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Battlegrounds contains a load of vehicles for the player to chose from. A majority the of vehicles at the start of the game are vehicles that can be found in real life, but as the story continues and more DLCs are released, fictional vehicles or variants of vehicles are added to the game. Below are descriptions of each class of vehicle.

Ground Vehicles

Main Battle Tanks

Main Battle Tanks are the main embodiment of a nation's tank force. Main Battle Tanks take the best traits from light, heavy, and medium tanks that were used in World War II and the Cold War to create the ultimate combat vehicle.

When the world entered World War III, MBTs were soon shown to be too much of a match for each other and no side could gain the upper hand. Eventually, they were used as support for Heavy Support Tanks. Below are all of the Main Battle Tanks that can be found and used in-game.

Real World Vehicles

Standard Vehicles
DLC Vehicles

Fictional Vehicles

Note: All vehicles in this section are DLC vehicles due to their fictional nature.

Light Reconnaissance Tanks

Light Reconnaissance Tanks are small, fast tanks that are used for reconnaissance and hit and run attacks. They are made up of World War II and Cold War era light tanks as well as new specially made vehicles.

During World War III, Light Reconnaissance Tanks were seen as inexpensive alternatives for Medium Assault Tanks and Main Battle Tanks, thus they were used for occasional front line service. Later, they were just used for recon and hit and run missions. Below is a list of all of the Light Reconnaissance Tanks found in-game.

Real World Vehicles

Standard Vehicles
DLC Vehicles

Fictional Vehicles

Medium Assault Tanks

Heavy Support Tanks

Tank Destroyers

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Self-Propelled Artillery

Armored Personal Carriers

Armored Recovery Vehicle

Armored Cars

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Air Vehicles


Fighter Interceptors

Stealth Jets



Vertical Take-Off Landing Vehicles


Unmanned Air Vehicles

Sea Vehicles

Landing Craft





Aircraft Carriers

Prototypes/Bonus Vehicles

Ground Vehicles

Air Vehicles

Sea Vehicles

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