Almost Dead is an action, horror game for the PS3.


You play as your own anime avatar and 5 other people with their avatars. In this game, you press buttons as they appear on the screen to dodge unexpected deaths. Like repeatedly tapping Triangle to jump unto the sidewalk before a car hits you. The game is a competition to see who can survive the longest. There is also a story mode where you do everyday activities and you must survive until the end of the day. There is another thing that occurs sometimes. You make a decision of doing one thing or another. It could lead to immediate death, or another set of life-threatening incidents and psychotic crazy and evil murderers.

Character Creation: Change hair, skin, clothes, PJs, and facial details.

Gore? Yes and lots of it. Blood bursting on to other people and hearts being crushed under tires and brains being torn out by a psychotic lunatic. There will also be times where you get the choice to kill people. Attempting could lead to your death, but letting them live might kill you.

Examples of Deaths

Ran Over by a car

Hit by a misfired missile during a war 

Tripped and Landed on a sharp object

Decapitated by person

Dragged underwater from Sea weed

Crushed by a Library Shelf

Eaten by a run away zoo lion

Shot by a criminal

Legs crushed by two cars

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