Animal 3DS

This is a screenshot from Animal Crossing 3DS, but this is an example of the graphics.

Animal Crossing: Peaceful Days is a new cool game I thought of that is a sequel to either the new 3DS Animal Crossing game or the Wii's Animal Crossing: City Folk; although it is definitely not a remake of the Wild World game. It is designed to have everything that you want in an Animal Crossing game, but that they don't yet have. I have fixed that problem and created this game. If there is anyone out there that knows how to create or produce games, please notify me.

Your Role As A Player

Your role as a player in the game is to help Tortimer be the mayor. He isn't quite up to his usual feelings so you are basically going to take over his position. However, this doesn't mean he won't be in the game for holidays and stuff, but he virtually won't be the mayor. This means you need to make everyone happy in the town. You are the peace maker. The happier the townsfolk, the better your town gets. This is your goal.

The Town

The town you live in will have 4 to 12 townsfolk living in it at one time. Every town will have a river that may have a waterfall or a split. Each town will have a pond somewhere. Each town will have at least one bridge; it is possible to have up to 9 bridges though. Each town will at least have one cliff wall somewhere. It is possible to have three cliffs, but it is more likely to have one or two.


Just like in the other games you will use a coin called a "bell" for currency. Bells are used much differently than our money. For example, if you have 200 bells that would be the equivalent of $5.00 to $10.00. Eventually, if you collect up to 1 million bells, you will need a credit card for your money. Depending on how many millions of bells you collect, you could have a lot of credit cards.

The Town Hall

The Town Hall is the economic head of the whole town. Most of the town's office is here. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, you are allowed behind the counter of the town hall to get to your office. Your office holds a spot for you to look at each animal's account. It also allows you to look at a large map. Aside from your office, in the town hall you will find an ATM. The ATM lets you access your account and pay mortgages on your house. Also as mayor you get 5,000 bells a week as a payment. The ATM will notify you when you recieve payment. The payment is added to your savings. You are also allowed to withdraw from your savings at any time. In the town hall there is also a recycling bin that sits to the side. If you have trash, such as tires or cans, you may put them in and someone takes them on Mondays. Sometimes there is furniture or pitfall seeds in the recycling bin that have been left behind by animals. You are permitted to take these items with you. There are two sections to the counter. One section is the town section and the other is the postal section. The town section has a few options for you. One option is the town tune. You move the levers to create a tune for when you open a door or other purposes. You can also give a donation. When you donate, you are giving money to the town to use on things such as fountains or new bridges, or even a light house or windmill. You can also complain. Sounds kinda silly at first, but sometimes there are just some animals that really annoy you or act mean around you. If you complain to Pelly she will make sure that the animal in mention is talked with about their behavior. Lastly you can see about the environment. In this part of the town section, some animals have rated your town. This is how you find things that animals want in a town. After reading the comments from the animals, Pelly will give you a hint on what you should do to make the animals happier. Now lets look at the postal section of the town hall counter. One part of the postal section is the fact that you can send letters you have written to other animals or yourself. Also you can send a message to your Wii Message Board. If you absolutely wanted to, you could erase your town and start over from this section, but if you wait the hard times out, you will most likely get your town back in business. The last thing you can do in the postal section is save letters. When you save a letter it stays in your "inbox" for you to look at later (I usually keep the letters of animals who have moved away).

Tom Nook

Tom Nook is a tanuki (japanese raccoon dog) who runs a store in most of the other Animal Crossing games. When you first get to your town he will help you find a house. You will get a map of the town to go look for one of the four available houses. When you find the one you like the most, talk to him and he will give you the house. It isn't going to be for free though. You will have to pay off a set of mortgages that he has for you. Once you pay all of the mortgages off he will permanently give you the house. Once you have the house you can start paying off the mortgage. For the first three days in town you will work and do little jobs for him at his store. He will then pay 20,000 bells off of your mortgage. From then on he will stay at his store most of the time and sell furniture and other household items.

Tom Nook's Store

When you visit his store he will stand at the door to greet you. There will be furniture at the back. Somewhere he will have tools. Also he may have flowers or trees for sale. If you talk to him he will have a few options for you. One option is to sell; you can sell almost anything except trash. He will offer to take trash, but it won't get you any money. His next option is to look at the catalog. When you look at the catalog you can see things you have bought before and you can reorder them. They will come in about a day. Also you can see the things that he will have on sale the next day, but you will not be able to buy them. If you click on a button in the catalog that says, "Wanted" you can ask for a certain item, flower, or tool and he will try to get it in his store the next week. The last option he has is the option to check turnip prices; he will show you the prices of turnips that week and tell you if it is good or not. If you look to the right of his store he will also have a machine that looks quite like the ATM. It is in fact an NPB which stands for Nook Point Bonus. When you come in the store or buy something you will be rewarded with points. If you rank up because of points you will get a prize. Sometimes there are point specials where you can get double the points. Sometimes after enough customers have bought and sold a certain amount of things, Tom Nook will upgrade his store. The upgrades are as follows:

  • Nook's Cranny
  • Nook and Go
  • Nookway
  • Super Nook, and finally
  • Nookington.

Each time he upgrades he gets more room for items. When he reaches Nookington he gets a second floor that has all furniture. His nephews, Timmy and Tommy help him work when he reaches Nookington. Be careful. Sometimes Tom Nook will degrade his stores back down.

The Museum

The Museum is a quiet little building that is normally in the heart of a town. Blathers, the museum manager, stands in the middle to help explain things, but we'll get back to him in a minute. There are a few exhibits for you to explore. The first exhibit is the aquarium. The aquarium holds all the fish that you have donated. It has small fish tanks, pond tanks, river tanks, and one big ocean tank at the back. The next exhibit is the bug exhibit, which holds all the bugs you have donated. It has a few different paths and spots for different kinds of bugs to stay. For example, a place where mostly butterflys fly. The next exhibit is the painting exhibit. In the painting exhibit you can see the painting that you have donated. There are also six spots for you and your friends to stick your own designs on the wall and name them. They can then be seen by all the townsfolk. The next exhibit is the fossil exhibit. When you donate a fossil to the museum, it is placed here. Sometimes you only need one fossil to complete a full set, or sometimes you need three or four fossils to complete a whole dinosaur. The exhibit after that is the orchard exhibit where you can see all the kinds of fruit you have collected in your town. You can also click on each tree to get one of those fruit. Once you have it in your pocket you can eat it or sell it. (Limited to three fruits from each tree a day.) The final exhibit in the museum is the observatory. If you take the stairs going up, you will meet the cute little sister of Blathers, Celeste. She is sitting near her telescope and you can talk to her about constellations.

She has three options. The first is "make a constellation." When you select this, you can create your own constellation that can later been seen in the sky at night in your town. The second option is to erase constellations (no explaining needed). Her last option is to check the time of year or month a certian constellation might be seen the easiest or seen in clear view. The last place featured in the museum is Brewster's Cafe. In Brewster's Cafe, you can sit in one of his seats and get a coffee for 200 bells. There is no direct reason for this feature, but it makes the game more realistic. Blathers has the most options in the museum. His first option is a donation where you can donate fish, bugs, paintings, fruits, or fossils. His second option is to check a fossil. You have to have a fossil checked before you donate it. When you get it checked, Blathers identifies it for you. His next option is "Where am I?" This option is mostly used for beginners who want to learn about the museum. Blathers's last option is make a comment. When you make a comment on something in his museum such as "too dull" or "really cool," he may reward you for good comments or try to make things better for bad comments.


The townsfolk are the animals that live in the town with you. They all have a different personalities, and they all have ways of being befriended. For example, if you wanted to befreind a perky animal, you should send them flowers. Each animal lives in a house almost like yours, although there are some animals, such as roosters, who might live in a house that looks like a barn. They can be seen doing everyday things around town in the buildings or outside. They can send you letters or you can send them letters once they have met you in person.

They have different emotions, too. Sometimes one animal might be sad, or mad, or surprised. It is possible for them to move to other towns. The minimum amount of animals per town is 4 and the maximum is 12.

The Able Sisters

The Able Sisters is a shop of clothing run by the two sisters named Sable and Mabel. Mabel is the sister who sits behind the sewing machine and rarely says anything. Sable is the one walking around to help you out. Sable is the only one with options to be utilized. Her first option is again the option of "Where am I?" When you click this button, she will tell you about the store. Her second option is the option of design. If you choose to design a patter for a shirt or other clothing you will pay her 800 bells and you will begin drawing. You choose the colors, stencils, stamps, or patterns you want and add them to a shirt or other clothing item. Sabel's next option is the option to swap one of your designs with one in the store. This will replace your design with the one in the store and the one in the store will be replaced with your design at no cost. The last option is for putting your design over one of the designs in the store and not getting one in your design book in return. Besides the sisters there are always a few racks of clothing. There are always two headgears, four shirts, two parasols, three shoes, and four pairs of pants on display.

Back Pack/Pockets

As you walk around, you always have sixteen spaces in your pockets. These spaces are used to hold items such as furniture, fruit, and other store-bought things. There is also a section in your pockets for letters. There are ten spaces for letters. Also, the money you are carrying is displayed in the pockets menu. Lastly, a picture of you is displayed and you can drag and drop items onto the picture to hold certain tools such as a fishing pole or watering can. The next menu in the pockets is the design book. Your design book holds your designs and allows you to wear them at any time. If you are playing a Wii, then you can also fit a Mii's face on top of your character's face to make it look more like you or someone else. The next menu in the pockets is the bug, fish, and flower guide. It displays all the bug, fish, and flowers you have obtained or captured. It also shows you what time of year they come around and where the are most commonly found. The next menu in the pockets is the talking log. When you invite freinds into your town through Wi-Fi Connection, you can talk to them with this option. Also, if you have a Wii Speak accessory you can speak LIVE through it. The last menu in the pockets is the Friend Code menu. It shows you your friends' codes and your own friend code. This is so you can remember them.

The Mall Strip

The Mall Strip is a cool new feature added to the Animal Crossing series by me. It includes new stores to visit and makes the whole game a little bit more realistic than the previous games. The new stores and buildings are as follows:

Papa's Pizza

Papa's Pizza is a nice place for you to relax and order a nice slice of pizza from Papa the Pig. He is always willing to serve. You can usually see an animal to talk to here. Sometimes they aren't even from your town and are just stopping in. It is a great place to be, but just like Brewster's Cafe it really serves no purpose to the game except to make it realistic.

Kick's Shop

Kick's Shop is an all-metal building that stands tall by itself. Inside, Kicks (A shoe-shining skunk from Animal Crossing: City Folk) is sitting behind the counter. This shop serves as an odds and ends store. Here Kicks will shine your shoes for 200 bells, get you some new colored paint for you bike or roof, or help helpless townsfolk find their misplaced key.

The Flower Shop

Although Tom Nook sells flowers, he doesn't specialize in flowers. At the flower shop, you can find up to twenty-five different kinds of flowers every day. That's not all; they even sell hybrid flowers that you have created yourself. That's not all again; they even sell trees that you can plant around your neighborhood to help the environment score.

More Medicine!

More Medicine! is a store that sells different kinds of medicines that can help you and your townsfolk. They sell Simple Sip medicine that you can give to animals who simply have a case of the chills. You can buy Itchy Bang medicine that heals bee, wasp, tarantula, and scorpion bites. You can also buy Frenzy Flu which is for animals that claim to have the flu. Finally, you can buy Bye Bye Bedhead to help calm your case of the bedhead down.


In this game I have added the ability to ride a bike. The way you use it is you get it out and you are sitting on it. The way to drive it is to hold B and move the Wii Nunchuk. You can drive faster than if you were running on foot. Be warned though... it makes your grass more vulnerable to wear and tear. This is also a great way to get deliveries for animals done more quickly especially if you are pressed for time.


In Animal Crossing games, fishing is a great way to make a lot of money. You have to have patience though, because sometimes fishing in the Animal Crossing universe can be very hard. When you fish, you toss your line out in front of a shadow of a fish. Sometimes the fish will bite on the first try and sometimes they will bite it many times, but when they do eventually bite your cork you should push A rapidly or shake the Wii Remote rapidly. Sometimes you will fail to pull him in, but don't worry... there are other fish in the sea (or river). Although sometimes, you will be able to pull him in first thing and show him off (there is actually an option to show your fish off). Then, of course, you can take him and sell him or donate him at the museum.

Bug Catching

When you buy a net you can instantly go and catch any bug of your liking. There are many different bugs to catch and donate to Blathers. Unlike fishing, bug catching deosn't take as much patience as fishing in the Animal Crossing universe (the real thing is actually quite hard, I've tried it). When you see a bug on the ground or in a tree, you push A to swing the net and catch it. The only differences in these is that sometimes a mole cricket is underground and you have to dig for it, or you have to shake a tree for a spider to come out. Although it doesn't change the circumstance, sometimes bees, or butterflies are on the flowers or bushes. All the bugs are of course, in the ability to be donated. In Animal Crossing: Peaceful Days you are able to put honey on some trees to attract more bugs. It takes about a day for them to be attracted to it. Also, some flowers attract more bugs to an area in this game.


Although there haven't been a lot of people to complain about the fruit on the previous games, I thought it would be nice to add a few things and explain the basics. There are many types of trees in the game, although the only tree in the game to not bear fruit is the pine or spruce tree. It is the more conical tree that you may see. In the game, when you see a tree that has fruit hanging on it, go up to it and press A. This will allow you to shake the tree and the fruit will fall down. In Animal Crossing: Peaceful Days there are the following kinds of fruit: pear, apple, orange, banana, coconut, peach, cherry, and figs. When you start your town you will get a specific fruit that is the only kind in your town. These fruits only get a profit of 100 bells a fruit. Later, animals might send you exotic fruits, or the ones you don't already have. They make a good price for 500 bells. This will help you pay your mortgage efficiently. (Secret: If you have a golden shovel, you can plant 100,10,000,or 100,000 in the ground and watch it for a few days and water it, and it will eventually grow into a money tree...maybe.) In this game, there are also bushes. (No offense Nintendo, I stole this from you before Animal Crossing 3DS came out.) The bushes can also include 2 fruits or berries. The types that grow on bushes are strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and melons. These also apply to the rule that trees apply to. You only have one kind when you start, but animals will help you collect more and they will be worth more. The only exception is that you can only get a coconut from the beach where it will have to randomly wash up on shore.


K.K. is a dog that comes to visit on Saturday nights at the museum. During the day, he walks around town chatting with everyone to get his show more popular. At night, however (starting at 8:00) he starts doing the show for real. His show involves him playing a musical instrument and singing a song that you have requested or he has chosen. He can play a number of instruments. Once he is finished, he will give you a CD that you can keep in your radio. Although you can only keep one song a Saturday, K.K. will continue to play songs for you. He will play from 8:00pm to 12:00 midnight.


I saw this in Animal Crossing 3DS and I thought it would be a nice touch to my own game. When you go near an ocean in the old games, you aren't allowed to walk straight into them. In this game you can. You simply walk to the ocean and keep going. Your character will start to swim where you entered the water. While in the water, you can move around and check things out from a fish's view. Sometimes the townsfolk will swim along with you. The only downside to swimming is that you cannot fish. Also, the fish will swim away when you come near them. Sometimes the fish will swim by and bump you, or you may even encounter shells that can only be found under the water.

Mom and Dad

In the last few games you will notice that you wouldn't ever see your Mom or Dad. The only time they were mentioned was when they wrote letters to you at holidays or certian intervals. In Animal Crossing: Peaceful Days there are a few times when you will notice them. (They will still write you letters, don't worry.) You can see your Mom on Tuesdays in the painting section of the museum. You can see your Dad hanging out at Papa's Pizza on Thursdays. They will speak to you if you push A next to them, but they aren't very talky except in their letters. When you create your game, the game will automatically generate a Mom and a Dad that have your traits. They will be split between the two of them.


On Animal Crossing the coming and going of the seasons is a fun things to watch and they bring new things to town. There are four seasons for me to talk about. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. I'll start with Spring. When the spring comes in your town you will notice a little more grass growth. You can also see that pear, apple, and peach trees will grow 4 fruits instead of 3. (This can vamp your money supply. Take advantage of it.) There are often more fish around during the Spring season. The next season is Summer. During Summer time you can find more fish and bugs around the town. You can also expect to be able to see the sky more often at night. Lastly, turnips will sell for 15 bells higher in the Summer. Now you have Fall. When fall comes to your town, every day acorns will appear on trees that have no fruit. Also you will be able to buy a rake at Nooks to rake leaves. Once you have them in a pile then you can pick them up and put them in the recycling bin. Finally we have winter. The winter season brings more snow, more often. You will be able to make a snow man, snow fort, and snow woman. Also, if any player are wanting to move out of the town, they are more likely to do it in this season. Animals will stay inside more often and send more letters.

Raking and Snow Building

Now I have to teach you how to rake and how to build things with snow. To rake you get your rake out and push a like you might use a net or a fishing pole. Your character will swipe the leaves. Keep pressing A and eventually you will have some leaves raked up. Once you have a pile of leaves you press B and you will put the leaves in your pockets. You can then take it to the recycling bin to be recycled. To build a snow man you find a snowball laying around and start rolling it. Then when you think it is big enough you stop and go find another one. Then you roll it up to the first one and it will automatically put itself on the first one. The way to make a snowwoman is to do the same thing except roll one of the snowballs into a townsfolk. Then it will be a woman when you put it together. To build a snow fort, press B 3 times while standing next to a snowball. It will be a small fort. If you roll more snowballs into it and push B 3 times again it will get bigger and bigger until it is the size of a house.


There are two ways for you to go camping on this game. One is to buy a tent from Crazy Redd and the other is to buy a camper from Kicks. If you see Crazy Redd come to town then go and see what items he has in store. If he has a tent then buy it from him. From now on, for once a month, you can select the tent, then select Go Camping and you will go to the Animal Crossing Camp Grounds for a few days. (The days are random.2-8) You can also go to Kick's Shop and see if his brother is there. If his brother is there talk to him. He will ask you if you want to buy a camper. Take his offer. (It's 9,000 bells.) Then you can select Go Camping like with the tent and you will head off to the Animal Crossing Camp Grounds. Once you are at the camp ground you can do a few things depending on how long you stay. On the first day there will be nothing going on. The second day you have the option to go see the icecream man. If you talk to him at the back of his truck he will ask you for bugs. (He secretly uses them in his icecream.) He will give you 500 bells for every bug you catch. The third day you can visit the hiking trial. On the hiking trial you will see all kinds of bugs and fish, and even plants that you may not see at home. (There are 2 mystery bugs here, and 1 mystery fish.) It may take awhile to get through, but it will be worth it if you take your net and fishing pole. The fourth day you have the option to go to a bike race. In the bike race you will race about three miles down the road. The winner gets 1,000 bells and a trophy. The fifth day there will be a fishing derby. Just like the ones back home. Winner get a trophy. The sixth day you can go to the lake. Get in a boat and explore and fish. The catfish here are larger than at home. Blather's will take a bigger catfish of the same kind if you show it to him. The seventh day you don't have to do anything. It will storm. The final and eighth day is the day of the camper parade. Hook up your camper to your bike and parade around the big circle. It will be lots of fun. WARNING: The game will choose how many days you are at the Animal Crossing Camp Grounds so don't think that you will always go for the full 8 days. Now I have to tell you about how to use your camper. Just like you house you have room to put furniture. So you can design it to your liking. You can also put up wallpaper in the camper. The only two differences from your actual house are that your camper floor is rectangular and your camper will automatically have a built in couch, sink, and bunkbed. They cannot be taken out of the camper. Sorry. The way you save on camping days is you get in the bunk and it will ask you if you want to save just like at home. The trees that surround the Animal Crossin Camp Grounds are Banana, Peach, Apple, and Pine. They won't give as much fruit in a week as the ones back home. There will always be a fire burning outside of your camper. There will also be a picnic table out side. When you are camping and you want to use wi-fi you can only invite one freind. Sorry. That is why there is a bunk bed. They can actually save in your game and stay at your camper.

Crazy Redd

Crazy Redd is a sly fox that will come to town on Thursdays. He will set up his tent in front of the town hall. When first go up to his tent door he will tell you to leave because you don't know the password. If you go talk to one of your townsfolk they will tell you the password. Then you can go back and get in Crazy Redd's Tent. Inside he will show you the items he has for sale. They are often paintings or tables. They will cost a few hundred bells higher than what Tom Nook would sell the for. You would think that you could buy his painting and donate them to the museum, but this is often not the case. Crazy Redd usaully forges his own painting to sell. They are no good. Before you leave he will tell you that he consideres you apart of the family now. Then he will give you 3 invitations that will invite other animals to come and join the "family." Every time he comes back to town he will have a new password so you will have to find it from an animal again.


Brewster is the pidgeon that runs a part of the museum. When you walk into the museum, go striaght to the left and you will walk into a lonely little place called The Roost. Brewster works there selling coffee for 200 bells a cup. He seems to be a very sad and lonely person. If you talk to him every day (and buy his coffee) for 20 days then he will slowly liven up and talk alot more. Once he has livened up, if you are carrying a croakoid then he will offer to store it for you in his shelf. The Roost is the place where K.K. comes to perform on the stage. Brewster will start to ask you if you want an ingredient called pidgeon milk in your coffee around the 10 day mark. Brewster will get mad if you say you want your coffee to cool off.