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Create A Character


in the create a character, you start off by choosing from four different races. Human, Elf, Thrag, or Puppust. Im pretty sure you know what an elf and human is but i came up with Thrags and Puppusts off the top of my mind.

Humans: they balance out in skills

Elves: are great with ranged weapons and 

Thrags: Thrags are short rouges that easily blend in. they do what they can for the money. some are not money craving but are still critsized. They are the only race that can steal. They also have the highest deftness (dodge and speed).

Puppust: Puppusts are wooden models that were possesed with magic. they live like regular people except they live with magic in their wooden veins. They are usualy used as servants. They have good defense and magic. The only problem is that they have low defrness.


your character will be blessed by a gaurdian that will upgrade a skill or give a boost.

Lexus - The mechanical gaurdian gives a 15% money boost.

Dextron - The electric gaurdian adds a skill boost to attack.

Roxan - The dark gaurdian adds a skill boost to dark magic.

Palley - The water gaurdian adds a skill boost to deftness.

Shara - The ice gaurdian adds a 15% boost to item drop rate.

Tontin - The holy gaurdian adds a 5% boost to item drop rate, money boost, and experience boost.



Chant Town - A town where every race is accepted

Dextin - A ancient city built in honor of Dextron

Pallen Village - A very Stereotype city that only allow Humans and Puppusts as their serventw


Chant Town

Ton City - A ancient city that is strictly women only. it was built in honor of Tontin

Shar Village - A village in the mountains that was made in honor of Shara


Lex City - A Thag only city with a high crime rate, made in honor of Lexus

Chant Town

Rox City - A city that teaches Thags peace


Chant Town


Rox City

Puppun Village - A village made so Puppusts could be free that has annual ceremonies to their unknown creator.











Party characters

Join your party (Humman & Elf)

Batton - Priest, Puppust, met at lvl.2- teaches you how to fight

Max - Archer, Elf, met at lvl.3- Batton's owner

Mia - Warrior, Human, met at lvl.6- Bounty Hunter

Daniel & Danielle - Mage&Archer, Humans, met at lvl.9- twin run aways

Roachelle - Thief/Gunman, Thag, met at lvl.13- tries to rob you

June - Summoner, Puppun, lvl.17- you interupt her ceremony

Raphiel -Mage, Thag, lvl.20-needs help being a hero

Lucan - Bard, Human, lvl.27- doctor

Hidden Party

Sarah - Dancer, (same as yours), lvl.4- your sister

Rachel -  Bard, Elf, lvl.7- Doctor

Marko - Summoner, Elf, lvl.11- Librarian

Guests (Party)

Tidus - Mage/Warrior, Human, lvl.9- Talking with Wakka 

Sazh - Gunman/Mage, Human, lvl.12- fighting off wolves


coming soon......

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