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  • AStranger195
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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ This is the one and only ClarentBloodArthur (^w^)

    Just to give you all a quick update regarding GIWA 2015, I've decided that instead of 20th November, I've decided to move the deadline to the 30th November instead. So if there is a game idea you are still working on and want it to be evaluated among the other game idea nominations, you now have plenty of time. So yeah, November 30th is the deadline for that, any game ideas made or finished after that will not be able to qualify but will do so in next year's GIWA.

    Speaking of game idea nominations, in the beginning of December (and as I have stated in my previous blog post) I would be truly grateful if 2 or 3 other wiki users would help me out in deciding in finding …

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Name of Character

    Color #3 Color #7 Color #10 DLC Palette
    Sienna Travers Karen Laine (Dreamers of the Road) Roy (Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade) Neko (K Project)

    Blake Snider Lucius Meyer (Shades of Destiny) Maiko Shimazaki (Illusory Revelations FE) Josuke Higashikata (Diamond is Unbreakable)

    Eliza Sampson Ain (The Slashing Reaper) Jack Slate (Dead to Rights) Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill la Kill)

    Jonathan Travers Prince Prince XV (Devil's Eye) Saya (Namco X Capcom) Goku (Dragon Ball)

    Gavin Albain Kali Chrome (The Adventures of Vanessa) Dimentio (Super Paper Mario) Kal-El/Superman

    Zelda Grayson Murakumo Kusanagi (In-Verse Versus) Sakura Kasugano (Street Fighter) Mega Drive (Sega Hard Girls)

    Rose Belladonna Bart George (Aura's Blade) Yamato Ishida (Digimon …

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  • SonikkuAensland

    In a mysterious laboratory in another planet resembling earth, a platinum haired man with purple eyes and glasses is thinking about something.

    ???: Hmm... A way to defeat the Warriors of Chaos, those bastards who want to destroy more worlds than many. -Sees his computer until he finds something-

    ???: Interesting... What kind of world this is called, computer? -The man asks his PC what is called the newfound planet-

    PC: It is named the In-Verse Doctor Kusanagi.

    Kusanagi: Thanks PC, now, its time to found the inhabitants to recruit to defeat these guys... -Gives a smile to the Screen- Well, I will continue with my Time Machine. -Walks back to his workshop-

    PC: Time to arrive to the Planet, three days to six at maximum. -The screen focuses in the …

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  • NermalTheBunny

    Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you have fun trick-or-treating. But tonight, I made and have produced and new Halloween-themed video game called Mostly Ghostly on Video Game Fanon Wiki. And by tomorrow, this game will appear in this wiki.

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  • BlueSaga


    October 4, 2015 by BlueSaga

    I think I might be returning to the Game Ideas Wiki! Honestly, I haven't been on a Wikia in forever, unless it was to find out something about a Final Fantasy class or character. The Game Ideas Wiki got taken over by Social Media and... other stuff? Mostly social media... 

    So, Element Knight, I think I might be ACTUALLY ready to work on that collab. 

    Whoever adopted my page; I'm fine with it. o.O

    In conclusion, I RETURRRRRNNNNNNN!!!!

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  • DanChan123

    War On Earth is a real-time tactical war MMO videogame created by DanChan123 and published by DanChan123 for Microsoft Windows personal computers and Apple Mac OS computers. War On Earth features real-time tactical gameplay where the player takes god-omniscient command over his or her own WWII-era-style military force to engage other the forces of other players or bots. The game is mostly free-to-play but virtual earning bonuses and access to certain events/features requires a paid account upgrade. The rather slow progress rate and period for non-paid accounts provides an incentive for common players to purchase the account upgrade. 

    All player progress is greatly dependent on earned virtual currencies, Credits and Experience; each type of c…

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  • AStranger195

    Are you not in the top 20 of the Leaderboard? Well, here are some tips to get you number one in no time!

    Note: some achievement names were changed by the Game Ideas Wiki used-to-be-active admin Geniusguy445. Default names outside the GIW may vary.

    Note: By following the tips below, you agree that I am not responsible if you violate your wikia's rules.

    , with a focus on the number six spot]]

    "Number six?!", I said to myself. Remember when Clarent messaged Gavin that he became the number one and when Waybig [ made a blog post comment about the leaderboard]? Oh, and also when I messaged Clarent to stop cheating just to get higher on the leaderboard, when OniKisaki said that my bot account reached the top 20, and when my bot account reached the numb…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    The arguably great month for my games "releases", here ya go!

    • Cross Code-X2: Project Unlimited Versus Battle - Crossover, Global

    • Re: Vengeance - Mark of the Bloody Soul - North America

    • VSRFX3 - Allen's Revenge - North America
    • In-Verse: Battle X Battle - North America

    • In-Verse: Battle X Battle - Europe

    • In-Verse: Battle X Battle - Australia
    • In-Verse All-Stars Legends - Global Release all but Wii and 3DS.

    • Arcana Warriors - Japan

    • Re: Vengeance - Mark of the Bloody Soul - Europe

    • Black Strings Carnival: Last Song - Europe
    • The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! - North America
    • In-Verse Heroes: Superman Legend - Western Release

    • Dream Revolution Final: New Game ENCORE +  - North America

    • Dream Revolution Final: New Game ENCORE + - Europe
    • Beyond the Fate - North America

    • Re: Vengea…

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  • SecondOpinion

    Today i unveil the winner of the Crisis Moon III EVOLVE character poll. His name is Ringo Narumi.

    Real Name: Ringo Narumi

    Birthday: August 25 (Virgo)

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: O

    Voice Actors: Ryo Hirohashi (JP), Cindy Robinson (EN)

    Previously an important NPC Ringo will be making his playable debut as one of the new characters introduced in the console version of Crisis Moon III EVOLVE. He is a young, feminine-looking boy whose parents were killed by vampires. Thus he, along with his sempai Motoko, joins the Hunters in order to kill the vampires.

    He fights using a naginata and fights alongside his pet ferret Yuki-chan. His playstyle revolves around both long-range attacls with his naginata and attacks by Yuki-chan.

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  • Waybig101

    Mario Power Ups

    September 23, 2015 by Waybig101
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  • Waybig101

    Luigi or Mario

    September 23, 2015 by Waybig101

    Who is better

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  • Waybig101


    September 23, 2015 by Waybig101
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  • Waybig101

    Thank You

    September 19, 2015 by Waybig101

    Thank You for letting me join the wikia. I have come very far.

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ This is the one and only ClarentBloodArthur (^w^)

    As I have announced a month ago, I will reveal many things that will happen for this year's GIWA 2015 coming in December. This will include the rules of the competition and some of the categories confirmed for this year's awards, if you feel that there is something that needs to be included in this year's GIWA, do not hesitate to comment down your suggestions below, for all opinions are welcome (unless they are rude and unbecoming). Also, in late November, I would be very grateful if two or three volunteers can help out in making decisions in adding nominations and so for GIWA 2015.

    Now, just so you all know, let me reveal to you about some of the rules:

    • All game idea n…

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  • AStranger195

    What skin do you use?

    September 12, 2015 by AStranger195

    Vote here!

    What do you use?

    1. Chick - Monobook but more lightweight and its sidebar is on the right, access its Wikia version [|useskin=chick}} by adding ?useskin=chick at the end of the URL].
    2. Cologne Blue - a very popular MediaWiki skin before Monobook was developed, access its Wikia version [|useskin=cologneblue}} by adding ?useskin=cologneblue at the end of the URL].
    3. Mercury - a.k.a. Wikia Mobile, it's Wikia's mobile skin, access it via [|useskin=wikiamobile}} by adding ?useskin=wikiamobile at the end of the URL].
    4. Modern - a failed attempt at modernizing Monobook, access its Wikia version [|useskin=modern}} by adding ?useskin=modern at the end of the URL].
    5. Monobook/MonoBook - Vector's predecessor
    6. Oasis - the default skin you're probably using
    7. Ve…

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  • SonikkuAensland
    • Spirit Marriage/Reunion: Is a ritual that involves a living Arcana and a dead one (Arcanas can be killed but the soul is reincarnated if is strong enough.), united by fate forever (either in love or as a great bond of friendship).
    • Cyberian Form: Introduced in Fight it Out! Final Edition. These are the human sized mech forms of the Arcana Warriors, their voice changes and they become 10 times stronger, they can maintain the forms during a unmeasurable period of time if they don't abuse their power.
    • Doll Soldiers: The new mooks of the game, they take forms of many menacing creatures and monsters, they have "no soul". They also appear in 2nd Sign.
    • The Howling Soul: The titular "artifact" of the game, Harbinger's soul is contained under a particu…
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  • SonikkuAensland
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  • SonikkuAensland

    Real Name: Rhyme

    Birthday: "Hasn't completely developed yet"/June 18 (Gemini) [Shares Birthday with Sienna]

    Age: Unknown, but has a mindset of a young girl and a older woman.

    Gender: Undisclosed, but referred as Female.

    Height: 197cm (6' 5,7")

    Weight: 67kg (148lbs)

    Blood Type: AB (Shares Blood Type with Sienna)

    Relatives: Sienna Travers (Alternate Spiritual Counterpart), Eliza Sampson (Non-blooded Relative), Jonathan Travers (Relative), Cadenza (Spiritual Relative), Brutus (Has its memories), Francine Travers (Relative), Ron Sampson (Non-blooded Relative), Keito (Messenger)

    F. Voice Actors: Pauly-kun (EN), ??? (JP)

    Rhyme is a mysterious character first appearing in The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! -Second Sign- as the secret final boss and DLC character…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Guys, is your choice to select the final boss of the not so eagerly awaited Dream Revolution: Last Fire, the final entry of the series. I'll have a series of mini ideas in the following:

    Lasts Until September 7, 2015!

    Ignis turns into a giant man in a red and black armor, has a longsword and a burned face. His personality is monstruous, power hungry, and is brainwashed. He "lied" to Alexa and the team all the time since his visit, in-game he'll try to convince that the battle is meaningless.

    Fictitious VA idea: Patrick Seitz/Tomokazu Sugita

    Orpheus turns into a giant monstruous crystal corpse form, he can unleash dark beam based attacks from his mouth and hands. His personality is just mad driven and laments that the heroes ruined his plans, in-…

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Greetings all users of the wiki, this is ClarentBloodArthur (^^)/

    I just thought I'd make an announcement that the idea of holding the GIWA 2015 at the end of this year is NOT DEAD and will happen at the time of December. Some point next month I will be announcing some of the rules of GIWA and the award categories that will be in this year's GIWA, I will also like some feedback and suggestions too. Plus, I would be grateful if two volunteers would help me out with this when we begin setting it all up in late November.

    Until then, make some of the most creative game ideas you can possibly get out your mind and who knows; not only would your game idea have the chance to be nominated for an award, but also win one. 

    Auf Wiedersehen~

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  • SonikkuAensland

    ESRB: This game is anticipated to be Rated Mature/PEGI 16 (Provisional), CERO: Pending, and many others.

    -A Black fire appears in the white screen burning the In-Verse logo, later brakes a cup with a red liquid saying later "The Judgment Day", then a lightning breaks the small piece of earth. then some words are tell by a woman: "The Howling Soul."-

    ???: Hmmph. I didn't come here to do childish things. I came here continuing my mission to help myself. However, by the arrival of another being announced by who I faced such a long, long time... Who is really Harbinger and why he would say that it is connected to one of us?

    ???: I won't lose my time with that thing, ten years have passed, and still no answers about Void's origins. This story is d…

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  • SecondOpinion

    This time around, i'm gonna let you, yes, YOU, decide on who will be the fourth character for Crisis Moon III EVOLVE!.

    • Ringo Narumi

    Voiced by: Ayumu Murase (JP), Cindy Robinson (EN)

    A young, feminine-looking young boy who assists his best friend Motoko in slaying vampires. Fights with a naginata.

    • Drake Rowley

    Voiced by: Daisuke Ono (JP), Liam O'Brien (EN)

    Thea's police partner who is pursuing Jeremy Knives for his own personal reasons. Fights with his revolver gauntlets.

    • Ryunosuke Sakaki

    Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (JP) Steve Staley (EN)

    A young genius inventor and creator of the HADES series who seeks to test out his new inventions on the vampires just for fun. Fights with his gadgets.

    If you're interested on voting, just post a comment on this blog pos…

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  • Jorgebunny.zare

    [[1]]reversed time (Question do you suggest EGGMAN be in Time Revered part. Or Story part here you cut out these parts.

    Do you want cha cha to be in the reversed part you can decide sonic team /SEGA Team.

    you can even cut them out and put them with the story.

    When Sonic Greed has Diffused. They cleaned out blood spill. Of Zare Slime Greed the Hedgehog used time

    control little did he know it cost him to turm back into a baby again. Including his Friend Gaius The Hedgehog.

    Greed The Hedgehog had no choice because the planet was on the seas of blowing up by the power of Zare.

    This is what happened in past 1 Now. That Sonic The hedgehog. And Greed The Hedgehog.  Greed

    diffused and use the time crystal. Turn back Time and the crystal has turn him back…

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  • Kittykat151

    kitty suggestions

    August 13, 2015 by Kittykat151

    help suggest kitties for AdventureCats! my list of current kitties will be on my profile. make sure to include a drawing with the name, attack (only one), description, and ability.

    how to suggest: add your suggestion to your profile. then, link your profile in the comments. easy!

    suggest your kitty and i will add them to my list. suggestions are endless!

    thanks for reading.

    spread the word to all of the wiki

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  • AStranger195

    Good news, Russians! Game Ideas Wiki will be available in your native language! Here w:c:ru.gameideas

    Maelstro0210 and NermalTheBunny will be sysops, 'cuz I ain't no Russian!

    Stay awesome, Wikians!
    AStranger195 () (guestbook)

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  • SecondOpinion

    Crisis Moon III uses a five-button system consisting of four attack buttons and a guard button.


    L=Light Attack

    M=Middle Attack

    H=Heavy Attack



    Attack Name Command Notes
    Throw L+M

    Reverse Throw ←+L+M

    Forward Flash Step ↓↘+G

    Backward Flash Step ↓↙+G

    Fatal Shatter M+H Consumes 25% Luna
    Vita Break L+M+H+G Consumes the entire Vita meter
    Blood Break L/M/H+G (depens on the strenght of attack) Consumes 10% from the Blood Sphere

    Kiyo's style can be described as a shotoclone rushdown style, with his reliance on attacks such as projectiles, upppercuts and other attacks. His Burst Ability is "Death Sentence", a move where he stabs the opponet whilst his Eyes of Future Death are activated. Kiyo's B attacks come in two hits and have priority over …

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Banned for Boss: FEAST Comet
    God-Tier: Shade Prism 1, Mildred, Sebastian.
    Top-Tier: Roger, Gavin, Eliza, Blake, Blair, Ron, Shawn.
    Mid-Tier: Sienna, Rose, Lakia, Aurelius, Lloyd, Zelda.
    Bottom-Tier: Adel, Jonathan, Ameth, Karen.

    Banned For Boss: Diva, Deus Ex Machina (Both).
    God-Tier: FEAST Comet, Eliza, Rock, Jonathan, Alice, Shade Prism 1.
    Top-Tier: Sienna, Gavin, Ameth, Wilhelm, Len, Letizia, Blake, Aurelius.
    Mid-Tier: Hiro, Hal, Reed, Lakia, Ophelia, Zelda, Rose, Karen, Sebastian.
    Low-Tier: Ron, Mildred, Melody, Adel, Shawn, Blair, Lloyd, Shawn.
    Bottom-Tier: Roger, Freed, Alicia, Jazz.

    Banned For Boss: None.
    God-Tier: Sienna, Shade Prism 1, Roger, Jazz, Julius Caesar, Aurelius.
    Top-Tier: Blake, Hiro, Ofelia White, Melanie, Gavin, Wilhelm.
    Mid-Tier: …

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  • SecondOpinion

    This is an imaginary tier list for the fighting game Crisis Moon III EVOLVE. Accurate as of August 21, 2015.

    1. Shekinah
    2. Mr. X
    3. Lao Shun-Wang
    4. HADES Unit-001
    5. Mida Curtis
    6. Terence Reid
    7. Motoko Tsukagami
    8. Friedrich Stridelfeld
    9. Ermingarde Lenne Stridelfeld
    10. Vanessa Shimazaki
    11. Prisoner No. 405

    1. Dawn
    2. Thea Millford
    3. The Red Knight
    4. Mitsuru Himezawa
    5. Reisuke Kamiya
    6. Abel of the Light
    7. Jeremy Knives
    8. Yuuno Kirisaki
    9. Mordecai Evans
    10. Aileen
    11. Shiori Yumizuka

    1. Kiyo Kamiya
    2. Roman Black
    3. Count Godfried Dominus
    4. Twilight

    1. Kagetsu

    1. Lilith
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  • SecondOpinion

    Today i unveil a new character for the upcoming update to Crisis Moon III, Crisis Moon III EVOLVE. Her name is Vanessa Shimazaki

    Real Name: Vanessa Shimazaki

    Birthday: September 18 (Virgo)

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Blood Type: O

    Voice Actors: Yu Shimamura (JP), Lauren Landa (EN)

    Previously an important NPC Reisuke will be making her playable debut as one of the new characters introduced in the upcoming Crisis Moon III EVOLVE. She is a renowned scientist of Japanese-American descent and the head of the "New Soldier Experiment" project, the experiment that caused Prisoner No. 405's right hand to mutate and Jeremy Knives' bones to turn into steel, who injected herself with insect pheromones to set right what once went wrong.

    She fights using various inse…

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  • SecondOpinion

    Today i unveil a new character for the upcoming update to Crisis Moon III, Crisis Moon III EVOLVE. Her name is Aileen

    Real Name: Aileen

    Birthday: May 19 (Taurus)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Blood Type: O

    Voice Actors: Rina Sato (JP), Cassandra Lee (EN)

    Aileen is one of the new characters introduced in the upcoming Crisis Moon III EVOLVE. She is a British exchange student and part-time vampire Hunter who was sent to Japan by the Hunter association because of the vampiire outbreak. She seems to have vague dreams of being saved from a vampire attack by a boy who resembles Kiyo, and seeks him to find out the truth behind her dreams.

    She is an alchemist who uses her magic vis-a-vis with her large scythe named. She is a tricky and versatile character who uses…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Being here over a year and now I'm one of the top 3. Surprising...

    It will not last long because I don't upload too much images and shites but... =P

    (I'm an spanish speaker for the lolz)

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  • Element Knight 375

    Hey hey, everyone.  It's me, Gavin.  I'm making this blog bost to announce my retirement as an idea-maker.

    Allow me to explain...when I first arrived here, I found myself churning out idea after idea because there was so much ground that I was suddenly able to cover in terms of games I would've liked to see.  Games like The Element Chronicles led to games like Nintendo Sports Mix and Star Wars Battlefront III, and so on.  Then I began coming up with original material as my knowledge of games matured, and all of it created this long wave of incredible interaction and creative feedback from you guys that I absolutely adore.

    Nowadays, though, I've been feeling things winding down.  I still have lots of contact with you guys, and I continue enjoyi…

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  • SecondOpinion

    Two DLC characters are confirmed for Crisis Moon III. Mordecai Evans and Yuuno Kirisaki

    Real Name: Mordecai Evans

    Birthday: August 3 (Leo)

    Age: physically 22

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: ?

    Voice Actors: Hiroshi Kamiya (JP), Bryce Papenbrook (EN)

    Previously an NPC, Mordecai will be making his playable debut as a DLC character in Crisis Moon III.He is Ermingarde's half-vampire butler who continues to serve for the Stridelfeld family whilst hiding his true form.

    His playstyle revolves around rushdown using charged attacks using his fists and feet. His H button attacks all have charging properties that, when released at the proper time, deal massive damage to the opponent.

    Real Name: Yuuno Kirisaki

    Birthday: September 9 (Virgo)

    Age: 41

    Gender: Female

    Blood Type: …

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  • SonikkuAensland

    New fictional media and things:


    • Dark Masters of the Night III: Of the End - Fighting Game.
    • Trinity Ex Machina - Open World realistic fantasy RPG.
    • The FEAST Saga: Mystery of the Galia Kingdom - Hack and Slash Brawler
    • The Legend of Vanessa - Platformer Action-Adventure game.
    • Dreamers of the Road (2016 remake) - Beat'em Up game.
    • Valeria vs. The Six - Third person action game.
    • Beyond the Fate - Platformer Action game.
    • In-Verse Heroes Trinity Fight - Crossover fighting game.
    • Neo Formula Racing: The New Challengers - Racing Game.
    • Re: Vengeance - Dark Sonata - Action Game.
    • In-Verse All-Stars Anniversary Edition - AU Tactical RPG.
    • Dynamite Dancer - Comedy Stealth game.
    • Let's Dance Boys and Girls! - Role Playing game.
    • The Adventures of Vanessa Super Battle Royale - Non…
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  • SecondOpinion

    Color 1 Black hair, blue coat and pants, white shirt, black shoes Default Colors
    Color 2

    Blond hair, red coat and pants, white shirt, white shoes

    Color 3
    Color 4
    Color 5
    Color 6
    Color 7
    Color 8
    Color 9
    Color 10
    Color 12 Light blue hair, white coat, black shirt and pants, black shoes Kojou Akatsuki (Strike the Blood)
    Color 13
    Color 14 Grey hair, black coat and pants, brown shoes Yu Narukami (Persona 4)
    Color 15 Black hair, blue coat and pants, white shirt, black shoes (black shadow)

    Original/shadow colors

    Color 16

    Color 17
    Color 18
    Color 19
    Color 20
    Original Read more >
  • AStranger195
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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    I've done it everyone! For what has been a over year and half since I've joined, I have finally reached the very top of the achievement board here on Game Ideas Wiki! To be honest, I never ever expected to be able to get even as far as number 1 (long held by Element Knight for goodness knows how long), but Holy Sweet Lord Augustus guys I'm actually there. Though I suppose the time will come when Element Knight throws me off his throne as number 1 once again, or maybe by someone else. But for now, it feels good to be at the top! ;)

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  • Keldeo135

    super mario galaxy 3

    June 11, 2015 by Keldeo135

    What do you think about the infomation about super mario galaxy 3?

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  • AStranger195

    Spoken articles!

    June 8, 2015 by AStranger195

    I, , show you another Game Ideas Wiki project! Now, you won't have to read articles anymore! Go to Game Ideas Wiki:Spoken articles for more details.

    Inspired by the Spoken Wikipedia project.


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  • SecondOpinion

    Today i unveil another new character for the upcoming Crisis Moon III. His name is Reisuke Kamiya

    Real Name: Reisuke Kamiya

    Birthday: October 6 (Libra)

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: O

    Voice Actors: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (JP), Todd Haberkorn (EN)

    Previously an important NPC Reisuke will be making his playable debut as one of the new characters introduced in the upcoming Crisis Moon III. He is Kiyo's adoptive brother and a troubled delinquent who seeks fights in every given opportunity.

    He fights with two weapons: a brass knuckle from his and a bamboo sword used in kendo. His playstyle is unique in that it incorporates several mechanics from 3D fighting games, such as just-frame movements. Otherwise, he is a close-range rushdown character.

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  • SecondOpinion

    Today i unveil another new character for the upcoming Crisis Moon III. Her name is Thea Millford

    Real Name: Thea Millford (can't remember her full name)


    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Blood Type: O

    Voice Actors: Yuki Matsuoka (JP), Hynden Walch (EN)

    Thea Millford is one of the new characters introduced in the upcoming Crisis Moon III. She is an amnesiac police girl who searches for her lost memories whilst pursuing the feared criminal Jeremy Knives.

    She fights using a pair of revovers given to her as part of the police. Her playstyle invoves a combination of zoning using her fixed projectiles and rushdown using her gun-kata combos.

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  • AStranger195


    Wikia Game Ideas! The Spanish version of Game Ideas Wiki !

    Like the beginning of Wiki ng Game Ideas (the Tagalog version of GIW), I will offer help to translate your game ideas to Spanish, with the help of Google Translate (no, I don't speak Spanish). I am really hoping this will work because this time there's a "community" already, me and SonikkuAensland.

    So that's it. Thoughts? Comment below.

    AStranger195 (talk) (guestbook) 08:13, June 2, 2015 (UTC)

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  • AStranger195

    Should we?

    Original message:

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  • SonikkuAensland

    In-Verse presents.

    (In JP is Orange Soft presents)

    A small girl is walking to an Organ in a mysterious church, she has lemon green eyes, peach face and lighter brown hair, as she starts to play her tube organ, she puts her glasses, assisted by her talking doll cat Max and talks to the player and the people.

    ???: My name is Cadenza (Cadence in Japan), as long as I have an orchestra and my music I am unbeatable.

    Announcer: The mysterious Orchestra Conductor of the Shadow Realm: Cadenza! (Cadence)

    -Footage of Cadenza is shown, with one of her attacks she's seen using a book of compositions, a Violin, a Clarinet, then a Trumpet, and finally a Tambor sound wave.-

    Cadenza: Prepare for the concierto! (Max: Meow!~)

    -One of her fantastic combos, is Cadenz…

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  • SecondOpinion

    Today i unveil another new character for the upcoming Crisis Moon III. His name is Jeremy Knives

    Real Name: Jeremy Ryan

    Birthday: November 10 (Scorpio)

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Blood Type: A

    Voice Actors: Hiroyuki Yoshino (JP), Spike Spencer (EN)

    Jeremy is one of the new characters introduced in the upcoming Crisis Moon III. He is a psychotic, sociopathic serial killer whose bones were turned into steel after years of experiments concucted on him.

    He fights using various blades embedded in his bones that he uses to slice. His playstyle relies on quick rushdown tactics and the ability to cancel into his several weapons.

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  • SonikkuAensland

    (Advice: Some of them are badly written as it was translated from the Spanish)

    Every story has come to an end, and this end is a long history of battles, passion, friendship and endless decisions, things happen for a reason and it is for us to finish.

    Long ago, there was a history of a guild of knights, men and very courageous women, that epic day, 1433, there was a big fight between the guild and the evil spirits during the so-called "Arc of the Holy Fire", the beasts were led by a bestial figure humanoid pink-haired, and the union, known as the "Hunters of Fire" (Fire Slayers), led by a man with great charisma and absolute power despite being only a viscount by title,they know that the pink-haired and the leader had an affair together, tha…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Full name: Skylar Archer

    • Age: 18 years old
    • Birthday: Unknown
    • Zodiac Sign: Unknown
    • Chinese Sign: Unknown
    • Height: 162cm
    • Weight: 52kg
    • Eye Color: Red
    • Hair Color: Crimson
    • Likes: Cheese, Pockys, Karaoke.
    • Dislikes: Slayer and Cola.
    • Vehicle: Rainbow Star
      • Stats: (Based on F-Zero's stats.)
        • Number: 0
        • Made By: Unknown. (As of TNC)
        • Weight: 1580kg./3483lbs.
        • Body: B
        • Boost: B
        • Grip: B

    Sky is a Time Police member, she's serious about her duty, she never says her mission to others, she's very ladylike when talking casually to the other characters, she's also very determined to stop Slayer to avoid causing more problems, many of the characters confuse her to a boy or a tomboy due to her police unform, she's also known as "Lady Paradox" due to being recognized by many in her Tim…

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  • SecondOpinion

    Today i unveil a new character for the upcomin Crisis Moon III. Her name is Mitsuru Himezawa.

    Real Name: Mitsuru Himezawa

    Birthday: February 8 (Aquarius)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Blood Type: B

    Voice Actors: Natsuko Kuwatani (JP), Michelle Ruff (EN)

    Mitsuru is one of the new characters introduced in the upcoming Crisis Moon III. She is a powerful psychic known as "Princess Paper" (紙姫 lit:Kamihime), who seeks to avenge the death of someone close to her.

    She fights using papers, which she controls with her psychic powers. Her playstyle relies on zoning, with her heavy use of projectiles.

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  • StrawDogAmerica

    Welp, I can confirm that I am still alive (Oh, look bad pun #2) for those of you that care.

    Yeah so sorry about the whole not posting Awards result thing. Things have changed since I joined here like what? Nearly two-three years now? So the free-time has also changed.

    I have however had a lot of time to think of new, better ideas and will be posting them eventually, probably in the Summer. I'm glad to see all of you still continued to support the GIW Awards and the 2015 edition, now under new management, should be even better then we ever had. Can't believe my "whatever" idea turned into a wiki-wide event. 

    I'll stay signed in so if you need something or want to chat, head to my wall.


    -The person that wrote this post for some reason th…

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