A New Online Sonic Game is the working title for a new game to be put online. There are currently 4 options for the new game, but it is yet to be voted on. Whichever game gets more votes will be created.

The first option is Sonic: Dimensional Drift. This game is about when the Chaos Emeralds get sucked into alternate worlds from other games, and Sonic sets out to get them. The areas include Green Hill, Mushroom Kingdom, Dreamland, Kanto, and many more.

Here are features of the game:

  • Playable characters include Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.
  • Go to other worlds and play classic levels: Sonic style.
  • Fight the heroes of other worlds!

The second option is called Left 4 Dead: Unplugged. This game is about Left 4 Dead, but with classic game characters such as Mario and Sonic, with the other two possibly being Kirby, Lucario, Link, or maybe even Crash Bandicoot. The game is about the friends of these characters being zombified and the four must journey through the worlds and kill off the zombies.

Here are some features for this game:

  • Play as your favorite video game characters in combat!
  • Dress up your characters to look like a different one! (i.e. Mario looks exactly like Luigi with this form, but powers are the same.)
  • Go through the worlds of these heroes and more!
  • Gain new weapons and powerups!

The third option is called Grand Theft Hedgehog. This game is about Sonic and friends forming a street gang and fighting off other gangs from other games.

The final option is called Sonic For Hire: The Game. If you watch the videos, then nuff said.

Please give feedback and vote!!!