It is a world, just a former shell of it's self. Though many nukes didn't land in the area, the effects of the mass destruction had a much greater affected the people of the land. The seven cities, once great allies, have broken apart and are know fighting to survive against several new threats.


Guns, melee weapons, anything goes but no energy weapons.


The Great Caravan

Near the end of the initial dark age(5-10 years after bombs fell), several cities signed a pact. One of the cities, Necropolis, came under heavy bandit attacks along with a small army of mysterious professional warriors. Their crops were destroyed and they were cut off from the other cities. A large caravan filled with troops and supplies, composed of the remainig six cities, were able to relieve necropolis.


The world consits of great ruins of prewar cities, massive wastelands. Rivers have begun to reappear but they are radiated. At a great contrast the north has been cultivated into a lush paradise by the city Floranton.

Relevant Info

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