Assasin's Creed The Land Of The Rising Sun
Developer(s) Technology Games.Inc and Ubisoft
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) PS4,Xbox One,PSP,Wii U
Release date 19 January 2024
Genre Open World,Action Adventure,"Assasin's Creed"
Rating(s) Mature (18+)
Mode(s) Multiplayer,Single Player,Arcade,Survival

"I shall fight for the glory and the freedom.I shall defy all who tries to destroy the order.And I shall pray to Ryujin that the Templars shall be dead within my hands." 

Takoichi Sakugano

Assassin's Creed Land Of The Rising Sun is the first game released by TGI in 2024 with Ubisoft after a long time retirement of the leader of TGI.Unlike any AC games,this one is set in Feudal Japanese where the Assassin's order also had reached Japan,so does the Templars...


Desmond Miles has discovered an Animus engine within the Abstergo Industries warehouse.Unaware that the Animus is actually.....far more different than the other.He discovers that it has a memory and all things the Assassins done in the past.,but not in Damascus or America.But,in the Ancient Feudal Japanese where the Assassins order are brought unintentionally by an Assassin while the Templar order is brought by European Explorers.And there,Samurais become corrupt and become one of the Templars.While "Outlaws" of Japan became the Assassins like Ninjas and Ronins.But now,this centers on a Japanese man called Takoichi Sakugano,a Ninja who joins the Assassins order,and hopes that this order will make Japan once more clean and avenge the death.....of the Shogun of all the hands of the Templars....


Good Characters

  • Takoichi Sakugano : The protagonist of the game. At first, Takoichi is already a Ninja for hire. But, when he stumbled upon a man during one of his missions, he got into the Assassins' order. Takoichi was going to avenge the death of his family in the hands of the Templar Samurais and the death of Shogun Tokugawa Leyasu.
  • Takeshi Ryuudan : The man Takoichi tries to kill in one of his missions. He was turned out to be one of the Japanese Assassins' order. When he met Takoichi, Takeshi quickly offers the order's request and Takoichi immediately joins. At first, he uses a blue "dress" to disguise himself as a woman. In his missions, he wears a blue Shinobi Shozoku with the Assassins' insignia on his Shozoku's back.
  • Roudan : Takoichi's trainer in Ninjutsu and assassination skills during Takoichi's innitiation. Roudan was a hard and powerful, yet light, thin and quick assassin. Roudan has formed a good relationship with Takoichi. Both are now friends and they both cared for each other.
  • Nae and Sae Sakugano : Takoichi's wife and son. Killed in the hands of the Samurai Templars.
  • Aiko Narutaa: The woman Takoichi saves when nearly being killed during a mass farmer murder in her village by Nakamichi Sakuu. Aiko becomes enraged by Nakamichi's act and joins the Assassin order, because her village is attacked, even when every farmer in her village isn't part of the Assassin order. She wore a Black Shinobi Shozoku like Takoichi, but the Assassin insignia is not at her clothing, but at all of her weapons., and Aiko's Shozoku has a butterfly symbol drawed to her back part of her Shozoku.

Evil Characters

  • Van Der Vinci: A Dutch-Italian templar who is responsible for bringing the Templar order to feudal Japan. First, he starts a small group for the Templars, but later, it gets big and bigger and finally rules nearly all of Japan. After his death, his Templars in Japan still exists.
  • Nakamichi Sakuu: A female Templar who continues Vinci's legacy of Templars in Japan. She is a ruthless leader and will not stop destroying the assassins. She is responsible for mass farmer murders in Japan, which in fact, assassins in disguise. Nakamichi is also planned by the Templars to rule Japan after the death of Tokugawa Leyasu, but this was stopped by Takoichi.
  • Nakamura Hyouran: A Japanese pirate who becomes a Templar. Actually, Nakamura is once an assassin, but because of certain conflicts and he became hungry for power, he joins the Templars. He is one of the
  • Kachimaru Tenzou: Nakamichi's personal bodyguard and Nakamura's former ally during his pirate days. Kachimaru is a big and tall person with gold-colored, heavy Iron Lamellar and armed with an oversized Katana and a double-bladed Naginata. Kachimaru is a true super soldier. The Templars have done various experiments on him, and resulted him to actually grew in both size and strength and speed. This gives him the nickname "Izanagi's Wrath". Kachimaru is also a real loyal person. The Templar symbol is drawed at the front part of his Lamellar. Kachimaru also acts as a general to all Templars in Japan. And he is the one that mostly kills the farmers of Aiko's village, even beheading her parents in front of her.
  • Gekido: Literally, in Japanese his name means rage. And like his name, Gekido always rages. He is at first a prisoner captured by the Templars because of him being accused to supply weapons for the Assassins. However, Gekido disbelieves this and clearfully states that he never interacted with one Assassin, in rage. Then, the Templars sees Gekido's spirit for battle, and trains him intensively and tortures him to increase his rage and pain tolerance, and Gekido was made for battle, and finally, a real threat for the Assassins.


It has the same gameplay as any AC games,but this game features endless combos that can be executed every time and can be listed in Animus Movement data.And even,you can name what is the combo!You can have maximumly 15 combos which can be mixed up with other combos plus gaining you XPs even more.Now,Warrior Engine has make the game even more like an Assassin :This time,jumping can make enemies hear you.If you drop from high places and your steps can be heard,the Templars will hear the noise and investigate the source of the sound.Assassination techniques are also improved.Like the combos,this one is also creatable.By assasinating,you will regenerate some health.Each time you leveled up you get more health.Plus unlocks new items that can be bought in the store. The game's currency is Yen, in-game-Yen.

Differences than any AC games

  • The main Assassin Takoichi Sakugano is a Japanese and unlike any Assassins that wear white robes this one wears a modified Shinobi Shozoku with Assassins order insignia on the forehead area.And it is Black colored.Note that.The insignia is white
  • Unconventional weapons unlike any AC games.The hidden blade will be a Hidden Kunai.Conventional blades that have same feats in AC games now each of them are different here.So if the previous games features Swords,this one features a variety of Katanas and other weapons.The Hidden Gun now can be customized in ammo.From normal to even explosives....
  • Set in Japan.The 2nd Asian environment set in AC games
  • Party can be setted.So that fellow guys can help you, similar to the Unity.


Templars now aren't European guys like in AC games or like any others.Guard are also considered as Templars due they are corrupted.


Corrupted by the Templar order.They are once loyal guards to Japanese Province's leaders and the Shogun.But due to the influence of the Templars,they killed their masters and the Shogun Tokugawa Leyasu


Now,The Templars are Dutch and English explorers like those of in History.They are a special type of enemy and rarely found.Sometimes,they disguise as civilians.But easily recognized by their white skin.


Ashigarus aren't really enemies.But they are neutral peoples.They are quite deadly because they are one of the Firearms wielding enemies.They use Tanegashimas or Japanese Matchlocks which is deadly to Takoichi which has very low armor.They are encountered in special occasions.Sometimes,there are a hostage of these guys taken by the Samurais and can join you if you free them.They can join the Assassins.


Masterless Samurais.Luckily they are disbanded from the real Samurais.So they join the Assassins Order.They are the tough in some situations when being on your party.They are somehow the "Communist" of the game in politics because they did not know who to join at first.But then the Assassins are their choice.


Like the Ashigarus.But they are mercenaries for hire to the Templars.But not a ninja.They are dangerous if spots you.



  • Ninja To
  • Katana
  • Kanabo
  • Kunai (Can also be thrown)
  • Tsurugi
  • Naginata
  • Wakizashi
  • Kodachi
  • Bo
  • Yari
  • Shinken
  • Sai
  • Nunchaku
  • Kusarigama
  • Tanto
  • Sai
  • Ono
  • Oni Slayer
  • Ninjaken
  • Nagamaki
  • Scimitar (DLC)
  • Roman Sword (DLC)
  • Tomahawk (DLC)
  • Cutlass (DLC)


  • Hidden Gun
  • Tanegashima
  • Yumi Bow
  • Black Egg
  • Blowgun
  • Poison Bomb
  • Fire Bomb
  • Shuriken
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Ryu Tanegashima

Hidden Gun Ammo Types

  • Normal
  • Armor Piercing
  • Assassination Round
  • Explosive
  • Poisonous
  • Acidic (Melts Armor)
  • Purified
  • Oni
  • Burning


  • Shinobi Shozoku
  • Leather Lamellar
  • Iron Lamellar
  • Kikko
  • Tatami
  • Karuta


Multiplayer is also present in this AC game.It can be a co-op game or multiplayer worldwide play.

To play this you need to sign in with an account.Not having one? Sign in then and be one of the "new" Assassins.Each time playing this you need to get log in. Easily, you can just select keep log in after your sign up.

Co-op allows you to play with another player to explore the world. While Multiplayer game is a traditional gameplay of Multiplayer games.There are ordinary modes that TGI released like Team Deathmatch,Free For All,Capture the Flag,Domination and Survival. But a new mode is introduced : Assassination Multiplayer.To play and win,you must assassinate all enemy players in the game.3 shall be the assassin while 7 will be the hunted.



Assassins play like their story/campaign mode counterpart.Players using this side will be armed with a Ninja To and hidden gun along with a Shinobi Shozoku as a starter set.Fast yet fragile and dangerous.Avoid direct confrontations in Assassination.If you spotted you will be vulnernable.


Righteous but corrupted Samurais of feudal Japan.They start with a Katana,Leather Lamellar and Yumi bow as a starter set.A little slow but packs a punch.Players using this side will experience huge different playstyle countering those of the Assassins.But when in higher levels players may switch to Assassins more

And note that each game has a limit of 10 players.5 A and 5 T.

Co-op Freeplay

In this multiplayer mode, the player basically plays like the campaign version. But, the player's character can meet other player's character in this mode. The player can do the story mode campaign with other players. In this mode, there is also an exclusive underground arena tournament where the player can battle other players. But, to enter it, the player must make a clan. The clan has a maximum limit of 35 players. During the tournament, the player will be pitted against another player enemy. If the player lost, the fight will be continued by another player from his clan. The player gets the reward, but cutted to half. But, if the player wins against another enemy player without switching out, the winning player can get a random item that can be used in single player or multiplayer, in a box called "Black Box". This box can grant the player a random item. By pressing any kind of button, the box will spin around and opened, revealing the reward item. If the item has been gained by the player previously? It will be converted to money.

DLC Packs

Ninja Reflex

Adds some new feats to the game

  • Weapon : Orochi Slayer,Oni Katana
  • Armor : Shinobi Ryu,Gold Lamellar,Occultist's robes
  • Ranged : Throwing Sai,Sensei Shuriken

Deadliest Warrior

Inspired by the Spike TV show,Deadliest Warrior plus : It has a Samurai and a Ninja.Plus non-Asian weapons.

  • Weapon : Dory,Great Axe,Claymore,Aspis
  • Armor : Hairpipe breast plate,Musculata Armor,Chainmail Armor
  • Ranged : Grenado,Crossbow,Musket


  • Shields are now usable!
  1. Ishlangu
  2. Buckler
  3. Riot Shield
  4. Meat Shield
  5. Targe
  6. Crusade Kite Shield

Note that the shields are actually usable by some Templars

Animus Memory

Adds a new bunch of Equipment sets with Previous AC games' feature.Including

  • Altair set
  • Ezio Set
  • Connor Set
  • Edward Set


  • This is the most unusual AC game ever made due to TGI's want to expand AC universe not just in Europe or Middle East or America but in Asia.Starting from Japan
  • At first,there are rumors about Altair and Ezio being in the game.But TGI banned this away. But, Altair, Ezio, Connor and Edward Kenway can be purchased for $0.99 as a DLC equipment set.
  • Nakamura's faction switch is a subtle reference towards Shay Cormac.

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