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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Heeeeeeeelloooooooo my fellow Wiki users, this is ClarentBloodArthur and today, the time to pick which nominees for the the award categories for GIWA 2016.

    Now remember, you have until December 10th to suggest which nominees you want to put to the chosen category, do not hesitate to comment down your suggestions below, for all opinions are welcome (unless they are rude and unbecoming).  

    In case you aren't sure what the categories are, here is the list of confirmed nomination categories that will be appearing in GIWA 2016:  

    • Writer of the Year
    • Breakout Writer of the Year
    • Game Idea of the Year
    • Fighting Game Idea of the Year
    • Hack and Slash Game Idea of the Year
    • Game Idea Wiki Classic Game Idea of the Year
    • Original Game Idea of the Year
    • Fanmade Game Ide…
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  • Rabbitgentleman

    Psonic X Touhou Wiki

    November 28, 2016 by Rabbitgentleman

    Hey there, guys! I just made the wiki for the future crossover entry, Psonic X Touhou. Take a look at it by going to the link below.

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  • SecondOpinion

    New Admin in Town

    November 24, 2016 by SecondOpinion

    Due to a string of events that caused one of the admins, SonikkuAensland (A really good friend of mine. Please pray for her in her absence.) to leave this wiki for a while, it has been decided that I shall take over  for an amount of time as an admin of this wiki.

    As the admin, I was given the privelege to take care of the wiki that I knew and loved for a long time. 

    By the way, here are a few guidelines:

    I am only active in the wiki for 2 hours from Mondays to Thursdays. And that time is from approx. 7:30-8AM in Manila Standard Time, to 9:30-10:00AM in Manila Standard Time. Fridays and weekends, I am active in the wiki for the whole day.

    Talking to me about things in the wiki is A-OK. Rude language towards me and towards other users will not …

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  • Thunder the Coyote

    • Thunder Storminski (Megumi Ogata/Vic Mignogna)
    • Soul Squareshell (Kazuya Nakai/Micah Solusod)
    • Gopher Woodrow (Mamoru Miyano/Johnny Yong Bosch)
    • Lani White (Mai Nakahara/Mae Whitman)
    • Bloom Insectos (Megumi Hayashibara/Andrea Libman)
    • Bolt Cinnastar (Takeshi Kusao/Eric Vale)

    • Sammy Porter (Jun Fukuyama/Yuri Lowenthal)
    • Samantha Star (Aya Hirano/Laura Bailey)
    • Ralph Marks (Minami Takayama/Lenne Hardt)
    • Clay Valentine (Toshiyuki Morikawa/Benjamin Diskin)
    • Diane (Aoi Yuuki/Michelle Ruff)

    • Tyson Stephen (Katsuyuki Konishi/Steven Jay Blum)
    • Jennifer Forester (Yuu Kobayashi/Erin Fitzgerald)
    • WHITE (No voice)
    • Gregoria Magloire (Miyuki Sawashiro/Chloe Hollings)

    • Riley Jays (Asami Imai/Erica Mendez)
    • Christie Reynolds (Rie Tanaka/Sarah Anne Williams)
    • Amy Apricot (Izumi Kita/Kari …

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  • SecondOpinion

    Crisis Moon: 6 characters

    • Kiyo Kamiya (Hiro Shimono - Johnny Yong Bosch)
    • Twilight (Emiri Kato - Erin Fitzgerald)
    • Motoko Tsukagami (Kana Asumi - Carrie Keranen)
    • Abel of the Light (Norio Wakamoto - Travis Willingham)
    • Dawn (Akira Ishida - Yuri Lowenthal)
    • Yuuno Kirisaki (Rie Tanaka - Wendee Lee)

    Fight or Die: 5 characters

    • Yuko Amano (Noriko Hidaka - Kari Wahlgren)
    • Eiji Kagami (Masaya Onosaka - Grant George)
    • Len Stadfeld (Sakura Tange - Sandy Fox)
    • Adel Lee (Maria Kawamura - Megan Hollingshead)
    • Mariya Kanzaki (Satsuki Yukino - Melissa Fahn)

    Sentoki: 4 characters

    • Shin Ikushima (Tomokazu Seki - Matthew Mercer)
    • Bru Bronson (Kouji Ishii - Jamieson Price)
    • Kei Ikushima (Ryoka Yuzuki - Erin Fitzgerald)
    • Nixon (Junichi Suwabe - Keith Silverstein)

    Code Chronos: 3 character…

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  • Arz Nova

    The Return

    October 21, 2016 by Arz Nova

    Been a while since I’ve been on here. Glad to see everyone still working on their ideas. I’m surprised to see so many Bloody Roar ideas since I disappeared. It’s awesome to see other fans on the game and gets me a little pumped. Makes me want to take a shot at a Bushido Blade and Tenchu game next.

    Last year I had to leave my country and was at places without internet for a couple of months. Then I was sick for another couple of months. Only recently am I coming up to speed but I have a lot of other projects and things outside of here to do. So the bad news is my projects on here won’t get much attention for a while. Still sick. Hopefully by December or early next year I can get to them with greater attention. The good news is my creative en…

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Just a quick recent update regarding GIWA 2016 (along with new bits and pieces) I announce that two new awards categories (Original Game Idea of the Year and Fanmade Game Idea of Year) will make their debuts this December when GIWA 2016 begins.

    Also, just so you don't forget, choosing nominees for the awards will start no earlier than December 1st, GIWA 2016 will begin on December 10th and voting will commence until the 24th December where by Christmas Day, the winners of each nomination category will be announced. Also, if you feel that there is something that needs to be included in this year's GIWA, do not hesitate to comment down your suggestions below, for all opinions are welcome (unless they are rude and unbecoming).   

    So without fur…

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  • SecondOpinion

    Hi-hou! SecondOpinion here.

    As you can see, after much ado, I finally completed ACS Softworks' newest game idea Tokyo R.E.D....

    ...or so it seems.

    Yup. I have quite a shortage of boss characters. So now I will be calling upon you! Yes you! You who is reading this blog post right now. I'll need your help in desigining five stage bosses for Tokyo R.E.D.!

    The rules are as follows:

    • Needs to be a human. I don't accept monster types as Tokyo R.E.D.
    • Describe his name, then backstory, then his powers.
    • Can accept up to two boss ideas per user.
    • No need for character designs! I will handre it!
    • Once chosen, your boss design will now be an ACS character. Meaning, I will hold rights to them (with your credit, of course :3)

    Got it? Okay! Send me your best boss ide…

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  • QuackTale8
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  • Thunder the Coyote

    1. Original Costume
    2. Holiday Costume (Christmas, Halloween, New Years, etc.)
    3. Anime/Manga Costume
    4. Videogame-based 1
    5. Videogame-based 2
    6. Fan Service (Or Disservice) Costume
    7. Another Original Character

    1. Petropolis 10
    2. Reindeer (Christmas)
    3. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)
    4. Klonoa
    5. Sly Cooper
    6. Fundoshi
    7. Takumi (Blue Remnant)

    1. Petropolis 9
    2. Grim Reaper (Halloween)
    3. Ryuk (Death Note)
    4. Alex Mercer (Prototype)
    5. Akuma (Super Street Fighter II Turbo)
    6. Trunks
    7. Santos (Codename: Combat Chaos)

    1. Petropolis 10
    2. Easter bunny
    3. Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)
    4. Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    5. Wang Tang (Power Stone)
    6. Speedo
    7. Aura (Dream Quest)

    1. Petropolis 11
    2. New Year's dress
    3. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)
    4. Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)
    5. Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    6. Swimsuit
    7. Sasha (Skeleton Princess)

    1. Petr…

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  • SonikkuAensland
    1. Original Costume
    2. Holiday Costume (Christmas, Halloween, New Years, etc.)
    3. Anime/Manga Costume
    4. VG 1
    5. VG 2
    6. Fan Service (Or Disservice) Costume
    7. Another Original Character

    Vanessa Luxaloss

    1. Wind of the Night
    2. Angel (Christmas)
    3. Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)
    4. Sonic the Hedgehog inspired
    5. Nakouru (Samurai Shodown)
    6. Meido
    7. Kali Chrome (Dream Revolution: Last Fire, asymmetric Hair)

    Emily Fontaine

    1. Wind of the Night
    2. Demon (Halloween)
    3. Kagero (Ninja Scroll)
    4. Tsubaki Yayoi (Blazblue)
    5. Rulue (Puyo Puyo)
    6. Bikini
    7. Sophia von Ritter (Battle of Zero)

    Sylvia Thorndyke

    1. Advent
    2. Mummy (Halloween)
    3. Heinkel Wolfe (Hellsing)
    4. Lisa Armstrong (Dead or Alive 5)
    5. Reiko Hinomoto (Rumble Roses)
    6. Wrestling Outfit
    7. Cassandra van Helsing (Dream Revolution Final)


    1. Legend of Vanessa
    2. New Year
    3. Gallantmon (Digimon)
    4. Nig…
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  • SecondOpinion

    Base Costumes

    1. Normal (Main)
    2. Holiday (Can be any holiday)
    3. Anime
    4. Video Game 1
    5. Video Game 2
    6. Fanservice
    7. OC

    1. Crisis Moon outfit (Blue gakuran and pants, white button-up shirt and red sneakers)
    2. Halloween (Vampire costume)
    3. Keima Katsuragi of The World God Only Knows
    4. Kyosuke Kagami of Rival Schools
    5. Makoto Naegi of Danganronpa
    6. Shirtless and school trunks
    7. Kira Kamiya of Crisis Moon (Gray hoodie, white t-shirt, dark blue jeans, black sneakers)

    1. Crisis Moon outfit (Red crop top, red gloves, white short shorts, black boots)
    2. Valentine's (Pink hear design crop top, black short shorts and pink sneakers)
    3. Merry Nightmare of Yumekui Merry
    4. Alisa Ilinchina Amiella of God Eater
    5. Red two piece bikini
    6. Shannon Meltzer of Sentoki (Blue spandex sports bra, red thights and white boots and …

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Aaaaaaaaaalrighty then!

    As I have stated earlier this month, I shall be announcing a few things that will be happening for this year's GIWA 2016. For the time being, I shall confirm what some of the nomination awards will be appear as well the rules and regulations. First and foremost, choosing nominees for the awards will start no earlier than December 1st, GIWA 2016 will begin on December 10th and voting will commence until the 24th December where by Christmas Day, the winners of each nomination category will be announced. Also, if you feel that there is something that needs to be included in this year's GIWA, do not hesitate to comment down your suggestions below, for all opinions are welcome (unless they are rude and unbecoming).

    So with…

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  • SecondOpinion

    Kiyo was exhausted after the battle with Lilith, and knelt down on his knees. Twilight then runs up and asks him if he is okay, to which he answers that he was fine, but in pain after the intense battle. Kiyo then coughs out blood, which prompted Twilight to carry him home so that he can heal his injuries and carry on his goal.

    One night, Twilight was sitting on a bench in the park alongside Kiyo. Twilight asks her about the Moon, and, what Kiyo remembers whenever he sees the Moon, to which he replied by saying that he mostly remembers bad memories when looking at the moon, like his adoptive father's fatal accident and the deaths of his friends. Twilight was saddened because of Kiyo's words, until Kiyo said that he also remembers the time t…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Here is the official confirmation of two newcomers of the popular The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! -2nd Sign-, these two will be available first in the NX Edition, later in the February Revolution Patch.

    Name: Rupert Ark

    Birthday: October 10 (Libra)

    Age: 29 years old

    Gender: Male

    Height: 182cm (5' 11.7")

    Weight: 69kg (152lbs)

    Blood Type: X (Black Blood, infused)

    F. Voice Actors: Charlie Schlatter (EN), Daisuke Hirakawa (JP)

    Arc is a new character, appearing in The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! -2nd Sign- in its Revolution update as the Sixth newcomer first available as a unlockable character in the NX Edition.

    Personality: He's seen to be positive despite the way he speaks being emotionless, however when anyone meet him after many days. He's shown to be an enthusi…

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  • Loconator3000

    Now it's my turn!

    Logan Preaker (Earth Warriors):

    Seiner Butch (Earth Warriors):

    Amira Dhorian (Earth Warriors):

    Tania Maestas (Earth Warriors):

    Jackson Bairman (Earth Warriors):

    Yamja Tomentradi (Earth Warriors) (Sub-Boss):

    Lucy Henderson (Earth Warriors) (DLC):

    Simon Bolivar (Libertador Warriors):

    Jose de San Martin (Libertador Warriors):

    Bernardo O'Higgins (…

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  • Thunder the Coyote

    Here's my list of placeholder themes for the Cross Royale project.

    (Also this is my first blog post)

    • Thunder:
    • Soul:
    • Gopher:
    • Sable:
    • Bloom:
    • Bolt:
    • Sammy:
    • Samantha:
    • Ralph:
    • Clay:
    • Diane:
    • Tyson:
    • Jennifer:…

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Oh its happening alright. What, did you think I would make you forget that the GIWA 2016 will indeed be happening at the end of this year? Well it is. In the next month or so, I will be laying out some of the rules of GIWA and the award categories that will be in this year's GIWA, I will also like some feedback and suggestions too for what type of awards or nominations you wish to be included. 

    Until then, make some of the most creative game ideas you can possibly get out your mind and who knows; not only would your game idea have the chance to be nominated for an award, but also win one.  

    Auf Wiedersehen~♪

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    This is a hypothetical/what-if list of the theme songs of the Team Clarent Project faction for Cross Royale: Clash of Shattered Fates.

    • Siegmar Azurmann:
    • Adelheid Weisslöwe:
    • Kureha:
    • Astolpho Le Chariot:
    • Semiramis:
    • Enkohime:
    • Natsume:
    • Ordella Yliria:
    • Nate Edwards:
    • Violet:
    • Halvard:…

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  • SonikkuAensland
















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  • SecondOpinion




















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  • BlackCat7688

    Remember when I said on the Zootopia Arena article that Gregory Foxworth wasn't the leader of the Vulpai Zaibatsu? Well, you've probably been wondering who the leader of the Vulpai Zaibatsu really is. Maybe not, but since I can't seem to decide what I want to do for a Zootopia Arena 3, I think I'll go ahead and clear it up for you. The true leader of the Vulpai Zaibatsu is a gray fox named Garret Grayson. Garret's wife, Gina Grayson, is second-in-command for the zaibatsu. And here's where it gets interesting. Remember when I said Garret and Gina have ties to Richie Grayson? Well, I wasn't kidding. Garret and Gina Grayson are Richie's parents! Richie, at first, had no idea that his parents are the leaders of the Vulpai Zaibatsu. But, after …

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  • SecondOpinion

    Today I unveil a new character for the update to Crisis Moon III, Crisis Moon III EVOLVE. His name is Ryunosuke Sasaki

    Real Name: Ryunosuke Sasaki

    Birthday: November 11 (Scorpio)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: O

    Voice Actors: Daisuke Sakaguchi  (JP), Max Mittleman (EN)

    Previously an important NPC, Ryunosuke will be making his playable debut as one of the new characters introduced in the console version of Crisis Moon III EVOLVE. He is a young teenaged genius who created many inventions, including producing the HADES series of robots.

    He fights using several of his gadgets, including mechanical yo-yos, robots and his hover skate shoes.

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  • Megaforce75

    Aida Jones

    August 5, 2016 by Megaforce75

    Three scavengers journey to the Aztec in search for gold, but are soon seperated and trapped by an ancient god in his temple. Now they must find a way to escape and hopefully survive.

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  • Rabbitgentleman

    Take a look at this site, I made it since I created the first article about Psonic X Touhou in Japanese aside from here in this wiki. So why don't you contribute it and use Google Translate to change the sentence into Japanese instead? You'll be fun at it.

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  • StrawDogAmerica

    Keep on Going

    August 4, 2016 by StrawDogAmerica

    Hey everyone, for those of you that know me, just wanted to let you know I was still alive and well. I went through and cleaned up some of my pages, asked for some to be deleted (thanks to whoever did that) and will probably release one or two new ideas in the near future.

    I try to stay active but with my schedule now, I can't always check in. Rather then sitting there bored when that does happen, I'll try to check in since I've become good friends with some of you. 

    Also want to say it's cool to see how far the Game Ideas Wiki Awards have come since I started it in 2013. Nice to see a small project grow into a wiki-wide event and the current program managers are doing a wonderful job with it, can't wait to see the 2016 edition this winter!


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  • NermalTheBunny
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  • Kittykat151

    New blog

    July 17, 2016 by Kittykat151

    I don't really have any ideas for the game. The plot of the game and an image are on the AdventureCats page, but I don't really have an idea of what to do. Suggestions for anything at all?

    And I don't know how to make games (coding and all that) so someone else would have to make it.

    AdventureCats is kinda a mix between a pet care game and a Pokemon game. Sooo yeah, that's it. Comment your suggestions for cats, designs, ect.

    Cat suggestion rules:

    1. Only one attack per car

    2. Needs an ability

    3. Name needs to be based on design

    List of current kitties:

    1. Taffy (A stretchy calico cat)

    2. Crycat (A crying cat)

    3. Squeakitty (A mouse-cat thing)

    4. Kittoast (A brown cat with toast on its head)

    5. Meowio (Based on Mario)

    6. Meowser (Based on Bowser)

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  • BlackCat7688

    Hey, guys. For my first blog post on the Game Ideas wiki, I've decided to talk about something present in my latest Game Idea, Zootopia Arena. These little items called Energy Crystals. Well, they're these little colored crystals that contain energy. There are nine known colors of Energy Crystals and each one packs a different type of energy. Eight of them pack elemental energies while the remaining color just packs generic, non-elemental. Here's a full list.

    White - These crystals house generic, non-elemental energy.

    Red - These crystals pack fire energy.

    Blue - These crystals pack water energy.

    Green - These crystals contain wind energy.

    Brown - These contain earth energy.

    Yellow - These crystals contain light energy.

    Black - These crystals con…

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  • Megaforce75


    July 8, 2016 by Megaforce75

    In a futuristic world a group of people called Decrypters are now on the hunt of their lives to find treasure, but must first find keys to unlock boxes called Paradox Cubes to find maps for the next location.

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  • Zhinkairi

    When I first played various fighting games, it made me realized that I've been dream about stuff. Like the time I played lots of video games and how much that I enjoyed them.

    One, the graphics and gameplay are awesome. Two, the characters are way outstanding. And three, the music and soundtracks are very EXCELLENT!!!

    The creator and producers of various fighting games are the legends, veterans, and AWESOME!!!

    Is there anything you want me do to make more fighting games great? Please leave a comment. And anyone who wants me to keep the fun and awesomeness going? Give a heck yeah!

    Protagonist, plot, development, gameplay, characters, costumes, stages, music, customizations are very impressive.

    Now that inspired me to dream big, I'm on the Road to…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    This spoof is no official and fan made. My Version of 'Palutena's Guidance' and 'Snake's Codecs Conversations'

    • C. Black: "Well, here's the star of the main show, a knight who has a curse of a Fallen one."
    • Sophia: "A fallen one? Huh, so he's basically of the bad guys?"
    • C. Black: "No, not really, he's one of the heroes of this show! Siegmar Azurmann. Well, he defeated a Demise Dragon and he's got guts to defeat bigger enemies with his powers that he has fully yet to deal."
    • Sophia: "Like my Nega form that I hate to show in public, yeah, and what is my warning about fighting him, señor?"
    • C. Black: "Aside of his Fallen One form, be careful of his sword Drachenzunge. Oh, but also is a Pizza critic, he will like my Pizza?"
    • Sophia: "Having part of the D…

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  • Megaforce75

    Harvest Moon

    June 26, 2016 by Megaforce75

    During their celebration of the Harvest, an evil demon devours the moon and it is up to three brave warriors to defeat him.

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  • SonikkuAensland

    (Warning, it comes with controversial messages!)

    Well, guess what? I am back, after believing myself to be a fool all the time, at least many of you (Which I give a thanks), you changed my mind and I returned because I formed some good friendships in this place.

    I was self-banned due to the fact that the offended was a dick with me because I did what I do, I was forced to unban him and just two hours (because of harassment). I understand how bad and "misunderstood" he was, but, I felt worse myself.

    But ending this thing, let's move into my unfunny stuff, E3 Abridged.

    EA Play sucked because nothing of these games interested me so far.

    The Division DLC? Seriously?

    EA Play got a 2.

    By far, the most toughest day of the events, the two were good.

    Xbox …

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  • Megaforce75

    Two popular franchises collide as Ryu and Goku and their friends battle in fights when a dark prince announces a tournament on who the strongest fighter is worthy enough to challenge him.

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  • SonikkuAensland

    To know (for your interest)

    • The characters meet in similar but different circumstances.
    • Some of the deaths happened or not happened at all.
    • The events happened at different ways or never happened at all.
    • The characters retain their characterization of the canon games with some small differences.
    • Canon events happened in pair years; 2014 and 2016, while the FIO duology happened in 2015 and 2017.
    • The greatest antagonist changed from a Minor but powerful deity (canon), to a literal god (FIO).
    • The canon events will be referenced as an “alternate timeline” as of 2nd Sign.
    • The setting is more “fantasy-like” (FIO), while the canon one is a “pseudo-realistic” type.
    • The timelines are parallel of games, almost the same setting and plot with different charact…
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  • SecondOpinion

    Tekken 7 Rant

    June 3, 2016 by SecondOpinion

    Hiya, SecondOpinion here, and today, i have a rant about Tekken 7, nay, more like expressing my years of disappointment for this game for years. so, let us begin.

    I started playing Tekken when i was 3-4 years old. Tekken 3 was my first fighting name. nay, Tekken 3 was my first video game ever. back then i didn't even care about anything. I just pop the game in and kick ass with Hwoarang (my fave character). since then, i got hooked and played every single Tekken game there was (okay, maybe not, but i have played all the main installments).

    so when i first heard about Tekken 7, i was HYPED. the game of my dreams (next to Capcom vs. SNK 3), finally coming true. fast forward to a few months later, where the loketest results are available on You…

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  • Megaforce75

    Legends of The Sky

    April 23, 2016 by Megaforce75

    In the mystic land of Animaria lived animals protecting the valley until an evil witch causes problems making their land fall from the sky. Now it is up to a lion name Akivo to save his home.

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  • Megaforce75


    April 10, 2016 by Megaforce75

    A half monkey half cat who resides in the jungle must stop a snake king and his henchmen from taking over his home.

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  • Megaforce75

    Holy Grail

    April 4, 2016 by Megaforce75

    At Angel Station a group of Saints must stop the Occult from destroying their world.

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  • Megaforce75

    Silver the Hedgehog

    April 3, 2016 by Megaforce75

    Silver must help the Seven Dwarves from an evil wizard who claims he can help Silver regain his lost world.

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  • Megaforce75


    April 3, 2016 by Megaforce75

    A group of crystal warriors must venture from Crystal Palace to defeat an evil wizard.

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  • Megaforce75

    North Star

    April 3, 2016 by Megaforce75

    A skater from the planet Xera must save his parents from a belligerent general before the farm planet is no more.

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  • Megaforce75

    Two worlds collide when a dark force intervenes in the Valley of Peace and New York. The Turtles are now in the world where the Furious Five resides and they must team up to find and defeat what's causing their worlds into fear.

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  • Megaforce75

    An Egyptian god by the name of Anubis seeks a worthy challenge against Sonic the Hedgehog.

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  • SArchangel

    Game Idea - Soulbound

    February 28, 2016 by SArchangel

    Soulbound is a massively multiplayer online ARTS video game developed and published for Microsoft Windows. 

    In Soulbound, players assume the role of an unseen "soulkeeper" that controls a diverse fantasy army, and does battle with player or computer-controlled soulkeepers over the dominion of a virtual battlefield. Every match in Soulbound is discrete, as armies start off basic and rather weak. By winning trades and/or completing various objectives, players provide themselves with the resources to improve their armies and battle conditions in various ways. 

    Soulbound interestingly features two modes of gameplay, known as "god mode" and "soulbound." God mode is characterized by its third person perspective in which the player can mobilize mult…

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  • Clint242

    Happy Valentines

    February 16, 2016 by Clint242

    Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

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  • SecondOpinion

    Hi, it's me, SecondOpinion.

    As you may notice, my activity in this wiki as a bit...umm...decreasing. It's not because i'm disappointed with things here lately (I swear, AStranger195 is doing one hell of a job as the admin of Game Ideas Wiki). rather, it's because i'm working on a Crisis Moon novel!.

    A Crisis Moon novel, you say?.

    Yup, indeed I am working on a Crisis Moon novel!. on Wattpad, that is. This novel is basically an amalgamation of all three Crisis Moon games, with quite a few tweaks here and there to fit the timing of the story.

    As of this blog post's writing (Feb. 5, 2016) i'm currently on Chapter 6.i gotta warn you, though. Crisis Moon has a rocky update schedule, so be prepared for long waiting

    You can see the novel here. Till nex…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Like in 2011, I decided to take a break, and five years after? It is happening to me the same, lack of new ideas and over-saturation of the older franchises made me a little blank, so no new sequels or new ideas for this year, only those who I am making progress currently. Thanks everyone for the support in these years.

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  • Megaforce75


    January 17, 2016 by Megaforce75

    In the 2075 on the planet Zolara a militia has protected their planet from monsters for decades. The monsters known as the Raszir invade a military outpost and wage over for their energy source. Now it's up to the soldiers to defend their planet once again before Zolara falls.

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