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Angry German Kid: The Arcade Game is a beat-em-up for Arcades (Triforce Hardware,) Wii U and PS4. It is temed on the titular character, Angry German Kid.



  • Angry German Kid (Leopold Slikk) 
  • Angry Dominican Kid
  • Leonard 
  • Leonidas


  • Angry German Kid's Dad (Harold Slikk)
  • Freakout Kid (Stephen)
  • Lixadik
  • Sukscok
  • Captain Falcon (Wii U Exclusive)
  • Mr. Game and Watch (Wii U Exclusive)
  • Crash Bandicoot (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Solid Snake (PS4 Exclusive)


  • Stage 1: The Slikk Household (Boss: Harold Slikk)
  • Stage 2: The Streets (Boss: Microsoft Sam)
  • Bonus Stage: Destroy the Car
  • Stage 3: School (Boss: Diknos)
  • Stage 4: Angry Dominican House (Boss: Rick Astley)
  • Bonus Stage: Destroy the Buildings
  • Stage 5: Six Flags (Boss: Freakout Kid)
  • Stage 6: Username 666 (Boss: The YouTube Video Player)
  • Bonus Stage: Windows Installing
  • Stage 7: Windows Vista (Boss: Errors)
  • Stage 8: Jovi's Base (Boss: Jovi)
  • Bonus Stage:
  • Stage 9: Forest (Boss: Sukscok)
  • Stage 10: Desert (Boss: Lixadik)
  • Bonus Stage: Sonic Adventure 7
  • Stage 11: Concentration Camp (Boss: Hitler)
  • Super Level 1: Harold's Workplace (Boss: Harold Slikk)
  • Super Level 2: The Highway (Boss: Rick Astley)
  • Super Level 3: Windows XP (Boss: Microsoft Sam)
  • Super Bonus Stage: Sonic Jam 6
  • Hyper Level 1: Harold's Computer (Boss: Jovi)
  • Hyper Level 2: High Speed (Boss: Lixadik)
  • Hyper Level 3: Windows ME (Boss: Errors)
  • Hyper Bonus Stage: Fight to the Death


In the Super and Hyper levels, the bosses have new gimmicks applied to them.

  • Harold Slikk throws things in his cubicle at you in the Harold's Workplace stage.
  • Rick Astley uses acrobatics in The Highway stage.
  • Microsoft Sam can enter and exit Bonzi Buddy, a purple monkey which he uses as armor and to access additional attacks.
  • While fighting Jovi in the Harold's Computer stage, the screen distorts and flips over, plus you have only 30 seconds to fight Jovi. This is because Harold is breaking the computer.
  • While fighting Lixadik in the High Speed stage, you and Lixadik can use the Unreal Tournament weapons.
  • In the Windows ME stage, you can't see the errors coming, and you can't have more than 20 on the screen or else you get a BSOD and lose a life.


  • Insects
  • People
  • Teachers
  • Roller Coasters
  • Satanic Dots
  • Files
  • Pop-up Baloons
  • Smurfs
  • Nazis
  • Motobugs
  • Tunak Guys
  • Trolls
  • Mines


This does not take place in the same canon as the games by "A Wikia Contributer." 

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