An Elegy for Apoidea (previously titled Quiet Extinction) is an upcoming survival horror/action-adventure video game developed by Skymount Inc. and published by OnyxWare.


The game takes place in the wake of the 22nd century. Earth's precious resources are dwindling due to the mass extinction of bees; the cause of which is revealed to be mankind's continued disturbance of nature with herbicides and other dangerous chemicals. Due to this crisis, the world's superpowers are in a state of high tension. China has formed a barrier between the East and the West, and the Middle East has become a site of even more bloodshed because of its plentiful supply of opium. 

In the United States, the economy has collapsed, and anarchy becomes the status quo. Military forces attempt to regain control, but only manage to quell uprisings in major cities. Others looking to free themselves from the chaos retreat westward looking to scrape by with what little remains of the market. As time goes on, resources continue to dwindle, and fossil fuels are used as a primary source of energy for transportation and power. This only proves more hectic for the environment, as major cities are reduced to smog-filled concrete jungles. The jet stream transfers most of the air pollutants across the Midwest and Eastern territories, affecting a numerous amount of citizens. Many are stricken with respitory disease, cancer, and other ailments. 

By 2111, the United Nations caves in, leaving most nations without proper political status and collaboration with fellow countries. This only leads to diminishing trade amounts, and nations crumble from the lack of support. The United States loses its power, and the chaos that once reigned the streets in the wake of the crisis becomes prominent again. This time, looters, rebels, and other dissenters storm Washington D.C. and other state capitals to establish their own leaderships. Some prove successful, but in the end, a national leadership was unattainable. 


  • Jacob Langley: A former practitioner stricken with cardiomyopathy due to the air pollution. He serves as the main protagonist of the game.
  • ​Logan Langley: Jacob's son.


An Elegy for Apoidea plays from a third-person perspective. 

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