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Avengement is an upcoming third-person open world action game developed and published by Prodigal Games. The game is based off a short narrative penned by Robert Jones-Bussing, who also serves as the game's creative director and story writer. Set to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3, Avengement follows Brian Samson, a journalist for the New York Times, who is tasked with interviewing a frail old man named Aaron Webster who claims to be Vermillion, one of the first American "superheroes" that emerged in the early 1950s. Through a series of detailed flashbacks, Aaron describes his life to Brian from his experiences in World War II to his rise to fame as a crime-fighter.


Avengement is a third-person based action adventure game with an open world element. Players take control of Aaron Webster through his flashbacks and are also capable of controlling Brian at times; however, the main portions of the game involve Aaron. The fundamental objective of the game is to fight crime while investigating a kingpin who is slowly rising to power through means of rackateering, drug smuggling and assassinations against powerful figures. The main setting of the game is a 1950s New York City.

Aaron a.k.a. Vermillion is adept at parkour and can traverse the New York City rooftops with ease and can even scale buildings swiftly, allowing for a discrete, more practical route of travel. However, Aaron can also drive vehicles if need be. Other than parkour, Aaron is also skilled in a singature hand-to-hand combat style that very few can match and often uses the environment to his advantage. 



Cast and Characters

  • Michael Fassbender as Brian Samson
  • -- as Aaron Webster/Vermillion
  • -- as Secutor
  • -- 

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