Al and Zach The RPG is an RPG game(duh.) It goes into
Lightning desert

Wrath of Evil Derguisel

simple styles with stuff like multiplayer and story mode. In the story mode, there are enemy running around outside the places. If you run into them, you go to a turn battle style with various attacks and powers. It has a long story but fun.


On the title screen there are various modes to play in:

Story Mode

In the Story mode you can play through the actual long game with weapons, powers, abilities, items, stats and exploring through Huisten and Treasafuland. You can play as Al, Zach, Leya, Lily, and Smokey. There are also special bosses you can fight if you beat a certain point. You can also level up and earn Exp. Points.

Mutiplayer Mode

In Multiplayer Mode, you can use wireless stuff and play with friends in Mini-Missions. You can also battle on teams and Free for all.

Customizing Mode

In Customizing Mode, you can customize your characters stats. To do this,you need to defeat enemies and green glowing stars come out. Then, customize your characters and stuff. You can also customize Multiplayer Profile, so your friends see you differentlly in Multiplayer.


When you go to your menu and look at your stats, here is an example:

Name: Al

Attack: 502

Defense: 231

Speed: 340

Level: 10

Exp. Points: 672

To Next Level: 23


Slap Slam

Crushing Tornado


  • Al - Powers: Ice, Tornado
  • Zach - Powers: Aura, Fire
  • Leya - Powers: Supercat Attack
  • Lily - Powers: Supercat Defense
  • Smokey- Powers: Supercat Speed
  • Loixze - NonPlayable, Powers: Dragon,Fire, Strength
  • Sherriff Sassy - Nonplayable
  • Queen Princess- Nonplayable
  • Daisy - Nonplayable
  • Phoenix - Nonplayable, Powers: Laser, Fire
  • Kraken - Nonplayable, Powers: Ice, Aqua
  • Derguisel - Main Enemy, Nonplayable Powers: Nightmare, Fire, Lightning


In normal battles, the screen would turn green and then disappear and then fight. Also, in normal battles enemies fizz and drop Exp. Points and Customize Points when you defeat them. In boss battles, the screen starts blinking red and black, then swirl. When you defeat bosses, they explode with purple gas then black dots fly everywhere.

  • 1. Loixze - Powers: Dragon, Fire, Strength HP: 35
  • 2. Garmar Hatar - Powers: Grass HP: 42
  • 3. Phoenix - Powers: Laser, Fire HP: 50
  • 4. Kraken - Powers: Ice, Aqua HP: 50
  • 5. Loixze - Powers: Dragon, Fire, Strength HP: 66
  • 7. King Xaroac - Powers: Magic, Metal Sword HP: 75
  • 8. Phoenix and Kraken - Powers: Fire, Laser, Ice, Aqua HP: 100 HP: 100
  • 9. Dark of the Emerald - Powers: Crystal, Darkness HP: 128
  • 10. Malik - Powers: Thunder, Grass HP: 145
  • 11. Loixze X - Powers: Sun, Demon, Super Strength HP: 180
  • 12. Infinitus P - Powers: Laser, Sun HP: 210
  • 13. Omegus K - Powers: Freeze, Ocean HP: 210
  • 14. Derguisel - Powers: Nightmare, Fire, Lightning
  • 15. Dark Derguisel X - Powers: Haunted, Sun, Nuclear

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