"An adventure so ridiculous you'll love it!" - Tagline

A Ridiculous Adventure is an action-adventure platforming game by AccelGames. Exclusive for GigaCom.


Gogo and Jojo just threw the greatest party in history and the next day, they owe $1,000,000,000!!!...+ 1000 fine. They where in a definite situation until a commercial came up saying that the Worldwide Scavenger Hunt tournament is currently being held up and participation is now open! The grand prize is a billion dollars!! + $10,000 bonus for the 1st place winner. They immediately entered, and thus their ridiculous adventure begins...


As an action-adventure platformer you take on a series of challenges to advance within the Stage. You can also attack enemies using a club or a mace (depending on the character chosen). There is also a minigame called "Turbo Rocket!" where you have to ride in a rocket and chase after the really fast duck!

Game Modes

After choosing either balloon rides:

  • Start Game
  • Turbo Rocket!
  • Leaderboard
  • Delete Data

After moving all the way to the right without choosing any balloon rides:

  • Game Settings
  • Sound Settings
  • Screen Settings
  • System Settings
  • Extras


  • Gogo
  • Jojo


  • This game is similar to Looney Tunes: Back in Action.

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