Batman: Cimmerian Shade is an upcoming downloadable content pack (DLC) for Batman: Arkham Origins. It is the first DLC released for the game and is set to be available on the PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows on December 24, 2013. 


The gameplay featured in Cimmerian Shade is primarily unchanged spare a few extra additions such as gadgets and abilities. Batman has the same combat moves, predator tactics, maneuverability and other attributes from the main storyline but is presented with new gadgets such as the EMP Trigger, which can disable all electronics in a specific radius for a short time, and the Aerowing Apparatus, which allows for temporary flying without the need for diving to prolong gliding time.



The DLC is set in a steampunk-influenced alternate reality where Gotham City (now known as Gotham State) is divided into zones that are each led by a political leader who has supreme control over the zone and how it operates.


  • Kevin Conroy as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Gadgets and Abilities

  • EMP Trigger: This device was makeshifted by Bruce Wayne himself and operates by discharging a small electromagnetic pulse which temporarily disables nearby electronics, allowing for a quiet entrance or a hasty getaway.
  • Aerowing Apparatus: Designed as a prototype by Thomas Wayne when he was Batman, the Aerowing Apparatus was built to allow the wearer to literally fly for great distances.

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