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  • StrawDogAmerica

    Welp, I can confirm that I am still alive (Oh, look bad pun #2) for those of you that care.

    Yeah so sorry about the whole not posting Awards result thing. Things have changed since I joined here like what? Nearly two-three years now? So the free-time has also changed.

    I have however had a lot of time to think of new, better ideas and will be posting them eventually, probably in the Summer. I'm glad to see all of you still continued to support the GIW Awards and the 2015 edition, now under new management, should be even better then we ever had. Can't believe my "whatever" idea turned into a wiki-wide event. 

    I'll stay signed in so if you need something or want to chat, head to my wall.


    -The person that wrote this post for some reason th…

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  • IsGamer13

    The story mode (or, in other words, the game's storyline) is fairly unique because it's storyline has some sort of long introduction, which is split in two, along with a final chapter (the prologue of the story) that finally introduces you to the game's main story, which is free for the player to explore to it's likings, the storyline parts are as follows:

    As stated earlier, the storyline's introduction is split in two:

    Aria's Introduction: This part of the storyline's introduction features one/another of the main protagonists of the game, Aria, you must complete this part of the introduction to unlock the Prologue.

    Isaac's Introduction: This part of the storyline's introduction features one/another of the main protagonists of the game, Isaac…

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  • DanChan123

    South Park: War of the Stick is a roleplaying video game based on the American adult animated telivision series, South Park, and is a sequel to the first game of the series, The Stick of Truth. War of the Stick follows The New Kid, who has moved to eponymous town of South Park, Colorado, in the town's newest suburban sector, which was built using the multimillion apology and damage money given to the city from the federal government after the "Taco Bell Incident" from the first game. The New Kid and his family move into the once-abandoned renovated family estate of Johnathan Parker, a Mormon pioneer who founded the Park County; The New Kid's family is supposedly related to Johnathan Parker.

    Now, The New Kid joins the rest of the kids, who are …

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  • IsGamer13

    Dimensional Metropolis is the main attraction in the game and also the hub world of Aria and Isaac, because this is the place where most things occur in order for you to progress in the game, going from the chapters for the storyline to special events, easter eggs or even secret content that was sneaked into the game (including DLC).

    If you decide to explore this amazing place, you go out as Aria or Isaac in their respective side of the metropolis (Surface or Underground) to explore various parts of it, there are parts that change over time so the metropolis has something new to offer every now and then, you can also switch characters to trigger other things (in other words Aria explores the underground while Isaac explores the surface).


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  • AStranger195

    Starting today, I am gonna put a monthly featured article on the main page, voted by the community! Users can nominate and vote at Game Ideas Wiki:Featured articles!

    Here are the criteria for featured articles (FAs):

    An article must...

    1. well written and detailed
    2. unbiased, non-point of view
    3. sourced with all available sources and appearances
    4. stylized fairly nicely
    5. ...not be tagged with any sort of improvement tags
    6. ...have a reasonable amount of red links; use common sense
    7. ...have a complete, detailed biography if it's a character article
    8. ...not have been previously featured
    9. notable (have significant content)

    Any comments? Suggestions? Questions? I hope you will enjoy the upcoming feature!

    AStranger195 ~~Sign my guestbook~~

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  • SonikkuAensland

    The normal 3DS will be divided in two, while the New 3DS and the other consoles is the full version, in the N3DS case as: Complete Works. And there will have different Cover Art. With Valeria as the Lead of the Red Side and Vanessa the Blue Side.

    Characters/Units Exclusive to Red Side:

    Vanessa series:

    • Vitenka Itzala
    • Tania Sharp
    • Gill Aldina (Enemy)
    • Maximus Irving (Enemy)

    VSRFX series:

    • Raven
    • Darien Alucard
    • Marcel Adler (Enemy)
    • Vega (Enemy)

    Dream Revolution series:

    • Adrian Twining
    • Elaine Leblanc
    • Ashe "Rodolia" Justice (Neutral)
    • Dandelion Fayer (Neutral)

    Re: Vengeance series:

    • Minerva von Stroheim
    • Sebastian Anderson Johannes
    • Kenneth Elric
    • Doménico Lombardi (Neutral)

    Dark Masters of the Night sub-series:

    • Roxana Arcos
    • Rock
    • Tanya "Noon" Fay
    • Michael/Lucifer (Enemy Unit)

    The FE…

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  • Element Knight 375

    Hey people, it's me, Gavin.  And I am thoroughly excited to announced that after getting 6 much-appreciated votes from regular users to reboot my gaming forum, it has finally begun!

    I am proud to announce to you the official beginning of the...


    (...board...board...*fades into distance*)

    So how will this work?  Well, it will work a bit differently from how the forum used to work.  For one thing, there won't be daily questions; it will basically just be a matter of conversations getting started, and then carrying on with other topics.

    Anyone can join in on any conversation, at any time.  You can even started your own thread within the board if you have something specific you want to talk about that isn'…

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  • IsGamer13

    Dim. Admin Smash Moves

    April 19, 2015 by IsGamer13

    Smash 4 is probably my favorite smash game in the franchise for lots of reasons, and even if I know this is pretty much not possible, I wanted to make a moveset for my original characters from my game idea. Without further delay, let's begin:

    Since she's the impulsive of the two, I wanted to make her a fast, reliable and solid character yet fairly punishable and risky, making her a high-risk high-reward character of sorts. Having ranged options that deal moderate damage and knockback and melee options that have a lot of kill potential yet whiffing may lead you to many problems. Theorically mastering Aria will be very fun and rewarding in the end.

    As for her moveset, it kinda goes like this:

    • Jab: Punches twice in front of her dealing 3%, then …

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  • SecondOpinion


    Orange Soft Palette (#7)

    Pop Culture Palette (#10)

    Yuko Amano

    Miyu Sasaki (Gakuen Hearts Gaiden: Ayumi's Story) 

    Eileen Shore (Flame of Fury 2) (XF)

    Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index)
    Eiji Kagami Brandon Donovan (FoF: Flame of Fury 3)

    Len Stadfeld Elena Anderson (Flame of Fury)

    Rokuro Higurashi

    Adel Lee

    Ayori Kanzaki

    Shou Yamura

    Gareth Mason


    Vernon Lynch

    Kokoro Katsura

    Experiment 926


    Crimson Yuko


    Faye Kurosawa

    Renji Hide

    L.D. 50

    Rick Durst


    Helena Valentine

    Emery Yamanaka

    Ethan Burnley

    Mirai Kasugano



    Kristoff Banks

    Juno Hawkins

    Peter Crawford

    Type-M1: Atilla

    Ralph Rollins

    Joanna Anderson

    Hwa Long

    Kay Rollins

    Shannon Aino-Rollins

    Ranzou Kirishima


    Kiyo Kamiya
    Kojou Akatsuki (Strike the Blood)
    Merry Nightmare (Yumekui…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Cross Code



    In-Verse Palette (#7)

    Pop Culture Palette (#10)

    Vanessa Luxaloss

    Sebastian Anderson Johannes

    Jotaro Kujo (Stone Ocean ver.)

    Emily Fontaine

    Dynamo -> Sachiel Ilias (XF)

    Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

    Jenny Thorndyke

    Rosalina von Neumann

    Maya Amano (Persona 2)

    Sylvia Thorndyke

    Jane Claytor

    Sakura Ohgami (Danganronpa)

    Sarah Nelson

    Julius Caesar Aeron -> Zen (XF)

    Elisabeth Blanctorche (The King of Fighters)

    Jaden Luxaloss

    Selena Solo

    Juudai Yuuki (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)

    Elise Luxaloss


    Impa (The Legend of Zelda)

    Alaitz Friedman

    Nathan Travers

    Kumatora (Mother 3)


    Minerva and Nirvana von Stroheim

    Marie (Persona 4 Golden)/Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)

    Mark O’Bryne


    G.U.N. Commander (Sonic)

    Kali Chrome


    Jolyne Cujoh (Stone Ocean)



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  • AStranger195

    List of consoles

    April 11, 2015 by AStranger195

    I saw way too many consoles in the market if you include the ones here in GIW, so I listed them down.

    Note: This excludes gaming computers (i.e. PC-Boy) and add-ons (i.e. Wii U Cafe).

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Finally finished!

    • Dreamcast
    • PlayStation 2
    • Nintendo GameCube
    • Xbox
    • PlayBox - by TheFallenOneGOTH

    All consoles released or created after November 22, 2005 (the release date of the Xbox 360 in the USA) will be considered or assumed as a seventh-gen console, unless stated otherwise.

    • PlayStation 3
    • Xbox 360
    • Wii
    • GigaCom - by Beecanoe
    • V.T. Volcano - by Geniusguy445
    • Super Gamer - by Al129023

    All consoles released or created after November 18, 2012 (the release date of the Wii U in the USA) will be considered or assumed as an eighth-gen console, unless stated otherwis…

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  • Element Knight 375

    Hey everybody!  Those of you who have been around for a while probably remember that I used to post daily updates to Element Knight 375's Gaming Forum, where I'd ask fun game-related questions for people to answer whenever they wanted.

    I began to run out of questions, and not enough people were actually answering for me to be invested enough to keep it going regularly.  OniKisaki, a newer user on the wiki suggested that I reboot it and ask questions based on categories rather than posting questions daily.

    I'm interested in this possibility, but only if enough people are into it so that I won't be wasting my time in working on it.  I'm posting this poll just below.  If you're interested in a forum reboot, vote "Yes."  If you're actively again…

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  • CouyZDX

    LEGO Dimensions Review

    April 9, 2015 by CouyZDX

    So I went to YouTube today but I check my subscriptions and holy crap! I saw a new game called LEGO Dimensions and oh boy, is it awesome? It made me think of a new baby waffle crossover game, called Couy's All Stars Dimensions! Don't worry, it's not a rip-off because it will not have LEGO stuff and the way you go to other dimensions. Instead of a portal, you go to dimensions using magic scizzors from Star VS The Forces of Evil, called Dimensional Scizzors! These are Dimensional Scizzors!

    See what they look like? Now check out the logo!

    You see here, each of the games in the Couy's All Stars series get a signature color for the text of the last word in its name.

    Smash Zone is blue, Racing is red, Sports Mix is green and Party is purple but Dim…

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  • IsGamer13

    This blog explains the RPG aspects of the game, but I will clarify there are chapters that don't own this system at all.

    The currency also exists in this game, every dimension has a different type of currency (Coins, Rings, Rupees, among others) and the amount you get won't mix up with other currencies. This game also has it's own type of "hidden currency", which is called Dimensional Points (Dim. Pts. for short), these points are secretly obtained by doing by completing most of the quests that are given to you, this is the main source of collecting these, other sources are registering monsters, defeating them and also clear a chapter which has RPG features.

    You can buy special outfits for Aria and Isaac (aestethic purposes) with the same hid…

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  • OniKisaki

    Origin of names in RPG

    March 23, 2015 by OniKisaki

    Or: How being bad at naming gave me a great story.

    The game RPG started as a spoof, and all I had was a list of things I wanted to mock, without any story. I listed the party members as descriptions like useless healer and veteran warrior.

    After a while I realized that I was calling the characters by their descriptions, and they were all [Adjective] [Class]. I realized that I could name them that way.

    But what to do about the Main Character? The player could pick a class to act as their last name. First I thought to allow the player to choose an adjective first name, but that seemed limiting.

    Then it made sense to make the quest about finding out your name: but who would know it? Then I came up with the Gods, but they needed a leader, so I cam…

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  • OniKisaki

    (Character names were just names I liked.)

    I tried to name the Deities after animals that represent what they preside over.

    Hond, Goddess of Hearth and Home: For Hearth and Home I thought of a Dog, which changed to Hound, and got shortened to Hond (hawnd).

    Lyon, God of War: For War I thought of a Lion, changed it to Lyon, and changed the pronunciation to (lee-un).

    Malai, Goddess of Earth: For Earth I thought of a Mole, changed the o to an a to get Male, changed the e to an a and got Mala, then added an i to make Malai (ma-lie).

    Tabere, God of Luck: For Luck I thought of a Rabbit, then I switched the first and last letters to make Tabbir, then changed the spelling to Tabere (tab-eer).

    Wynne, God of Merriment: I couldn’t think of an animal for Mer…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    This is a short thing, but what do you think about The FEAST Saga series? What I could improve, change, or ask about the games in general about the mechs, characters or etc?

    -Also, I need help with adding exclusive PS and XB stages to Fight it Out, preferentially from Twisted Metal and Sunset Overdrive respectively, Nintendo's already added with Mario Kart's Rainbow Road.

    There are some fun facts. (In form of questions and answers)

    Q: What was your inspiration to made a concept like this?

    A: Pure and Simple, I watched some mecha shows in my childhood, my favorite genres are rock and metal, so I asked myself for a moment. Why not combining both? And it does this. However, is pretty similar to Macross 7 saga (One of the hit and miss Macross in m…

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  • OniKisaki

    If, for example, the Marx Brothers are brothers named Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, and Zeppo Marx, and the Hemsworth Brtothers are brothers named Luke Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, and Chris Hemsworth, does that mean that the Mario Bros. are actually named Mario Mario and Luigi Mario?

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  • Bombkidbomb

    -shakes off wiki rust- Hey everyone, look who's here!!! -throws handful of confetti- Yeah, you probably don't give a crap about who I am or what I stand for, but my name is Bomb Kid. I am a creator (extremely inactive but still a member) who started from this wiki and have earned a reputation on other creative wikis. Don't wanna sound like every YouTube commenter in history when I say that. I haven't been very active here because of the mentioned fact, but I want to level with everyone here. I have made friends in my travels, and one of those friends who has been an awesome person to me ever since I started on such wikis made a wiki of his own of which I've had the pleasure of joining. I have enjoyed my time there and I won't forget my roo…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Here's a list of changes in the Japanese NTSC Version of Black Strings Carnival: Last Song.

    • Like the first game, the Blood will be passed out and censored by pixels due to Japanese gaming politics and maintain the CERO D (17+) rating.
    • Diva's dialogue changed, albeit still in English, also the same with the inhabitants of Schiel, and the Cyberian will maintain their languages.
    • The players' Enemies Overkills are censored in favor to a lighter versions.
    • The Cyberian's names are changed or switched.
    • The Board of Directors instead of "Taking the power" will be interpreted as "Last minute decision".
    • Some names are changed: For example: Siena Travers, Blake Schneider, Sekai, Dominique, etc.
    • It's title in Translated English has two variations: FEAST of t…
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  • Linstella

    Battle Arena Toshinden

    February 25, 2015 by Linstella

    Hi guys, how are you?

    I want to tell you that I'm working on Battle Arena Toshinden 7 form the article Rebirth Series...

    Why don't you write your opinion about the work done until now? It could be very important for me to do a better work for the seventh chapter!!!

    Thank for your attention!!! ;D

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  • IsGamer13

    Character Branches: Special

    February 22, 2015 by IsGamer13

    The Special character branch is an unique character branch, mostly for characters with powers different from the usual, they are mostly focused towards specific functions, they have no restrictions when it comes to their special system, their skills or their stats, making them quite good and versatile. As a side note, they don't really require back-ups, maybe in the earlier levels to help them level, but on the later levels, they can almost handle themselves without problems.

    On the other hand, they also have their drawbacks, mainly the leveling part, they take twice as much as any other character takes to level up, this becomes a big pain on the later levels as well, most Special characters also need certain requirements to be unlocked as w…

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  • WeirdThingsToEnsue
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  • SonikkuAensland

    There will be some changes in the Japanese version. While the dub is still in English.

    1. Despite in the Western versions having the blood very minimal and mainly artistic, it will be censored to maintain the CERO C (15+) Rating with adding instead pixels.
    2. In the battle against the Arachneos, The spider's defeat have been soften down; rather than crush it so many times, the Ragnarok will use wrestling moves and a announcer will count when pressing the button (A, Circle), this feature is added in the western versions as a day 1 patch and a Alternative way to defeat the boss.
    3. The Horsemen's deaths (or defeats), were altered, too.
    4. Some animations were changed.
    5. The "Rockin' time" defeats were altered (Just like the European PAL version, too.)
    6. There are…
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  • AStranger195

    Hello! I plan to revive. I know, you're gonna say that the reason Ouroborus discontinued it is beacsue it doesn't fit with the wiki's theme of game ideas. But! I'll make them as a page in the namespace "AS195's VGR" that I'll create. Do you agree???

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  • IsGamer13

    The Healing character branch is oriented towards keeping party members alive by healing their HP and reviving them once their HP drops to 0, they're the only characters that can do this (minus for few Special characters), they also heal any status ailment in the game, making them a must if you want to last long in any battle, they can also cast some few buffs, similar to the Support branch, but they don't take too much focus on it. Certain characters can recover the special system of the characters as well.

    They have the most special system out of any character in the game, minus for a few exceptions, they also own considerable Magic (because the amount of health recovered is based on how much Magic you have), Resistance and Speed, they lack a l…

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  • IsGamer13

    The Support character branch is oriented towards buffing character stats in many ways, every stat can gain a buff or a debuff, except for HP and any special system, not every character buffs every possible stat in-game, but most of them buff a wide variety of them, mainly Attack, Magic, Defense and Resistance.

    Most characters in this branch have very random stat spreads, you can't exactly point out what stats do they have in common, it all comes down to seeing their stats at some points in the game, but still, this grants them a lot of versatility and makes them be a bit gimmick-y. Not to mention they already buff their own stats and the parties' as well. Very few characters can have some skills that are from the Healing branch, but they're n…

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  • IsGamer13

    The Defensive character branch is oriented towards tanking and resisting attacks from enemies, be it physical or magic attacks, some of these characters can protect other party members as well and even parry (in other words, completely negate) damage. Their big downside is their lack of offensive skills and their very low damage. Some characters have Defensive as a secondary branch, meaning they can resist some attacks and deal damage back effectively.

    Some characters are very focused on Defense and Resistance as well, making the rest of stats be very low, they also have a very considerable HP, most characters from the Defensive branch own a lot of it, much higher than the average. A good Offensive character is their bread and butter, since the…

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  • IsGamer13

    The Offensive character branch is oriented towards damage and more damage, be it physical, magical, or both, most characters inside this branch have their skill sets do damage (in other words, almost every skill is from the Offensive branch). It's recommended to get one character from this branch, if you want to deal consistent and effective damage to enemies.

    Offensive characters have very high Attack and/or Magic stats in exchange of Defense and/or Resistance, some have very low HP as well, taking this in count, you should always get a character from the Defensive branch to defend those characters who are very fragile glass cannons, characters from the Healing branch are another good option as well.

    The characters that have the Offensive branch as th…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Well Guys, my ultimate project for 2017 release is here: House of Happiness. It is highly inspired by Suda51's games and Gen Urobuchi's director works.

    What do you think about the protagonists and the bosses? You can suggest me weapons as well.

    And also I'm planning Robin to have Wrestling moves as his fighting style, there's also a big influence from pop culture, and the protagonist is just an average girl. While pretty, not oversexualized and etc.

    -Songs added, and I'm making a trailer.

    Salutes to GIW. :3

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  • IsGamer13

    The Balanced character branch is oriented towards having no particular strenghts or weaknesses, even with this peculiarity, they're a very comfortable pick for any party and a good way to start anywhere, consider them as your own wildcard in case you're doubtful of what to add in your character parties.

    Balanced characters tend to have balanced stats and a set amount of skills that cover every branch in-game, there are few exceptions but overall they still fit into Balanced nevertheless, allowing them to fit in any role without too much effort, the skill sets mostly orient to Offense, Defense and Support, Healing is rarely seen on balanced characters (and Healing-oriented characters are few in this game).

    The characters under the Balanced branch are: …

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  • Jorgebunny.zare  
    <p style="text-align:center;">JC said >;_;

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  • Jorgebunny.zare

    Chapter once cut

    1 Sonic the hedgehog

    Episode one

     Amy said yo sonic.sonic said Amy what's up. Amy -\- did you forget somebody again Sonic said? What did I forget Amy said Soooincccccccccc you 

    forgot about him again Sonic said who did I forget at a time like this. Sitting on a trees hurting my back you know Amy  Amy said-\-* for starters is sonic I got you before when you did forget his birthday but you're so high in the tree I can't grab you.

    Sonic said and who could that be? Amy said you forgot about his birthday again. When would you ever not forget his birthday it  Baby greed

    birthday coming up and you haven't got the present, yet you know how much he loves tacos he's only five.

    And do you know sonic the days coming up. when baby Greed is no…

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  • ClarentBloodArthur

    Hey everyone. Since you have been waiting to hear the announcement of the winners of GIWA 2014 and StrawDogAmerica hasn't posted such, I have taking the liberty to announce them myself. For those who voted, thank you for taking the time to do so. For those whose names and ideas were nominated but did not win, don't feel bad about losing, instead, use it to better your ideas the next time we have another GIWA event. Having mentioned that I would like to announce that the 2015 GIWA will be done and hosted by me and that the open of nominations will start at late November this year, if you have any questions regarding 2015 GIWA, ask me. 

    And so to announce the winners of 2014 GIWA:


    Jet Set Radio Reborn

    2014 SHOOTE…

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Need a little help.

    December 27, 2014 by SonikkuAensland

    Since Devil's Eye and Black Strings Carnival: Last Song are "Still in development". I need a little help with this.

    About the Final Episode of BSC: Last Song. (After the Fight Against Diva) It should be a Free DLC or in the game to avoid "Game of the Year" or "Director's cut" things? Chapter Wonderland is still paid DLC, but 4,99 is a reasonable price? (Sorry to ask xD)

    And about Devil's Eye's Phantom, it should be playable or a NPC? Because while is it an Avatar, I plan to make him or her a observer of the events, while still to be the final boss regardless of the events, because that's why the Title, Phantom possibly has a "magic" eye. And also, suggestions for the game can be made.

    Mmm... That's all! And have good final 2014 days.

    Sonikku Aensl…

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  • Element Knight 375

    Heyyyy everybody!  It's me, Element Knight.  Hello.

    I wanted to bring you guys up to speed on a few things.  First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL.  Holy cow, I can't believe I'm here again.  It's been three years now since I first showed up, I've done over 30 ideas, and I'm planning to clear 40 sometime soon.  Plus, people still seem to like my work.

    Speaking of which, thanks to all of you for your votes so far in the GIW Awards.  So many of you have vouched for my ideas and my writing, and it means so much to me that I still have your support, even among the newer crowd.

    I wanted to address another bit of info: I'm going to be taking an editing break up until the end of the GIW Awards, because I'm largely done with my older ideas, and I don't…

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  • StrawDogAmerica

    Hello All,

    It's finally time! Voting is now OPEN for the 2014 GIW Awards! Have at it! 

    Winners of each category will be announced on December 30, 2014! Good luck to all nominations!

    -Sonic Adventure X

    -2D Adventure?!

    -Jet Set Radio / Jet Net Radio

    -Vid Bros

    -LEGO Back to the Future

    -Marvel: Hero Unknown

    -Legend of Zelda: Dark Legacy

    -Assassin’s Creed V: Messiah

    -Dead Ops

    -Warzone: Iron Wolf

    -Immortal Greed

    -Sinbad: Space Pirate

    -NASCAR Racing 2014 Season

    -Burnout Paradise 2

    -RACE 2014


    -Street Fighter V: Outrage

    -Crisis Moon: The Bloody Symphony

    -DC vs. Sega Chaotic Justice

    -Super Smash Bros. Second Rotation

    -Jump Vs. Capcom: Fight of Century!

    -Type Moon vs. Capcom


    -Dead Ops

    -Fatal Frame VI

    -Assassin's Creed V: Messiah

    -The Mimsey Chronicles

    -Dead Ops


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  • StrawDogAmerica

    Hello All,

    Working hard on this, here's what I currently have for Nominations. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO  NOMINATE!!!! 

    -Sonic Adventure X

    -2D Adventure?!

    -Jet Set Radio / Jet Net Radio

    -Vid Bros

    -LEGO Back to the Future

    -Marvel: Hero Unknown

    -Legend of Zelda: Dark Legacy

    -Assassin’s Creed V: Messiah

    -Dead Ops

    -Warzone: Iron Wolf

    -Immortal Greed

    -Sinbad: Space Pirate

    -NASCAR Racing 2014 Season-Burnout Paradise 2-RACE 2014-RUSH ==Fighting ==

    -Street Fighter V: Outrage

    -Crisis Moon: The Bloody Symphony

    -DC vs. Sega Chaotic Justice

    -Super Smash Bros. Second Rotation

    -Jump Vs. Capcom: Fight of Century!

    -Type Moon vs. Capcom


    -Dead Ops

    -Fatal Frame VI

    -Assassin's Creed V: Messiah

    -The Mimsey Chronicles

    -Dead Ops

    -Street Fighter V: Outrage

    -Assassin’s Creed V:…

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  • StrawDogAmerica


    December 17, 2014 by StrawDogAmerica

    First things first: I AM SORRY! Look, I do graphic designing and I have like 200 orders I still need to do and I run a simulation racing series, blah, blah, personal stuff blah.


    Come back here TOMORROW AT 4:30 EST to see the 2014 Nominations for the GIW AWARDS! Voting will be from DECEMBER 18, 2014 - DECEMBER 29, 2014!

    Announcement on winners will either be made on December 30 or 31!

    Thanks to all!


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  • Somarinoa

    Vandal (12/10/2014)

    December 10, 2014 by Somarinoa

    I don't actually know who the administrators are here, but you guys got one of them boring vandals. I personally cannot stand those types of people at any level, and I must implore you admins to deal with him and his incessant attempts at curing their own boredom in the most ridiculous of ways. You are looking for IP -- Somarinoa (talk) 11:05, December 10, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Ethandabomb


    November 27, 2014 by Ethandabomb

    Wow this really suck up on me. I really love this wiki, and to be at 1k edits (before this) is a huge honor. To think I'm in the same hemisphere as guys like EK is incredible. I love this wiki and thanks to all the people who have been kind to me on this awesome wiki in the last year, and I can't wait to add more and collab a bit more in the future with the talented writers on this wikia. 1k edits in almost excactly 329 days. YEEHAH!

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  • SonikkuAensland

    Well, I didn't introduce me formally so let's go...

    My name's Paula, I'm doing game projects for myself since a long time, since 2011 exactly (not that long haha), when I was in the point that I couldn't do any fan fiction anymore because of lack of ideas or possible Mary Sues thing with my OC, but I did think that I could do my proper original stories and game concepts (Hey, anyone can Dream!) And it resulted better, while I don't want too much attention with them, I want to post them in fan game wikias to show at least a few ideas or upcoming projects of mine.

    I have an upcoming project list to do, but some of them doesn't have a proper title (If you guys want, you can help me with that).

    And also I need help with the "Japanese Title" of Fea…

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  • RandomUser24

    A New Wiki!

    November 9, 2014 by RandomUser24

    Look at the new wiki I found!

    It's called PokéMaker!

    It's where you can make your own Fakémon! You can also make your own Pokémon fangames, your own animes and your own regions/gyms as well!

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  • StrawDogAmerica


    November 8, 2014 by StrawDogAmerica

    So, it's time to get to work on the second annual Game Ideas Wiki Awards Ceremoney. Sorry we couldn't do the Convention as well but I was busy and honestly dosen't seem to be worth the hastle. If someone wants to take that over, you may. 

    Getting to the Awards, nominations are now open. Please comment a few pages you think should be at least nominated for the following catagories. Of course, I want you to fill out everything, buy if you can only do a few that's fine.

    -Game of the Year

    -Breakout Game of the Year (Page must be made in 2014)

    -Writer of the Year (Made pages, devoted to Wiki)

    -Developer of the Year

    -Publisher of the Year

    -Fightning Game of the Year

    -Action/Advernure Game of the Year

    -RPG of the Year

    -Racing of the Year

    -Open-World of the …

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  • RandomUser24

    Test on BOX

    October 19, 2014 by RandomUser24
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  • GigioDelNord

    Wolves Destiny

    October 10, 2014 by GigioDelNord

    Could you write your opinion commenting on this video please?

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  • Element Knight 375

    Greetings and salutations, my public!  As some of you may know, Super Smash Bros. 4 for 3DS was just released in North America, and although I'm personally waiting for the Wii U version coming out during the holidays, I decided to download the free eShop demo on 3DS, just to get a feel for how it plays.

    I can now say without doubt that even though I only got to play around with one stage and five characters, the gameplay in Smash Bros. 4 is the best I've experienced in the series so far.  It strikes a fantastic balance between the weight of Brawl's gameplay and the speed of Melee's, and the controls are extremely responsive, even though I found the default control layout to be awkward at first.

    The thing I love most about the gameplay and ph…

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  • BlueSaga

    final fantasy x and x-2 hd

    September 27, 2014 by BlueSaga

    Today I saw an opportunity and took it while in a Wal-Mart. In the entertainment section, final fantasy x and final fantasy x-2's HD PlayStation 3 remake were for sale. Barely thinking about I bought it, but now I it'owe my sibling nine dollars for purchasing it on spot. I used to have final fantasy x on the PlayStation 2, until our PlayStation broke and we sold out games, but now is my chance to finally beat a final fantasy game! 

    P.S. My brother purchased fire emblem awakening.

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  • Element Knight 375

    Hey everybody!  I kind of have a lot to talk about after what's happened over the past couple of months.

    First off, I just reached 4,000 edits on this wiki.  I feel personally staggered by that; you can't even begin to imagine my excitement.  I know there are other wikis where people have reached over 10,000 edits, or some insane number like that, but this milestone is more special for me because I like to think that all the edits I've made, even the most minor ones, are a sort of labor of love.  I've created a little bit for every edit I've made, and the fact that I've done it 4,000 times just feels special to me.  So, once again, thanks to all of you for encouraging me and keeping me from feeling like I'm creating only to satisfy myself.


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  • Jorgebunny.zare

    Relationship book

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