All-Stars Basketball is a sports game for the Nintendo 3DS. The reason for its exclusitivity is the special touch screen controls. It has the same concept as Mario Hoops 3-on-3.


  • Exhibition (Traditional 2-player mode)
  • Tourney (The tournament mode; unlocks characters and secret colors along the way)
  • Challenge (Tutorial and Challenge modes; also able to practice special shots)
  • Minigames (Play Dribble Race or Coin Hunter minigames)
  • Options (Change settings and game ball here)
  • Standings (Connect to Nintendo WFC to check worldwide results)
  • Online (Connect to Nintendo WFC for exhibition matches or minigames)


Playstyle rundown:

  • All-Around (Equal skills)
  • Speedy (Quick on the court)
  • Technical (Good at shooting)
  • Powerful (Great at stealing)
  • Tricky (Full of trick moves)
Character Skill Special Shot
SpongeBob All-Around Bubble Shot
Sonic Speedy Spin Shot
Mega Man All-Around Mega Buster Shot
Bart Technical Slinging Shot
Bugs All-Around Digger Dunk
Raiden Powerful Thunder Shot
Pac-Man All-Around Retro Dunk
Viewtiful Joe Speedy Viewtiful Shot
Spider-Man Technical Web Shot
Black Mage Tricky Meteor Shot
Aladdin Technical Genie Shot
Billy Hatcher All-Around Egg Shot
Grim Tricky Reaper Shot
Vanellope Speedy Glitch Dunk
Goku Powerful Genki Shot
Finn All-Around Jake Assist Dunk
Nemesis Powerful Launcher Shot
Amigo Tricky Samba Shot
Minerva All-Around Light Shot
Wulf Powerful Spear Dunk
Felis Speedy Arrow Shot


Mushroom Cup

  • Standard Stadium
  • Goo Lagoon
  • Land of Ooo
  • Sunset Lagoon (secret court)

Emerald Cup

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Dr. Wily's Catsle
  • Daily Bugle
  • City That Never Sleeps (secret court)

Lamp Cup

  • Agrabah Gardens
  • Angel Island
  • Chaos Shrine
  • Studio Amigo (secret court)

Spirit Cup

  • Sugar Rush
  • Pac-Man Park
  • Shao Kahn's Colliseum
  • Rainbow Ship

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