death are activated. Kiyo's B attacks come in two hits and have priority over …

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