Al and Zach Kart is a game where you get to kart racing. Like Mario Kart.Here are all the characters and karts. &nbsp

1.Al Z Runner R3

2.Zach Green Flame Coyote R3

3.Leya Claw CycleR3

4.Smokey Speed MachineR2

5.Lily Shield 108R2

6.Tommy Dumb TricycleR1

7.Dash Boy Gold StrikerR2

8.Tanner Bagle Fat and MajesticR1

9.Sheriff Sassy Cop Top CatR2

10.Denny Marine RacerR3

11.Deborah Groomer CarR3

12.Tangus Airdale 3R2

13.Godzilla Dragon SubmarineR1

13.Loixze Power TrotterR2

14.Alien Bob Zoo ShipR3

15.Alien Bob 2xx000 Zoo Ship 2xx000R3

16.Phoenix Fire BirdR3

17.Kraken Twin IceR3

Now here is the courses.

Rank 1 World Cup

1.FlameTown Raceway 3 l

2.Iceberg Road 7l

3.Meow Meow Path6l

Rank 2 World Cup

1.Doggone Drive 3l

2.Blazing Plains5l

3.UFO Forest9l

4.Kracken Mountain7l

Rank 3 World Cup

1.Woof Plateau10l

2.Al Fortress Yard8l

3.Leia Meadow14l

4.Supercat Palace22l

Cool Stuff (Buy)

1.Super Cat Dash 120 cd

2.Super Dog Jump 160 cd

3.Phoenix Lazer 2500 cd

4. Kracken Icicle 2500 cd

5.UFO Crash 5500 cd

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