Battlemasters Ultima is a new fighting game developed by Makuhero studios that takes place in the fictional world of Ultima. It was first revealed at the GIC2013( Game idea confrence 2013). A demo was playable which showcased its gameplay. It then premiered its first full trailer three months later which was a cgi battle between the main protagonist Zane and SnapJaw in which Zane emerged victourious after pulling a Charged Strike on SnapJaw. On the same day the website was launched. They started a 'Weekly Reveal' where every week a new character was revealed. The game was released for the Ouya (which is a actually real life indie console) on the 19th of December before being released on Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One on the 3rd of Janauary.


The gameplay heavily focuses on combos and striking. Your power and strencght increases with every strike against your opponent. Combos increase the rate of which power goes into your strikes. MORE SOON dont edit unless its grammar or spelling


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